To-do list workshop
Hi guys, this week i lead a workshop about to-do list and the goal was to get rid of overwhelming feelings. Here's what i did :
Prioritization : I teached to differentiate between urgent and important tasks, and categorize them by area (work, errands, personal) to create a clear roadmap for the day 🧭
Realistic roadmapping : I helped the team estimate the actual time each task would take, leaving room for unexpected hiccups ⏲️
Goal setting : I crafted clear and achievable objectives for each task, complete with deadlines and a step-by-step breakdown 🔮
Beat the burnout : I encouraged the team to have regular breaks throughout the day to keep energy high : micro-naps are a great example 😴
Delegation and saying no: I showed the team how to delegate tasks and confidently decline non-essential requests 🤙🏼
Success savoring : I helped the team to develop strategies to savor their wins 🤩
What's your thought on this and have you ever worked on to-do list ?
What does your to-do list look like ? 🤗
Salah Bouchma
To-do list workshop
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