How do you fight procrastination ?
Do you ever procrastinate? 😴
Procrastination, the scourge that prevents us from moving forward and generates stress, but can be effectively combated with simple, concrete facilitation techniques.
1 Set SMART objectives:
Specific: precise and concrete.
Measurable: quantifiable and assessable.
Achievable: realistic and ambitious.
Relevant: taking into account your resources and constraints.
Time-based: setting a clear deadline.
2 Break tasks down into small steps:
Break colossal projects down into more digestible, less daunting steps.
3 Prioritize and organize:
Identify essential and urgent tasks, schedule them and stick to your agenda.
4 Eliminate distractions:
Isolate yourself in a quiet environment and put your phone on silent mode.
5 Reward your progress:
Celebrate each milestone to boost your motivation.
6 Focus on the here and now:
Don't get lost in negative thoughts or "what ifs".
7 Forgive failures:
Accept setbacks and start again with determination.
What are your anti-procrastination tips? 😅
Salah Bouchma
How do you fight procrastination ?
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