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1.5 hour strategy workshop - £1k
Hi all, I thought i'd share an interesting workshop I ran recently - hopefully it's helpful for someone else who has a similar challenge or brief! The client is a large charity and this was their brief: Produce a short vision statement for our future digital fundraising and engagement and the required transformation over our strategy period (they obviously shared context of their org strategy etc). I split this up into two stages: 1) Vision & 2) Required Transformation. Here are the exercises I ran: 1️⃣ Vision ➡️ Lightning Demos (this helped us focus on the market and the team created some really great How Might Wes). We clustered these to use as stimulus for the next exercise. ➡️ Vision Statement Drawing. People drew their vision statement and presented back to the group. I was mindful that if we asked people to write them they would get caught up in the language rather than the overall concepts. We asked them to share their vision and gathered the main themes. 2️⃣ Required Transformation ➡️ We then essentially did a Lightning Decision Jam which I don't need to explain! This was a fun one to run but I was very worried about timings, we did get everything done on time though which was a relief! I was constantly talking about pace and how it's going to feel like everything is going WAY too fast before and during the workshop and I think that helped a lot! They just could not get people together for longer but all worked out ok! I've had some really positive feedback from the client and recently ran a training session for them too so hoping to run more sessions with them next year 😁 Shout if you have any questions! 😀
Jonathan Sharp
Lisa Walker
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SALE ENDED: Our Black Friday Sale Starts NOW! 🎉🎉🎉
***PRESALE OFFER HAS ENDED - NEW OFFER NOW AVAILABLE (SEE PINNED POST)** Hey Workshoppers! Even though our official Black Friday sale starts this Wednesday, we're launching our "VIP Pre Sale" for everyone here in Facilitator Club and in our Newsletter. It starts RIGHT NOW with an extra 10% off the Black Friday price! To put it simply, on Wednesday, it'll be 10% more expensive for everyone else. If you've ever wanted to jump in on our Facilitation Course at its lowest price ever, here's the link. I made a little video down below explaining the deal.... that's all! Cheers, Jonathan P.S. I said it's only an extra 2% off in the Loom video... because I'm an idiot :)
Laura Faint
Dom Nyari
Kitti Trirat
André Doan
Ronald Heister
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HIGHLY recommend this course!
One trait all unsuccessful consultants have (and how to fix it):
Hey Workshoppers, I usually don't cross-post anything from our Workshopper Inner Circle community but this video I made for the group today kinda exploded and created a lot of really interesting conversations. So I said fuck it, let's pop it in here too :) P.S. Applications are still closed right now for joining our Inner Circle community, if they open again any time soon we'll post about it here 👍🏻 **************************************************here's the post*********************************** Hey all! I spend a lot of time coaching or being coached. I spend a lot of time around hyper-successful entrepreneurs and consultants, but also people who are stuck (and stay like that forever). I have some thoughts about what keeps people stuck and what makes people successful. I decided to make a little video about something I think is going to hold a LOT of you back from achieving success. It's a bit of an experiment so lemme know if it's interesting! Cheers, Jonathan
Jonathan Courtney
Martin Silcock
Jonathan Sharp
Marlane Washington
Julie McManus
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This is so good! Sounds like getting used to feeling uncomfortable and uncertain is super important! Gonna re-watch this video when ever I get a thought like 'I just need to do this *one more thing*'
Tips for creating engaging virtual wokrshops
It can be tricky to maintain high levels of engagement but there are steps you can take to get great results. Here’s 4️⃣ tops tips for facilitating impactful virtual workshop: ✅Plan and write up your explanations for your exercises. Use the what, why, how formula to make sure everyone ‘gets’ your exercise ✅Build in more prep time - you’ll need to create a virtual board and think through your tech platforms. So make sure you’ve got enough time! ✅Ask more questions: it’s much more likely you’ll get crickets 🦗in virtual sessions so be prepared with some great questions to trigger discussions ✅Give your participants work e.g. get them clustering post its so there’s no chance of them getting distracted my Teams: Slack / Emails Let me know your tips below! What's worked for you? 😀
Göran Hielscher
Louis Childs
New comment 28d ago
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@Göran Hielscher love these!
What are your top tips for setting yourself up as a freelance workshopper?
