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How to get started without facilitation experince?
Hi everyone, perhaps a silly question, but there might be others with the same problem 😅 I just finished the Fundamentals course and facilitated a few workshops at my company (which I am planning to leave soon) but looking for a new job in facilitation is not that easy because they are usually looking for some experience in a candidate. I’ve been working in sales combined with learning & development for quite some time now, but switching to IT environments and scrum/agile need for facilitators requires quite a bit more than fundamentals course. What would be your advice to take next steps in order to switch my career successfully? Thank you so much for any tips and tricks :) Books, courses, jobs description - anything 🤩 Btw, I am from the Netherlands, if there’s anyone else from Dutchland and willing to get in touch I’d be happy to chat. Hope it’s not against the rules ☺️🍀💫🙌
Salah Bouchma
Marianne Noiman
Claus Höfele
Nathy Ravez
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Do you have landing pages for selling facilitation services?
Hi everyone! Do you use landing pages to sell your facilitation services? Would you be so kind and share them with us? What are your main selling points? Thank you in advance!
Jakub Michalski
Reimo Rehkli
Jonathan Courtney
Ryan de Metz
Kathie Wylde
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Getting Started
After 20 years in the nonprofit world, I just started consulting and facilitating a couple months ago and I'm slowly ramping up. I'm hoping to launch more facilitation services in 2024. What's the best way you found for getting workshop clients and letting folks know you're available?
How to attract and work international clients and workshops
Dear friends, I would like to hear about your thoughts, learnings and tips around this topic. I'm in Germany, since a few years I feel deeply that Germany is not my market. I operate well here, but it doesn't energize me. And the mindset... in a lot of ways fear-based and sadly fixed. At the moment I do have international clients, but they found more in an accidental moment :-) I would like to attract international clients regularly and on purpose. Especially for my offer to design and facilitate off-sites and retreats in Portugal. I'm curious about your thoughts and ideas.
David Rovira
Ren Yee Quek
Claudia Spinelli
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Facilitation job at EY London
First of all, hello! I've been hanging around this facilitator community for a couple of months, but just purchased Facilitator Fundamentals. I thought I would share this job I found. I spend a ridiculous amount of time looking at jobs and opportunities that I can't yet apply for (I'm midway through a PhD). But I like to share things with others that they may find useful 🌟
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