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Out door retreats
What activities you do for outdoor retreats?
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What was the most unique facilitation you have done?
Mine would have to creep back to the late 80's. There were a ton of child abuse cases that I was made aware of as a paralegal and a volunteer CASA advocate. It was just about the same time that the Child Abuse Hotline Number was coming about, but not well known. Putting all the pieces together, I went to the Girl Scout Council in my area with the approach that we need to train the Girl Scout Leaders how to recognize it and how to help these Girl Scouts to be safe at school and home, as well as how to report it if the Girl Scout did an outcry to the leaders. It was a jammed packed day and I also included art activities and an exercise class to help balance out the emotions. I got a huge amount of hugs that day because it had also been weighing heavily on their minds, but they didn't know where to ask. That year, we also made it a safe space for the leaders to consult with the Girl Scout Council. What was your most unique facilitation so far?
Input for Workshop: Why is X team Valuable?
Hi All, new here and looking for some input. (please delete if not allowed) I am running a two-day in person workshop in two weeks with a small group (5 people) and looking for some ideas for activities. I already have a rough agenda, but I am not very happy with it. My outline has each section running half a day (4hours). Any and all input is appreciated! Workshop: Why is X team Valuable? Goals: 1. Provide a list of what value X offers 2. Strategize how X can become more valuable in the future Outline: A. Communicating Value Effectively- Articulating the Value of X: We aim to develop robust value statements and, if possible, ROI calculations that underline the return on investment X services offer. B. Growing Service Offerings - Alignment with Organizational Growth: It's crucial we illustrate how X supports and delivers on the organization's overarching growth strategies. C. Reducing Overhead Costs - Strategic and Tactical Planning: We will identify and plan next steps in key areas, including reducing overhead costs, accelerating efficiency, and introducing new service offerings. D. Wrapping up: What is our value reviewing our top 3-5 in each category The prework they were given included: -gather detailed data on key performance metrics relevant to your areas of responsibility. - 3-5 ideas for reducing costs 5% for your relative area. - Statement about what value your team specifically provides within X team. -Statement about what value X as a whole provides.
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Value / effort exercice... how to "define" the Value or Impact ?
i am currently working on a session where we will use the Value/ effort exercice for each key idea. Regarding the effort, we will use the T-shirt sizing with a reference point like XL: 1year L:6 months etc... but i am struggling a bit regarding the "VALUE" what kind of reference point you can have for value ... because value can be in so many different ways ? any suggestions from the club ;) i would like to have a similar approach than XL : 1year , etc... but for the value / impact. thanks JP All ideas more than welcome.
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Novel Communication Ideas Workshop
Dear Community, I realised that I may have asked this question inside a less frequented group. I wonder if you can help with your advice. I have been tasked with coming up with a 2-4 hour workshop concept to gather ideas for the creation of novel communication materials from 6 participants. Here is what I had intended to propose: Collect Phase: 1- Sailboat exercise 2- Lightning Demos Choose Phase: 3- Voting and hierarchy of voted negatives from Sailboat exercise 4- Rewrite top voted problem as HMW for the Create Phase Create Phase: 5- Idea storm to solve HMW from Choose phase Commit Phase: 6- 2-Year goal 7- Can we questions Do you think that this recipe will help me generate new ideas from all gathered workshop participants? Would you recommend a different approach? I am looking forward to your insights. Best regards, Sebastian
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