One of the great things about what we do is you can do it as an employee or go out and become your own company. Whilst the later comes with amazing benefits there are a lot of areas that need to be considers… Like - What does it take to set myself up as a business or do I just contract in. - If I am setting myself up as a business am I a sole trader.. registering by business - Defining your purpose and setting clear goals yearly, quarterly - Defining your target customers, products, services and financials. Whilst this is a passion space for a lot of us, you still need to understand your revenue needs. - Branding and marketing - What do you need to set yourself up… physically, technology - Contracts for engagements - How to build a pipeline, managing you customer base Making sure you get work life balance! Would be interested in hearing and learning from each other on what made sense for you and what you would like to share with the rest of the community…
Kerri Price
Murray Cowan
Jacobo Senior
Elayna Spratley
Stephen Morris
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@Kerri Price Hi Kerri, could you possibly send it to me as well? thank you so much!
Top 3 Meeting Tips
Hi all! I'm pulling together some tips for facilitation for beginners - here's my first video with my top 3 tips. What others would you add?
Using workshop to generate more leads for more workshops
I am trying to create a free short workshop that can help me sell a bigger workshop or more workshops to many clients. Have anyone used such an approach. If yes would you do the first one for free and use as a lead generation tool for future ones?
Mladen Tomov
Kerri Price
Sabine Braubach
David Newman
Lisa Almeida
New comment Jun 26
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@Kerri Price This sounds great Kerri! I’ve found providing a free workshop to showcase what you can do to be a great tactic as well. I was wondering if you could expand a bit on ‘express style public workshops’? Is it like a training session which gives participants some hands on experience of taking part as well? Thanks!
Hello! & interesting challenge....
Hi team 😃 I wanted to say a quick hello! I'm really enjoying being part of this awesome likeminded group - so great to see loads of questions being asked that i've also wondered about! I also wanted to share a challenge i'm currently experiencing to see if it's something you talented people could share any experience on! So, hello! I'm Louis - i'm a London based Innovation Lead in the charity sector - i'm also a freelance innovation consultant and facilitator which i'm going full time with from May...which i'm very excited about! I am currently doing the Design Sprint and Facilitation Fundamentals course which i'm loving... Turning into something of an AJ & Smart super fan! 😁 Anyway, my interesting challenge..... I'm talking to a charity at the moment who want to run three workshops with businesses and government bodies on one big challenge which they've narrowed down to three separate territories/areas. The overall challenge is around getting businesses upskilling low paid low skill workers. One of the challenges sitting under this is how do we ensure businesses have the data they need to convince them upskilling their low paid, low skill staff is worth their time and investment. They have done a lot of research and insight work on this upfront to show why this is an important challenge to focus on. The approach they want to take is: - Run 3 separate 'co-creation' workshops on 3 separate (but linked) challenges to generate solutions. They want these to be c3 hours long with 25 people. This is with businesses and government bodies. - As they work in the policy world which are very accustomed to 'roundtables' - as far as I can tell this entails lots of chat, not much action and plenty of unstructured conversations.. 😑 - In my view as they are very complex challenges it would be more beneficial to engage a smaller amount of people for a longer amount of time and am thinking best approach would be more like a Day One of the Design Sprint with Expert interviews, Lightning Demos and Concept Sketching and if time permits prototyping and testing.
Enej Gradisek
Louis Childs
David Finnegan
Regina Hourigan
Scott Fry
New comment Jun 1
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@Regina Hourigan Thanks Regina! I'm plugging a way trying to get to the root of why they need 25 people and their expected deliverables. For the numbers it seems to be a combination of 'because we normally invite that many people' and 'so we can say they helped co-create the solution'. I've suggested involving them in pre-work and also user testing as well. I've suggested a session with all their internal stakeholders to get to the root of the problem to solve and this would dictate the approach. I think they came to me with the solution i.e. 3 x 25 people for workshops and just want someone to lead them. So what i'm doing is encouraging them to take a step back with a problem framing workshop and then refine the approach. Thanks again for your thoughts!
