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Needing more experience
I’m looking to get more facilitation experience. I’ve done one workshop with the previous company I worked for and I loved it. I’ve moved on from that company so I really don’t have anyone to do workshops for. Any tips on how I can could gain experience?
Kyle Newsam
Biancia Akers
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Designing a workshop for sales strategy
Hi everyone! I am totally new to workshopping, just finished the Facilitation Fundamentals program (which I loved!) and looking to trying it out on my salesteam. We are spending a few day away from the office and we must deliver a solid sales strategy for 2024. It’s a team of 4 + me and we have our manager visiting for the input phase. What would be your advise in designing workshop(s) for this challenge? Thank you so much! 🍀💫🤗 P.s. I also have pipdecks workshop tactics, but don’t know how to start 🥴
Mimi Garcia
Marianne Noiman
Devon Page
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the neutrality dilemma
hey everyone, I am just halfway through the facilitation fundamentals program and have really enjoyed it so far. My goal is not to become a full time facilitator but to use facilitation to do workshops with my clients to kick off projects in the field of brand strategy and design. I don't plan to go into a company with a standard solution but to really figure out, what they need through a Workshop. The workshops should just be the first step to diagnose their Problem and to build a strategy that every stakeholder feels like its their own. That brings me in a weird double role and I don't really get my head wrapped around the question on how to dissolve it... Does anyone else use facilitation as a part of another service and can give me some tips on how to deal with that? Thank you guys in advance! Best, Nils
collaboration call
Hi Dear Facilitators I want to collaborate world wide with other facilitators. Whoever is interested share your LinkedIn below the link and write your area of expertise?
Raj Mehta
Hina Nisar
Yash Mehta
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Fail free way to kick off a workshop?
Hi all. I would love your advice.. I hate kicking off workshops, because I typically get the most nervous right at the beginning. It’s when all eyes are on me, I tend to get a little breathless, and my voice gets shaky. Once I have some interaction from the team, all that goes away. I’m looking for a fool proof way to kick off a workshop that immediately engages an audience without me having to say more than a few words. I’ve tried so many things to reduce those jitters the first few minutes, but I have not been successful. I welcome any creative suggestions or helpful tips. Thank you! Jennie
Claudia Spinelli
Jennie Shiu
Linus Öhman
Maria Wichmann
Kristy Taise
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