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Payment of workshops / projects > in advance or afterwards? 👀
Dear all, I would like to hear and collect your thoughts about the payment of your services. I'm located in Munich, and in these days I have to pay most of my products and services in advance. However, when it comes to workshops and sometimes coaching sessions, it is common to invoice the client after the workshop. What is your common way? I'm curious to hear your opinion and ways of doing. @Rebecca Courtney @Jonathan Courtney How do you handle it at Aj & Smart?
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@Fredrik Vial That's a good approach. I was thought about to do it similarly in the future. 50 % when we agree on the project, 50 % afterwards.
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@Reto Sidler How do you define smaller projects?
The flipchart struggle - What do you use?
Dear all, from time to time, I struggle hard with my flipcharts and preparation of the flipcharts for my workshops. First, I do not enjoy drawing them (and I'm not really talended...🫣). Second, I do not enjoy traveling with them. And after a while you have a lot of ready to go flipcharts, and to organize them is a mess. But - I need a way to present tools and methods in a workshop like the agenda, active listening, questions, iceberg model, world café and so on. How do you handle it? Keep my fingers crossed, one of you come up with an easy to go solution.
New comment Mar 22
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@Uli Engel I'm thinking about a solution or business model to sell/print ready to go Flipcharts 😂
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@David Newman You can read my mind. I'm currently looking for someone in Germany, Munich.
How to decide on "who" is taking the ownership of the idea ?
Imagine that you are doing a workshop, you generate some ideas, you vote on the top 5 and now it is time to identify "who" will be in charge for taking care of each key idea ??? any idea to do this ? any exercice we can do ?
New comment Feb 20
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@Jean-philippe Favre This is not a website, it is the way to name the tool.
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@Jean-philippe Favre I got you. From my perspective, it seems that you feel responsible for this, and I can relate to this. As I mentioned before in my opinion it should be the task of the team members. To facilitate this process I use a free flipchart, and write down the top 5 ideas and add rows with Who / What / When / Prio / Communication. After this, we focus on idea 1 and fill the rows. You can work with questions like "Who feel drawn to this idea / Who feel comfortable to take ownership" and so on. Also, as Rob mentioned, ownership doesn't mean to be in the operative role. You could mention this in the process.
New Here!
Hey folks! Living in Boston, USA. Excited to build community with other facilitators. I feel like there aren't many people who see the world the way a facilitator does and must admit that I carry some pride in calling myself a facilitator. I love what I do and sometimes wonder if there is some spiritual aspect to the work holding space. I like noticing things, especially when they help me recognizes something I though I knew but took for granted. I find a great deal of joy in those small moments. Thanks for reading!
New comment Feb 27
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Hi Jimmy, welcome here. I love your sentence: "I feel like there aren't many people who see the world the way a facilitator does..." And I couldn't agree more. Happy to have you here.
How do you price your work?
Going right for the dirty word: Money! I have been asked to facilitate a one-day event. I will need additional information to understand what is required, what type of event it is, how they want it run and so on. My question is simply: how do you estimate how to price your work? Days of preparation + delivery? Organization's size? How big the audience is? I'd be interested in knowing how others approach it. (I usually added up delivery + preparation, but I tend to massively underestimate the prep and the associated time. Are there other parameters you consider?)
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@Jimmy Juste Uuuuhhhh, I love this. I worked in the exact way with my money mindset for a long time, which brought me to the rates I place actually.
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@David Newman Exactly :-) My all-time favorite is when the client responds: We have offers which are quite cheaper than you.... My all-time answer: Great, then you know who to book.
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