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Hi team, a quick update on this! I didn't end up facilitating it as they got pro bono support. However, I did work with them pro bono to create the exercises and agenda - I used a combination of Day One design sprint exercises and lightning decision jam. For example, I recommended Expert Interviews so the corporate clients taking part could share knowledge on the subject, Lightning Demos so people could bring examples of how businesses from around the world have addressed this challenge. From there they could create How Might We questions and groups could focus on answering them. They could then use the impact/effort matrix to prioritise the ideas. I'm waiting on feedback regarding how it went! My reflections are: the bad news is they couldn't see the value in engaging a facilitator earlier in the process and I didn't convince them it was worth the investment initially - the good news is after the pro bono support I provided I felt they could see the high value in having someone experience to design a workshop which meets their objectives - so hoping it will lead to more projects. Thanks
Starting and ending strong
Hi team! From experience, the parts of the workshop participants tend to remember most is the beginning and end. . There are lots of great warm up exercises and energisers, but I was wondering, beyond of course achieving the objective of the workshop (be that a a new strategy, tested prototype, decision made etc) what tips do you have for ending a workshop in a way which leaves participants feeling super positive about it? Thank you in advance!! Louis
Kerri Price
Rebecca Courtney
Louis Childs
Shannon Wagers
New comment Mar 12
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@Kerri Price Thanks Kerri, this is brilliant. Really like the idea of instant feedback - even if it is super quick. You should have my email address already so please do forward on to me!
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Love these @Rebecca Courtney - i'm definitely going to start making sure I take more photos! Great to capture for marketing purposes as well (with permission!). Thanks again 😃
I figured out AJ&Smarts entire business model
Hey Facilitators, Firstly apologies for those of you that have seen this on the other AJS channels, but for those of you that haven't seen it, here you go... You may have also seen that Jonathan also did a react video on latest Unscheduled CEO podcast ----------- The Business Model Canvas is a great workshopping tool (when used well) to retrospectively analyse a business but also plan transformations. I recently used it to deconstruct AJ&Smarts business model and show how Jonathan and team transformed their business twice (into what we see now). I really hope you enjoy this video, it was made for people like you :) Hope you enjoy it - Thanks, Spence
Jonathan Courtney
Will Stammers
Adamma Stekovics
David Newman
Spencer Ayres
New comment Mar 6
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Really cool Spencer! Great video. Love to use this canvas as a way of getting teams to understand importance of feasibility and viability as well as desirability
Impact Vs Efforts Quadrants
On Saturday after we brainstormed about different ideas, I tried to use the Impact Vs Efforts quadrants to prioritize the issues, but I people tend to take too much time figuring out where to put the post-it note and things weren't clear, how did you tacked this stage? thnx
Will Stammers
Hassanein Ismail
Jason Ruud
Regina Hourigan
Charlla Feller-Davis
New comment Feb 13
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Really good points here! I've found being quite strict about how people communicate is always very helpful i.e. you only want people to communicate higher or lower and then left vs right :)
Introduction 🥂
I realized that I never did a formal introduction, so here we go! I'm Sam and recently started my own solo consultancy focusing on facilitation for product, service, and strategy development. Previously I have worked in production development and industrial design engineering, I am based in Luleå (in the sub-artic part of Sweden🏂). I discovered Aj&Smart due to their youtube channel being written as a reference along with sprint stories on a whiteboard at university that the instructor had not erased after some lecture in the distant past (2018) and I have been devouring their content and guidance ever since.
Rebecca Courtney
Sam Pettersson
Louis Childs
Murray Cowan
New comment Feb 7
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Welcome Sam!😃
Meeting a client? Dig deeper by asking these two questions!
When trying to understand the goals of a client and if/how a workshop would help, I usually use these two questions: 1. “I want you to imagine that the workshop is over! It’s done! How would you finish the sentence ‘this workshop was very useful and impactful to me and the group because….’?” 2. “Again, imagine that the workshop is over! How would you finish the sentence ‘this workshop was a waste of everyone’s time because…’?” These questions will give you a lot of information to build from! You may learn in question 1 about the overall goals of the client and how the workshop fits with that! You may learn with question 2 what the client has tried out before and did not work, etc. Also, very importantly, these questions may make you and the client realise that a workshop is not the right approach! This is totally fine and preserves a healthy relationship with your client. The last thing you want to do is to force a workshop when it is not neded (especially in large organisations). How about? What do you ask a customer to dig deeper into their needs?
Isabel Novais Machado
Joao Ribeiro
Kerri Price
Louis Childs
Will Stammers
New comment Jan 26
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Great advice here, thank you!
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Hi all! I’m an innovation lead and part time freelance consultant. I’m going full time as a freelancer soon and looking forward to meeting you all!
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