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🔥 My First 10 members!
Got my first 10 members in the last 10 days! Completely organic from Skool only. I was like damn anyone can do this right now. The fact is Skool wants you to succeed. Get rid of the limiting belief that @Sam Ovens and team just want a few creators monopolizing the platform…they don’t. They want you to have a successful business that’s easy to start. They want your unique perspective. I just dropped a course in my free community about how to get your first 10 this week (in less than 10 hours of work) Here’s the first module for you to get after it:
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Introducing "Skool Stories" — a podcast about people on Skool
@Matthew Thompson sold his agency to join the Skool team and go ALL-IN on this project. The brief: Interview people doing cool things on Skool. Think Humans of New York, or a reporter documenting the different artists in a new music genre/scene. You see people rank on discovery, make money on the MRR leaderboards, or bring good vibes to this community — this podcast shows you who those people are, and what their story is. Here's the 1st official episode with @Goose Dunlavey. Subscribe to the YouTube channel here
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I Launched a Skool Yesterday - and Already Got 23 Paying Subscribers!!
I had been holding off on launching a Skool, but I just said, "fugg it, let's just make it" and see if anyone joins. And a lot of people actually ended up joining, I love the "Bell" sound it makes honestly, very fun ! Here's to a great platform, thanks Sam !
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1,000 About pages 😂
After you've listened to Hormozi analyze a 1,000 About pages
Please help decide the winner!
Over at Outlast (, we are just about finishing up Season 0 and we need your help! We're down to the final two contestants, Steve Heye vs. Natalia Bagramian $31 is on the line. Winner takes all! Please vote for the winner! Once we declare a winner, we will be accepting new participants for Season 1, which starts on 6/1. Thank you in advance for you participation! Thank you to all the participants in S0!!! @The Mind Supply @Dave Heraud @Ryan Duncan @Devon Meadows @Goose Dunlavey @Will Murphy @Raymond Zhu @Darin Wilson and all the members from Software Testing University!
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