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A Controversial Opening
Hey all - Curious to get your perspective on something. I recently facilitated a session that, by all accounts, was successful (especially based on feedback survey from participants). I learned afterward that two people found the welcome/opening reading "troubling." The reading was "We Welcome All Who Gather Here." I used the reading as a strategy to set a tone of acceptance and welcome - but I learned there were some very conservative participants. 1) I could have done more homework to understand the participants, AND 2) How do you balance your own values and commitment to diversity and inclusivity with those who do not share that value?
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Advertising a free workshop on Linkedin
Hi folks, i'm creating a 45 minute free online workshop that will be advertised on linkedin and was wondering what approach has worked in getting people to sign up, i'm looking to go small batch (<10 seats). Any stories or learnings would be amazing!
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Facilitating a design book club
Over the last 2 months I've been facilitating a book club themed around getting a job as a product/ux designer. The current format is - People arriving - Rating the book out of 5 and talking about why - An exercise or 2 (for articulating design decisions we each noted down a time when we had a difficult stakeholder, why it happened and what we learned from it) - How well use what we learn to improve our job search - Open forum - What should we read next? Has anyone facilitated a book club before? I'm trying to strike the balance between giving people the space to talk, keeping good time and us leaving feeling more confident in the area we're talking about. I know it's not strictly facilitation like design sprints but I do see it as facilitating a group of people to get to a certain outcome. Any ideas or advice would be amazing to hear!
How much self-doubt is affecting your career progress?
Hi all, I'll be doing quick 1h remote workshops focused on fear, self-doubt and career progress with a small group of 14 people in about two weeks! I'm super excited as this topic is not explored often but has a big impact on everyone's lives. Have you ever focused on this topic in your workshops? What kind of activities would you suggest? Thank you :D
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Lateral Kindness Workshop
Has anyone taken a Lateral Kindness workshop? I have to say it was a great workshop and anyone dealing with that in a workplace should suggest it to their office. Our office is feeling uplifted after being part of this workshop and opened our eyes to be mindful of everyone, you just don't know what that person could be going through. I hope everyone is doing well.
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