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Hello everyone my name is Hamza RAHMOUNI I'm form Morocco in the North of Africa. I'm looking forward to discover this world of Facilitators. So can anyone suggest me some books to start with. Thanks in advance 🙏🫡
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Hey @Hamza Rahmouni, A few books that I have read/currently reading focused on Facilitation are: 1. ‘The Art of Facilitation’ by Dale Hunter 2. ‘The Secrets of Facilitation’ by Michael Wilkinson 3. ‘Mastering Facilitation’ by Dr Morgan L Jones 4. ‘Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation’ by Sam Killermann and Meg Bolger 5. 'Practical Facilitation' by Christine Hogan 6. High-Impact Tools for Teams Other great books that help with Workshopping in general: 1. Gamestorming by David Gray, Sunni Brown and James Macanufo 2. Magical Meetings by Ferguson and Fitch 3. The Power of Moments by Chip Heath and Dan Heath (this isn't directly related to workshops but you can use the concept of creating peak moments or key highlights within your workshops to make them more memorable and special). 4. Funretrospectives by Paulo Caroli and Taina Caetano Coimbra I will have a proper look at my booklist and will add more but this should keep you busy for now😅 I imagine people will add to this list too!
👋🏼 Hello All, new to the group!
🌟 It is incredible that the universe knows when it's the right time for exciting things to enter your life. 💡 I just discovered this group as I was looking for courses where I can learn to become a facilitator. 📖 I'm excited about this journey and look forward to learning from others in this community!
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Hey @Paul Sedillo! Welcome to the community 😊
Hei from Belgium
Greetings from Ghent. I have always enjoyed facilitating (games, workshops, talks, ...) and look forward to continuously improve my skill. I'm excited to meet & share with peers in this community.
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Welcome @Dagmar Buerman :) Glad to have you here.
Live polling tools/apps? 📊
Howdy everybody! Can anyone recommend a tool/app that can be used for live polling in a workshop? e.g. participants log in via a link, vote, results are then displayed in real-time on a screen. I've found that when it comes to group voting, people are often influenced by senior stakeholders in the room which dilutes what people really feel about ideas/concepts on a wall. Tools like this (hopefully) remove that big-wig bias to make things more democratic. I've heard of an app called 'Slido', but any other recommendations that are EXTREMELY SIMPLE and idiot-proof to set up and use would be much appreciated. Thanks so much 🙏🏼
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@Jon Bezalel Mentimeter is my absolute favourite for this! Kahoot is also good for this and quizzes.
Your Thoughts - When Exercises Don't Go As Planned
Hi Everyone! What do you do whenever an exercise doesn't go over the way you had hoped or some technical aspect of what you had planned fails in some way? For instance, I was conducting an ideation session using sticky notes and the notes just weren't sticking (i.e. they were falling down). I had done something similar to this before without issues. This situation in particular created a funny moment but it also slightly impeded being able to move forward with what I had planned (i.e. everyone being able to organize their ideas, vote, etc.). Is there an alternative to using sticky notes that would work better somehow? Thanks for your thoughts!
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Hey @Allen Garcie! This has happened to me before. Can I ask, were you sticking them to a whiteboard that you had pre-cleaned with a some sort of solution? That normally affects the stickiness of the post-its. Another thing I always like to have handy incase the post-it's don't stick is magnets. Small ones. These are super helpful if you're using a whiteboard as a surface. The main thing to do here is laugh at what's happened, acknowledge it and readjust.
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