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How do you fight procrastination ?
Do you ever procrastinate? 😴 Procrastination, the scourge that prevents us from moving forward and generates stress, but can be effectively combated with simple, concrete facilitation techniques. 1 Set SMART objectives: Specific: precise and concrete. Measurable: quantifiable and assessable. Achievable: realistic and ambitious. Relevant: taking into account your resources and constraints. Time-based: setting a clear deadline. 2 Break tasks down into small steps: Break colossal projects down into more digestible, less daunting steps. 3 Prioritize and organize: Identify essential and urgent tasks, schedule them and stick to your agenda. 4 Eliminate distractions: Isolate yourself in a quiet environment and put your phone on silent mode. 5 Reward your progress: Celebrate each milestone to boost your motivation. 6 Focus on the here and now: Don't get lost in negative thoughts or "what ifs". 7 Forgive failures: Accept setbacks and start again with determination. What are your anti-procrastination tips? 😅
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Hey @Salah Bouchma 👋 Sadly, I'm a huge procrastinator, and I'm constantly fighting with it. I've learned many ways, including what you've shared, but knowing and implementing are two different things. I think 'Eliminate distractions - quiet (or helpful/not harmful) environment' is the key. The Make Time book has greatly helped me maintain a distraction-free phone, email, and calendar. I think the 'environment' approach resonates with 'make yourself accountable'. To do that, in the past, I've tried the focus-mate concept with one of my colleagues, and it worked out really well. I couldn't continue because finding suitable times regularly for both parties was not easy for us. I think the 'environment' approach also resonated with @Jonathan Courtney's recent voicenote: 'Why you never finish anything?' In this episode, he said that if you're good at starting things but never finishing, then probably you are a starter, and you need to find a co-founder who is a finisher. That means we need to know who we are and who we need, and make a plan to form that core team as soon as possible.
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Thank you @Salah Bouchma 🙌✨
The thing before the thing
Hi! i've searched but I'm not that good at searching - apologies if there are 20 posts about this that I missed. What are the things that have to be in place before you put a funnel up - like hosting. In addition to a domain, do I need it for biz email and landing page? setting up a business entity - particularly in the US state of NJ? liability insurance? Is there a checklist I missed somewhere in skool? I've delayed asking this in a forum bc I think I should just know the answers but that has not proven to be a valid demand of myself or a strategy for moving forward. Thanks in advance for your help!
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Hey @Elizabeth DiCandilo! To have a business email you need to have a domain name for sure and it'll add a level of proffesionalism to your business. I recommend using Google Workspace for emails. When you have a business email some might look that domain directly by visiting it on a browser to learn more about your business so I would recommend that you create a subtle but powerful welcoming page. It might have just your elevator pitch and a note that this is an under construction page and you're working on it to make it complete. There are plenty cloud based web hosting providers out there but I recommend using Webflow. It just works pretty good, in my opinion. I don't know about legal things but I can answer your questions about hosting your landing page. I hope it helps, good luck! ✌️✨
To-do list workshop
Hi guys, this week i lead a workshop about to-do list and the goal was to get rid of overwhelming feelings. Here's what i did : Prioritization : I teached to differentiate between urgent and important tasks, and categorize them by area (work, errands, personal) to create a clear roadmap for the day 🧭 Realistic roadmapping : I helped the team estimate the actual time each task would take, leaving room for unexpected hiccups ⏲️ Goal setting : I crafted clear and achievable objectives for each task, complete with deadlines and a step-by-step breakdown 🔮 Beat the burnout : I encouraged the team to have regular breaks throughout the day to keep energy high : micro-naps are a great example 😴 Delegation and saying no: I showed the team how to delegate tasks and confidently decline non-essential requests 🤙🏼 Success savoring : I helped the team to develop strategies to savor their wins 🤩 What's your thought on this and have you ever worked on to-do list ? What does your to-do list look like ? 🤗
New comment Apr 6
3 likes • Mar 31
Hey @Salah Bouchma, sounds great, congratulations! I'm currnetly using an app called Habitica. It's a simple habit forming app with gamified task management. So far so good. As an occasional gamer myself, I liked what they did there. They have two levels of categorization: Task types and tags. Task types are as follow: 1️⃣ Habits: Activities you want to encourage or discourage. They can be positive (giving rewards for good habits) or negative (resulting in penalties for bad habits). 2️⃣ Dailies: Tasks that recur on a regular basis. Missing daily, weekly, monthly, etc. tasks on their scheduled day can result in losing health points. 3️⃣ To Do's: Single tasks that need to be completed but don't repeat. Might have a due date if you like. Once done, you check them off. 4️⃣ Rewards: Predefined and custom rewards that you create, which can be 'purchased' with the gold you earn from completing tasks. This helps motivate you to stay on track with your habits and tasks. You can categorize each tasks with following pre-defined tags: - Work - Exercise - Health + Wellness - School - Teams - Chores - Creativity ... or you can create custom tags as you like. I'm seeing many overlaps between their system dynamics and your method. The AHA moment to me about the app is task types: - Habits - Dailies - To Do's - Rewards Dailies are the ones you need to do every day as much as possible but other task types, they are up to you. And also, as you can see, rewards are tasks too for a more intentional life style and they have to be earned. This might be hard to get used to it, I haven't yet, but it might work for some in the long run if they try harder. It's been a week and I don't know if I'll continue to use for a long time, but I definitelly gain some insights from them. I hope it helps! 🙌✨
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@Salah Bouchma Awesome! 😄 I hope you find it useful one way or another! 🙌✨
Why you shouldn't charge per hour or itemise your invoices as a Facilitator
Hey Workshoppers! If you, like many consultants, struggle a little with pricing and billing with your clients - I think this video will answer a lot of your questions. It's how we at AJ&Smart moved from hourly billing (and having clients nitpick every dollar) to package pricing (and having clients not even question the price). I think it's the most complete explanation I've ever put together of how we do it and I hope you find it valuable. Happy to answer any questions you have after watching! Cheers, Jonathan P.S. Yes i still had braces when I shot that video :D
New comment Mar 20
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Hey @Janine Katzberg, I think @Jonathan Courtney kinda mentioned it in the video like 'What if the client wants me to fly to Japan...' so package prices can be flexible. You can jump the related time with this link. AJ&Smart and many other productize service sellers that I see on the internet collect leads as meetings so they can learn the client's needs and tweak the prices according to them. I hope it helps ✌️✨
0 likes • Mar 19
@Janine Katzberg Awesome, I'm looking forward to hear from you about your experience 🙌✨
How to charge more than everyone else for what you do
Hey Workshoppers, I just recorded this quickly as it's a common question we get in our communities. I talk about: *How to calculate your day-rate *How to double your day-rate *This mindset makes you less money
New comment Apr 1
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@Teresa Middleton I think 'it' might be resilience in the face of failure because we learn from our mistakes. If we're not failing, that means we're not trying, and not trying is the real definition of failure.
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@Teresa Middleton I couldn't agree more because I suffer from shiny object syndrome a lot! 😄
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