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Navigating panic
Hey community. As a fresh facilitator I struggle a lot with what is my exact offer and what are the benefits. It's strange because I have a bunch of workshops recipes but I struggle so much with what is my SPECIFIC offer to the market. The offer needs to be genuine and come from experience as well as fit the market but what market?! I've been getting a lot of compliments on my listening skills and my energy which is basically 50% of the workshop. But answering the question "what do they get out?" Is so daunting. Yeah they feel better but what do they get in their hands, what kind of practical thing will they have that will change their life just a little bit. I had a number of workshops on different topics (for free) and they were all successful. But now that Im becoming a professional my ADHD is going mad. I know fixing the offer is a manageable task but it's also easy to pull hair on it. If you go this far, could you please like this post, I'm trying to get to level 3 to unlock a course 🙏
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Navigating panic
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@Sabine Braubach @Uros Micic it was interesting to ask chatgpt or perplexity what they think is the value of facilitation. Also, the Atlassian research that AJ & Smart quote is really useful. And AJ & Smart made available research they commissioned on this topic, too. I'm with you on the nerves of it all for sure! Pressing I believe and hoping to make progress this week on this front.
The thing before the thing
Hi! i've searched but I'm not that good at searching - apologies if there are 20 posts about this that I missed. What are the things that have to be in place before you put a funnel up - like hosting. In addition to a domain, do I need it for biz email and landing page? setting up a business entity - particularly in the US state of NJ? liability insurance? Is there a checklist I missed somewhere in skool? I've delayed asking this in a forum bc I think I should just know the answers but that has not proven to be a valid demand of myself or a strategy for moving forward. Thanks in advance for your help!
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very helpful - thanks for the details and response! I'm in process on that infrastructure side, too.
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@Ömür Yanıkoğlu Thank you! That was my thinking but was concerned I was making it too complicated. But it's how I would validate someone I found on the internet. Thanks for suggested resources, too.
How to charge more than everyone else for what you do
Hey Workshoppers, I just recorded this quickly as it's a common question we get in our communities. I talk about: *How to calculate your day-rate *How to double your day-rate *This mindset makes you less money
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So helpful. Thanks for walking us through the thought process and mindset. And I loved the social contract at the end. Making the implicit explicit is kind even when the message is - I'm not giving any more or making myself more available.
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