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1.5 hour strategy workshop - £1k
Hi all, I thought i'd share an interesting workshop I ran recently - hopefully it's helpful for someone else who has a similar challenge or brief! The client is a large charity and this was their brief: Produce a short vision statement for our future digital fundraising and engagement and the required transformation over our strategy period (they obviously shared context of their org strategy etc). I split this up into two stages: 1) Vision & 2) Required Transformation. Here are the exercises I ran: 1️⃣ Vision ➡️ Lightning Demos (this helped us focus on the market and the team created some really great How Might Wes). We clustered these to use as stimulus for the next exercise. ➡️ Vision Statement Drawing. People drew their vision statement and presented back to the group. I was mindful that if we asked people to write them they would get caught up in the language rather than the overall concepts. We asked them to share their vision and gathered the main themes. 2️⃣ Required Transformation ➡️ We then essentially did a Lightning Decision Jam which I don't need to explain! This was a fun one to run but I was very worried about timings, we did get everything done on time though which was a relief! I was constantly talking about pace and how it's going to feel like everything is going WAY too fast before and during the workshop and I think that helped a lot! They just could not get people together for longer but all worked out ok! I've had some really positive feedback from the client and recently ran a training session for them too so hoping to run more sessions with them next year 😁 Shout if you have any questions! 😀
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@James Bickerton Thanks James - there wasn't any budging on the budget unfortunately and the non-profit market is quite different to for-profit. Thanks for the link i'll check it out!
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@Chris Green Hey Chris, see an example here:
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***PRESALE OFFER HAS ENDED - NEW OFFER NOW AVAILABLE (SEE PINNED POST)** Hey Workshoppers! Even though our official Black Friday sale starts this Wednesday, we're launching our "VIP Pre Sale" for everyone here in Facilitator Club and in our Newsletter. It starts RIGHT NOW with an extra 10% off the Black Friday price! To put it simply, on Wednesday, it'll be 10% more expensive for everyone else. If you've ever wanted to jump in on our Facilitation Course at its lowest price ever, here's the link. I made a little video down below explaining the deal.... that's all! Cheers, Jonathan P.S. I said it's only an extra 2% off in the Loom video... because I'm an idiot :)
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HIGHLY recommend this course!
Tips for creating engaging virtual wokrshops
It can be tricky to maintain high levels of engagement but there are steps you can take to get great results. Here’s 4️⃣ tops tips for facilitating impactful virtual workshop: ✅Plan and write up your explanations for your exercises. Use the what, why, how formula to make sure everyone ‘gets’ your exercise ✅Build in more prep time - you’ll need to create a virtual board and think through your tech platforms. So make sure you’ve got enough time! ✅Ask more questions: it’s much more likely you’ll get crickets 🦗in virtual sessions so be prepared with some great questions to trigger discussions ✅Give your participants work e.g. get them clustering post its so there’s no chance of them getting distracted my Teams: Slack / Emails Let me know your tips below! What's worked for you? 😀
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@Göran Hielscher love these!
One trait all unsuccessful consultants have (and how to fix it):
Hey Workshoppers, I usually don't cross-post anything from our Workshopper Inner Circle community but this video I made for the group today kinda exploded and created a lot of really interesting conversations. So I said fuck it, let's pop it in here too :) P.S. Applications are still closed right now for joining our Inner Circle community, if they open again any time soon we'll post about it here 👍🏻 **************************************************here's the post*********************************** Hey all! I spend a lot of time coaching or being coached. I spend a lot of time around hyper-successful entrepreneurs and consultants, but also people who are stuck (and stay like that forever). I have some thoughts about what keeps people stuck and what makes people successful. I decided to make a little video about something I think is going to hold a LOT of you back from achieving success. It's a bit of an experiment so lemme know if it's interesting! Cheers, Jonathan
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This is so good! Sounds like getting used to feeling uncomfortable and uncertain is super important! Gonna re-watch this video when ever I get a thought like 'I just need to do this *one more thing*'
Top 3 Meeting Tips
Hi all! I'm pulling together some tips for facilitation for beginners - here's my first video with my top 3 tips. What others would you add?
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Louis Childs
30points to level up
Hi all! I’m an innovation consultant and facilitator! Follow me to follow my journey where i'll be breaking down my workshops.

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