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Seeking Recommendations from Leadership and Professional Development Experts!
I'm on the lookout for recommendations from fellow professionals in the Leadership and Professional Development space. Can you help me identify curriculums or programs that meet the following criteria? Criteria: Customizable Training Materials: I'm searching for a curriculum that offers robust leadership training materials that can be easily tailored to suit various audiences and organizational contexts. Cost-Effective Usage: low to no cost for ongoing use of the materials once purchased.' Facilitator Certification or Training: I'm particularly interested in programs that provide certification or training for facilitators before implementation, ensuring effective delivery and outcomes. I've come across names like Velsoft, Real Colors, and Corporate Training Materials. Have you had any experience with these or similar resources?
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Hi @Jason Camp Here are some options : -Association for Talent Development : offers customizable toolkits and facilitator training -FranklinCovey : robust leadership programs with customization options -OpenSesame : online platform with customizable courses Let me know if this helps 🤙🏼
Brand culture workshop
Last week i lead a workshop on brand culture and its impact on companies. Here are four exercises that were part of the workshop : 1 Brand values exploration : Participants reflect and identify their brand's core values and align them with overall business objectives. 2 Cultural immersion activities : Engaging exercises that bring brand values and behaviours to life through roleplaying, team challenges and interactive simulations. 3 Employee journey mapping : Participants map the stages of the employee experience, identifying touchpoints and emotions to drive engagement and align interactions with brand values. 4 Brand Culture alignment assessment : Participants assess the alignment between their brand and organisational culture, identify areas of strength and improvement, and develop targeted strategies. The team left with practical action plans and a renewed commitment to the development of a strong brand culture. Let me know if you've already lead a brand culture workshop and what you think of these exercises 🤗
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@Mathew Georghiou you’re welcome 🙏🏻
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@Göksenin Yıldırım 1 day per exercise 😉
Brand Values and Principles Activation
Hey Facilitator Club, I am a brand strategist at TBWA based in Malta. I have a set of brand values in our latest brand book. And I want to design an internal workshop around these values. My goal is to activate them by making them part of daily behaviors and the tone of voice we use internally and externally (social media and key projects). Some guardrails: - We can dedicate approximately 4 hours (half a day) - There are 14 people in the agency. Has anyone here designed anything similar?
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Hey @Göksenin Yıldırım Here's a workshop suggestion for brand values : -Interactive Activities : divide staff into groups, brainstorm scenarios using the brand values, and role-play how they'd handle situations. -Discussion and refinement : discuss learnings, refine value definitions, and create clear action steps for daily use. -Outcomes : a shared understanding and practical ways to integrate values into daily work and communication internal and external. Let me know if this helps 🤗
Branding/messaging for design sprints
Any of you offering design sprints to clients? Wondering what branding or messaging terms work for this workshop service - do you just call it design sprints and people buy into it? Or is it more effective to market it as something more results driven like "team problem solving session"? I find that most product teams and business executives still have low awareness of what design sprint is. Keen to hear from all your experiences and perspectives
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Hey @Lucia Wang "Design Sprint" may not be well known. Try both! Offer "Design Sprints: Solve Problems and Drive Results" workshops. Emphasise the outcome while maintaining the core service (design sprint). This will appeal to both familiar and unfamiliar audiences. Let me know if this helps 🤗
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@Lucia Wang Welcome 🤙🏼 "problem solving" is broad. Highlight the unique benefits: -"Rapidly validate ideas" - Focus on speed and reducing risk. -"Boost innovation" - Emphasize generating creative solutions. -"Align teams and stakeholders" - Showcase building consensus. -"Get to market faster" - Target faster product launches.
Looking For Workshop Ideas
I am being asked to lead a workshop for my employer to help fully define or bullet point our Established 5-pillars. the Pillars are: Brand Growth People Operational Excellence Metrics/Analytics Futuristic They want to be able to easily explain what each means in 3 or 4 bullet points for each. Your ideas are greatly appreciated.
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Hey @Travis Justice Facilitate a brainstorm : Divide the group by pillar and have each group define it with 3-4 bullet points using flipcharts/whiteboards. Then have each group present and refine together. This gets everyone involved and builds consensus 😉
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