Tips for creating engaging virtual wokrshops
It can be tricky to maintain high levels of engagement but there are steps you can take to get great results. Here’s 4️⃣ tops tips for facilitating impactful virtual workshop:
✅Plan and write up your explanations for your exercises. Use the what, why, how formula to make sure everyone ‘gets’ your exercise
✅Build in more prep time - you’ll need to create a virtual board and think through your tech platforms. So make sure you’ve got enough time!
✅Ask more questions: it’s much more likely you’ll get crickets 🦗in virtual sessions so be prepared with some great questions to trigger discussions
✅Give your participants work e.g. get them clustering post its so there’s no chance of them getting distracted my Teams: Slack / Emails
Let me know your tips below! What's worked for you? 😀
Louis Childs
Tips for creating engaging virtual wokrshops
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