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Hey there! 👋 Facilitator Club is THE community for Facilitators or those who want to learn the skill of facilitation, where you can… ✅ Talk about facilitation and workshops (like the Design Sprint!) ✅ Talk about facilitation careers and how to build one (and make $$$ as a Facilitator!) ✅ Share workshop/facilitation insights, experiences, and resources ✅ Ask the AJ&Smart team questions about facilitation & workshops! These documents contain important information about the group rules and getting the most out of this community, so please read through everything before you get started! 👇👇👇 👮‍♀️ Group rules 🚨 💃 How to get the most out of the Facilitator Club community 🕺 P.S. If you’re wondering what AJ&Smart actually does, here’s a post which explains everything: Really happy to have you here, hope you love the community as much as we do! Lots of love, The AJ&Smart team 💛
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Payment of workshops / projects > in advance or afterwards? 👀
Dear all, I would like to hear and collect your thoughts about the payment of your services. I'm located in Munich, and in these days I have to pay most of my products and services in advance. However, when it comes to workshops and sometimes coaching sessions, it is common to invoice the client after the workshop. What is your common way? I'm curious to hear your opinion and ways of doing. @Rebecca Courtney @Jonathan Courtney How do you handle it at Aj & Smart?
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Retrospective Event
I am going to have Retrospective event soon. Could you please suggest any open source tool for Icebreakers for 10 min and also topics which we can use in our Retrospective to cover.Thanks
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Facilitating change in education
Hi everyone! Are there any other education/pedagogy specialists here? I'm working with a team of educators and an amazing school in the US to redefine their pedagogy and approach to teaching that reflects the needs of today's students. I am looking to take my work to other schools and perhaps expand our team of experts. I look forward to hearing from you.
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