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$15 Per Hour Butcher → $4M Per Year Business Owner
@Justin Georgopoulos is a 26-year-old entrepreneur who runs a hugely successful painting business and the Trade Launch Skool Community. In this episode, we talk about: - Pretending he knew how to debone a chicken to get a job - The mythical movie moment of meeting his mentor - Selling over $500k in paint jobs without knowing how to paint - (Or having any painters on payroll!) - The power of viewing your struggles in the context of a story - Hiring his roommates and friends to keep up the pace of his business - Having his work van stolen… thrice! - A nifty door-to-door closing technique you can use online - How he built up demand for his community pre-launch - Learning to chew faster after biting off more than you can chew! - And how Skool allows you to profit from your pain and previous business problems Check it out! Justin's Skool:
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$14/Sale - $125/mo Product - 8.78 ROAS (Skool Paid Ads)
Watch the video below. 👇 Will do a full training on Skool Meta ads. Let me know if you'd like it :))
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New feature: Facebook pixel tracking
Imagine running Facebook and Instagram ads directly to your group with perfect conversion tracking. Imagine if you could retarget people who visit your groups about page. Now you can... Introducing the "Meta pixel tracking" plugin — track page views, membership requests, and purchases. Everything you need to grow your free or paid group with ads. But does the Skool about page actually convert? @Evelyn Weiss has been running FB/IG ads to a well optimized ClickFunnels landing page for years. She tested the same ads to her Skool about page in a true A/B test — her Skool about page beat her custom funnel. (and we haven't even optimized it yet). Need help connecting your Meta pixel? Watch this tutorial video for instructions. Enjoy 🎉
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Pixel Tracking Troubleshooting
Hi all, I've been working on getting my Pixel set up for most of my workday and so far I have not been successful. I've been through what I believe to be the entire Pixel set up process multiple times and am reaching a point where I just need help. Nothing seems to be working properly. Used all of the resources I can, watched multiple tutorials, had to start labelling attempts at making ads and pixels by the time of day at which I was trying to make them so that I could iterate more effectively. I've used all of the resources I can. Can anyone hop on a call with me and help out? If so, that would be very appreciated. Otherwise, I'm not sure what else to do. Stoked about what will happen once this gets figured out! All best, Cole
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🍓 90% Engagement, BABYYY
@Max Perzon gave me some wicked hacks. But im going to give you 1 more small, (but important) one. The last 20% of engagement always takes wayyy more creative effort. Its so stupid you might not be using it. So far it is one of our most popular features - and it is RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE. (If youve ever messaged me publicly, you may also suspect this one) Theres 3 levels to it. 1. Use gifs in every reply. 2. Use gifs in your courses. 3. Utilize your own gifs. If you can manage all 3 you will see your engagement rise by AT LEAST a few points in a few days. As it stands myself and my admins have NO SHAME when it comes to this ridiculousness. And you know what? Its working. @Sam Ovens gave em to us for a reason. They speak to the soul. So its time to step up your gif game. P.s. I dont know actually know how to MAKE them, but @Jeffrey Buoncristiano can tell you how.
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