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Tips for facilitating a workshop WHEN YOU’RE ILL?! 🤧
Hey everyone! I’ve got a 2 hour workshop on tomorrow, and this morning I woke up feeling rotten! I still want to run the workshop and I don’t feel sick enough to cancel - what are your tips for dosing up / mustering the energy to still give a great workshop when you’re battling with tiredness or sickness?
New comment Nov '23
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🚀 I always seek sun, fresh air at every occasion. Lat year I was sick from the 1st day at a 4daay event in icecold Ankara and I had an ally from the facilitation manager team. This angel made me 5x ginger tea a day, delivered citruses 🍋 and chocolate 🍫 :D
The follow up process - Question after the call yesterday
Dear all, in yesterdays call we had a question around a follow-up process with our clients. As Rebecca mentioned AJ & Smart don't follow up. Their offer is just the workshop, maybe the Who-What-When and that's all. I would like to know if you partner or recommend with agencies or consultants to help your clients with the next steps? How do you handle this in the best case? As I mentioned last week, I want to change my business model a bit and I only want to work in my zone of genius, for example workshops for problem discovery and identification (thanks to Jonathan for the impulse). Since last week I was wondering what to do with the information out of a workshop like this. Will my client be able to handle it by themselves? Looking forward to your ideas and thoughts.
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🚀 I am about to change the notion, that for example two days of presence are only a third of the workshops. Even in the prep I try to involve the team to frame them, bond with them and become aware of the language tehy speak, also i increasingly try to make sure in the briefing, that time for continuing/implementing with the workshop results is allocated and that it is well thought through, what is the price of doing a workshop but no implementation (unless its found to be better). Hence I do kinda project coaching before the workshop. Sure its their responsibility, but otherwise we as facilitators just increasingly feed the "management by checkbox" stupidity. I dont find that satisfying.
Using BNI and Toastmasters to get new clients
I just finished an ebook on getting new clients from BNI and Toastmasters, and I’m looking for a co-author to make a special edition for Facilitators. If you can write a resource guide for Toastmasters (good books and videos to learn more) that would be fantastic! No AI authors please, I want someone who can write!
New comment Jan 29
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following here, i am curious about your book, @Timothy Seitz Even though being a former copywriter, I am not sure If I'd meet your requirements :D
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@Timothy Seitz no Brother, always felt I didnt wan to confuse my style :D but find my speaker profile here
Tips for creating engaging virtual wokrshops
It can be tricky to maintain high levels of engagement but there are steps you can take to get great results. Here’s 4️⃣ tops tips for facilitating impactful virtual workshop: ✅Plan and write up your explanations for your exercises. Use the what, why, how formula to make sure everyone ‘gets’ your exercise ✅Build in more prep time - you’ll need to create a virtual board and think through your tech platforms. So make sure you’ve got enough time! ✅Ask more questions: it’s much more likely you’ll get crickets 🦗in virtual sessions so be prepared with some great questions to trigger discussions ✅Give your participants work e.g. get them clustering post its so there’s no chance of them getting distracted my Teams: Slack / Emails Let me know your tips below! What's worked for you? 😀
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✅ integrate tangible experiences – I always let them do spacial warm ups in their rooms, so far possible. ✅ also I invite the usage of notebooks, items, artefacts, even sometimes send a bag of material before, if possible. ✅ using the communication tools abilities, hence filters, name changes, camera covering. ✅ using specific online WS warmups
📍Where is everyone from?📍
Hello Facilitators👋 I'm really curious about where everyone is from. I'd love to make this a mega post where we can see how diverse the Facilitator Club community is. Who knows, you might find a lot more people in your area than you thought! Once I have lots of answers on this post, I want to make a nice graph!
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enjoy the club @Eugenia T looking forward to your contributions!
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@Lyn Gitahi A warm welcome to the community!
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