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We Did It - 1000 New Skool Members in Just 5 Days✊
I want to start by saying - Skool is going to replace FB groups (and all other platforms) forever. I launched our Skool group and offered the first 999 Members a FREE membership. I told everyone upfront that it will be $97/mo starting from the 1000th member. We hit our 999th member exactly 20 minutes before our deadline today🍾 And the cool thing, shortly after while I was working on Skool, our FIRST $97/mo SALE came in🔥 @Sam Ovens nice touch with the "cha-ching" sound when a member signs up 😂 Love it. This is just the beginning for us and i'm so excited for our next phase - The Affiliate Program 😏 Can't wait for Skool's Affiliate system next year!
Ryan Eisenhower
Armin Shafee
Nick Graz
Jeffery Olsen
Armin Shafee
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🔥How we became #7 in 30 days with 760+ students
Today it is exactly a month since we launched our coaching community here in Czech Republic and on this exact day we climbed up to a #7 place in the Skool Communities 📈 Our content is fully in Czech which makes us super niched down. On the other hand we have literally no competition. Our main traffic source is our YouTube channel with 9k subs and Ig with 9k followers. We provide weekly calls and courses with the highest quality in the country. We are giving back almost everything in the form of welcome packages for everyone, gifts for students of the week and something even bigger for students of the month. It's been just 30 days but we ain't stopping on #7th place! Keep crushing it Skool Community! It's a lovely journey!
Asmâa Methqal
Andy Pavelka
Gerald Wels
Alicia Angel
Jeff Bliss
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Skool payments is LIVE! And it's cheaper than Stripe
Now you can charge money for membership to your community! Skool replaces your landing page, order form, merchant account, and everything else — it does everything, end-to-end, seamlessly. You add a price, share a link, get members, and make money. Watch the video to see how it works. Questions? Check out this Skool payments FAQ. Enjoy 🎉
Alex Shakhov
Tony Gonzalez
Julia Hankins
Christopher Yakubu
Jordan Hunter
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Video hosting for classroom
Hola amigos! Which is the best video hosting site for Skool classroom?
How do I set my community to "Paid"?
I'm hosting a community for the paid members of my performance program, but I'm not using Skool's payment system due to my payment plans, etc. I get many requests from random people to join because they think it's "Free" Is it possible to change that without using Skool's payment system like some communities like "Adonis School" and "EasyGrow"? Thanks!
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