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How to charge more than everyone else for what you do
Hey Workshoppers, I just recorded this quickly as it's a common question we get in our communities. I talk about: *How to calculate your day-rate *How to double your day-rate *This mindset makes you less money
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Thank you for the tips, I completely agree with you 😄 Your calculation reminded me the Deamline Calculator from a Tim Ferris book named 4-Hour Workweek. Anyone interested in can see the original calculator at Tim's related blog post here. It's really good. The book is really good, actually. I wanted to have the calculator on Notion with a more customizable way and I couldn't find what I was looking for so I've created one by myself and shared for free here. In my version you can config how many months, how many days per month and how many hours per day you wanted to work which is super helpful in my opinion. I hope it helps 😊
📍Where is everyone from?📍
Hello Facilitators👋 I'm really curious about where everyone is from. I'd love to make this a mega post where we can see how diverse the Facilitator Club community is. Who knows, you might find a lot more people in your area than you thought! Once I have lots of answers on this post, I want to make a nice graph!
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Welcome @Marlane Washington 🙌😊
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Welcome @Nils Krüger 🙌😊
Name Pronunciation Challenge: Adding Fun to Workshops!
Hey folks 👋 I recently shared a playful article on Medium that sparked a fantastic idea for icebreakers in our workshops. Imagine attendees discovering the unique sounds hidden within their own names, just like I did with mine! ❓ What? Here's a quick recap of my Medium post: 'Ö': Pronounce it like the 'ea' in 'early.' Regardless of your accent, this sound is universal. Think of 'early,' focus on 'ea,' and you're halfway there! 'mür': This one's a breeze if you've ever said 'mural.' Picture yourself admiring a beautiful wall painting, saying 'mur-al,' and you've almost got it. Combine and Conquer: Put 'ea' and 'mur' together, say it quickly, and you've got my name — Ömür! It's like a mini tongue twister, but mastering it is worth it. Why Does It Matter?: Correctly pronouncing names is a nod to heritage and cultural diversity. It's a small gesture that makes a big difference. Challenge: Can you guess the meaning of 'Ömür' with the hint from the image? No cheating with translators! 💡 How might we turn this into an exercise? Here's a possible structured flow for the exercise: 1️⃣ Introduction (2 minutes): - Welcome attendees and explain the purpose of the exercise. - Set a positive and inclusive tone for the activity. 2️⃣ Name Placement (2 minutes): - Provide prepared places (cards, sticky notes, or a digital platform) for everyone to write their names. - Ensure each participant has a clear space to work with. 3️⃣ Analyzing Names (5-10 minutes): - Instruct participants to split their names into sounds (e.g., Ö-mür). - For each sound, they’ll find sample English words that resemble the pronunciation (e.g., 'Ö': (ea)rly). - Encourage participants to use example words as a guide. - Display these on a shared board or screen for reference. 4️⃣ Image Hint (3 minutes): - Participants will provide an image hint related to their name’s meaning. - Ensure everyone can see the images clearly.
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@Benedict Odjobo Thanks for trying 🙌 But no 😊
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Hey @Dan Roberts, I'm glad that you liked it 😊 The meaning of my name is "lifetime". This old dude lived a long life and he's admiring it gratefully. I hope I could be like that. I want to live a meaningful life. I want to left a legacy before I die, if posible. It might be a book, it might be an idea; something 'worthy'.
How to facilitate connections BEFORE a cohort-based course?
I am currently working with a client to create some ways up to 60 participants can connect with each other BEFORE they join a 10-day virtual leadership training. Here are some ideas I am thinking about, but more importantly: I am super curious if you have experienced or applied a cool idea that you're willing to share i the comments 🙏 🙂 1. Miro Profile Wall Set up a digital whiteboard where all participants can add their profile and browse who else is attending. I am envisioning adding a photo (or an avatar), their social links and answering a few questions about themselves. If you have examples of something like this or similar, please post them below. 2. Onboarding Bingo Create 12 challenges that need to be completed before the first session on a Bingo card. Challenges like: create your profile in the community, comment on someone else's post, send a message to someone, add the sessions to your calendar etc. I have done this several times, but extended the challenges throughout the whole cohort, so we announced winners at the very end. 3. Collective Art Piece I am not exactly sure what technology I would use for this, but I an thinking of a mosaic of individual drawings that create something larger. If this reminds you of something, please let me know. What other ideas do you have?
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@Javier von Westphalen That's a good one 👌 My character would be 'Atticus Finch' from 'To Kill a Mockingbird' 😊 Yours would be?
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@Jan Keck Maybe you can use Miro Talktrack to explain and teach things so they can learn from you async?
Slow fashion
As I’m launching my sustainable fashion brand I’m trying to explain what’s slow fashion and why we need it 🤗 Rooted in conscious consumption and ethical production, this movement is emerging as a beacon of sustainability. In stark contrast to the rapid production of mass-produced clothing, slow fashion takes a considered approach to clothing design, favoring quality over quantity and adopting timeless designs that transcend fleeting trends. Imagine a world where fashion is in harmony with nature, where clothes are meticulously made from sustainable materials, where workers are treated with dignity, and where the environment is preserved. Slow fashion embodies this vision, empowering conscious consumers to make a positive impact on the planet. A Journey into Ethical Production Embarking on a slow fashion journey means discovering a world of ethical production practices. From growing organic cotton to using eco-friendly dyes, slow fashion prioritizes sustainability at every stage of the supply chain. The artisans at the heart of slow fashion are valued for their expertise and know-how, and their skills are passed down from generation to generation. Quality over quantity Avoiding the disposable nature of fast fashion, slow fashion prioritizes quality and longevity. Clothes are meticulously crafted from the finest materials and designed to stand the test of time and trends. The result is a wardrobe of timeless pieces that avoid short-lived trends. Conscious Consumption Slow Fashion advocates conscious consumption, encouraging everyone to make informed decisions about their purchases. It's about understanding the true cost of clothes, considering their impact on the environment, and valuing the work that goes into making them. A collective movement for a sustainable future Slow Fashion is a collective movement, a community of individuals united by a shared vision of a sustainable fashion industry. It's about being conscious consumers, supporting ethical brands and appreciating the true value of clothing.
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@Salah Bouchma In a world where everyone is focused on maximizing profits, your vision for 'Slow Fashion' is a beautifully romantic and inspiring dream. I believe it's achievable, although it may take time. I truly admire your vision and am convinced that your efforts will make a significant impact. Wishing you success, perhaps even sooner than you (or we) might expect.
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