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unbox your facilitator style: the english version of THE ARCHETYPER is now live!
hello, fellow facilitators! I'm thrilled to introduce you to The Archetyper, an assessment for discovering facilitation archetypes. over 190 people have dived in and discovered their unique styles, and now it's your turn to join the party! in the world of facilitation, there's no one-size-fits-all. no 'right' or 'wrong' style. it's all about finding what clicks with you, what feels authentic and true. each facilitator forges their unique path, blending knowledge and experiences to create something special. reflecting on my own facilitation journey and observing numerous facilitators in action, I've identified five fundamental archetypes, each with a distinct focus and approach: - The Icebreaker: focus on people + rational approach - The Frameworker: focus on results + rational approach - The Empathizer: focus on people + emotional approach - The Provocator: focus on results + emotional approach - The Holistical: broad or diffuse focus and multiple or undefined approach and here's the exciting part – you can discover yours in just 13 questions. whether you're a seasoned facilitator or just starting your journey, The Archetyper has something for you. it's a tool for exploration, self-discovery, and a little bit of magic. ready to dive in? hit those 13 questions and find out what makes you tick as a facilitator. then, tell me how you are, share it, and let's celebrate your unique archetype! . hey ho, let's go! best, pedro
Ömür Yanıkoğlu
Pedro Segreto
Stephen Morris
Hannah Mumby
D Darren MacDonald
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Loved this, Pedro! I got The Provocateur. I think archetypes can be a really great tool in activating storytelling and looking at the roles we play. Looking forward to following up on some of your links/references ✨
The Playground
Here's my latest Substack post with some reflections on facilitation: I wanted to explore the idea of letting go of your ego, and allowing yourself to learn from your participants, and connected this to a card called 'The Playground' from the deck I designed (The Co-Production Oracle') I'd love to hear your facilitation reflections in response to 'The Playground' - this card has the following prompt: "How can the group be set up differently? Can people switch places? Introduce a fun way for people to interact and learn about each other. Make a fool of yourself and play" If anyone else is on Substack talking about facilitation, or reads any good ones on there, I'd love to hear about them!
Tips for facilitating a workshop WHEN YOU’RE ILL?! 🤧
Hey everyone! I’ve got a 2 hour workshop on tomorrow, and this morning I woke up feeling rotten! I still want to run the workshop and I don’t feel sick enough to cancel - what are your tips for dosing up / mustering the energy to still give a great workshop when you’re battling with tiredness or sickness?
Ömür Yanıkoğlu
Hannah Mumby
Göran Hielscher
Benedict Odjobo
Megan Mozina
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@Megan Mozina This is such a great idea, Megan. I think actually having a herbal tea (the Yogi Tea 'throat comfort' one) on the day did really help my voice!
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Thanks everyone, I feel really supported by all of your suggestions and encouragement! The workshop went really well, I managed to muster some energy and charisma (somehow it just appears when you need it!) and even though I crashed afterwards, the time when I was delivering was really good. I think the advice of resting the day before, and then on the morning, having turmeric tea (and taking extra tea with me) and drinking lots of water, was definitely very helpful! 🥰
FREE weekly career coaching call!
Hey Workshoppers, I'm VERY excited about this: As many of you already know, I usually only do coaching inside our high-level paid community "Inner Circle"... BUT today I'm announcing a little experiment: I'm going to run a free, 1 hour, weekly coaching session right here in this community, starting next Tuesday (August 22nd)! 👉 Watch this video if you don't feel like reading! You can join these calls and ask me anything you like about: - Building your facilitation career - Running specific workshops - Getting help with running workshops/troubleshooting - Getting advice on working with clients - Sales and marketing tips - Whatever you like! The first call starts NEXT TUESDAY (August 22nd, 4pm CET) and you can see the full schedule of upcoming calls right here on the Skool Calendar. I'll decide if I'll keep doing these based on how many people show up/ whether you all find them useful! ⚠️ 2 important bits of information: ONE: These calls will be strictly ONE hour long. We'll get through as much as we can in that time. I do a 2-3 hour coaching session every week in our "Inner Circle All-Access" community (these are recorded & transcribed), for those who want to go deeper. We can talk about this in more detail next week if anyone is interested in learning more! TWO: There won't be recordings of these free Q&A sessions. Why? For lots of reasons, but in short: just come hang out live! Hope to see some of you next week, let's go! Cheers, Jonathan
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Chris Bradshaw
Benedict Odjobo
Rebecca Howse
Ryan de Metz
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Can't wait for this! See you there
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