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For entrepreneurs who want to be #1 in your field. High performance skills, tactics and strategy to help you master your mind, life and business.


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$108,000 in 1 month with Skool
Here's how I just hit a record month using Skool while travelling the world, without running ads, without a webinar, and without working more than 2 hours/day. 1. A ruthlessly simple system (which runs like a machine). System = Social Media Content + CTA --> Free Skool Community --> DM --> 15m Call --> 60m Call --> Client/Paid Skool Community. 2. A small team of A+ Players (who free up all my time & get things DONE). 1 VA 1 Appointment setter 1 Discovery call taker 2 Closers 3 (soon to be 4) Coaches (for the service delivery) + I'm currently training a content editor + distributor so I can generate more leads with consistent content output. 3. An offer too good for any human to reasonably say "no thanks" to (which turns nearly every conversation into a sale). "Business in a Weekend" has been our main offer and it's a HT, DWY/DFY service where we help beginners launch their online coaching business and get to 5-10k/month within 90 days. "VIP Weekend" is going to be our new offer, and it's a HT, DWY/DFY service where we help existing coaches scale to 50k/month within 90 days. If someone speaks with us and can't afford our HT, we take $49/m deposit and place them into our $49/month paid Skool community. With these 3 things (System, Team, Offer) in place, you soon get to a point where NOT making money becomes impossible. Money just comes to you whether you want it or not lol. If you'd like similar results, I'd suggest doing the following: 1. Create a free Skool community and fill it with amazing free course content. People will judge you based on your free stuff, so make it good. Try to get people results before they ever work with you. 2. Create a paid Skool community (charge $49/month for it) and offer 2-3 coaching calls per week in it + more awesome course content. 3. Post a ton of content on social media and in each post give away something for free that lives inside your free Skool community. 4. Once someone joins your free Skool community, DM them and see if they want to hop on a quick 10-15m free call with you where you can see if you can fast track their results. 5. If they sound like someone you can help, offer them a longer call to show them a more in depth game plan. 6. At the end of the longer call, offer to work with them inside your HT offer. 7. If they can't afford it, offer them your $49/m community. 8. Continue to study the GOAT'S in this Skool community. There are many people in this Skool community already making 100k+/month who you can learn from... I'm just one of them.
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$108,000 in 1 month with Skool
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great work @Ted Carr - curious on your thoughts. Am thinking of ditching the free community, just bringing everyone into the $47pm and then ascend to HT or descend as you do from HT calls. My reasoning is to lead them straight into the paid group with the full content stack and give them a 14 day free trial, with 2 calls pw. So when they join they don't pay and can have 4 Q&A (2 pw) calls to test. All the free stuff will be on YT.
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@Tracy Lee @Kuba Misiek I am replying to both as you had the same question. What I find is that for me the free community I get much less engagement, when they pay they have an incentive to turn up. I really think it just depends on who you bring into your community and why, if you have a community who have no real intent then nothing happens. So for me free is not really working atm. I am introducing a free lead magnate with an upsell to the paid community where they can jump on calls, at least if they consume the first price of content and upsell there is intent and more likelihood they will engage. If you already have a free community on FB and migrate it then there is a good chance of success. At this stage I think free / paid is going to be all about intention and reach.
is it possible to upload zoom recordings onto our courses?
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yes @Susie Clayton - just convert the zoom call and make sure you then upload it to loom, vimeo or youtube and then import the link from there to wherever you want in your classroom. You can just add a new module called "recordings"
Membership Challenge — Win $100k+ in prizes
Starting September 25th — If you get paid members to join your Skool community, you'll win prizes. The challenge will run for 28-days from September 25th to October 23rd, 2023. Pacific time. There's three ways to win: 1. Get the most paid members (1st, 2nd, 3rd) 2. Get the most MRR (1st, 2nd, 3rd) 3. EVERYBODY who gets 10 paid members Prizes include: 16" MacBook Pro's + 27" LG 5k screen's + Lifetime FREE Skool Ready? Join the Membership Challenge here for more information
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Membership Challenge — Win $100k+ in prizes
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Love this @Sam Ovens - there was this story a while ago that eBay was about to go bust, their last shot was to auction a Ferrari for $1 and of course it blew up. Not quite sure if that was urban legend or not though it was doing the rounds a decade case or so ago. Point being that big giveaways generate enormous interest and at very little real cost. Also great business for Skool on many fronts. Think of XPRIZE when Peter Diamandis first announced it he had not raised the $10m giveaway and had to find it after getting all the interest. Nice segue - you can start to get clients without actually having a product built.
Switch off gamification?
Can we remove / turn off gamification temporarily? I have created a new group and I want to switch off gamification for now as I focus on content and what I want to unlock later. Is this possible?
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excellent thanks @Ted Carr
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@Samuel Hall not that I know of - it is a key feature of Skool.
Free skool to actually help vs. sell
My free skool is NOT A FUNNEL for my current business and the weekly calls are a highlight of my week. It's the perfect space to do CUSTOMER RESEARCH... understand what people struggle with and what help they're looking for to see if you can create an offer or business around it (or if you have an offer, to make it better). In my free skool I'm looking for people who want to figure out their mission, offer, and positioning to see how I can help them with the expertise I got from being a brand strategist for 15+ years. Too often people talk about their skools as funnels and objects vs a group of humans who are there to learn and who you can get incredible insight from for your business. Good Customer Research gives you all the answers to your offer, positioning, and messaging struggles. Knowing how they talk about their pains and dreams gives you the bulk of your messaging. I was thinking about shifting my business for a while and after learning from @Blake La Grange's approach in this insightful post and his Kollege group, I started it a few weeks and it's so much fun. If you want to have a positive impact on the world and are struggling to figure out your mission and how to talk about it. Join us here -
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that is wonderful @Pam Yang, she-her and I, too, can vouch for your authenticity, empathy and skill. This is very much your world and I know how passionate you are about authentic aligned messaging. You combine long term professional skills with the recognition that heart and mind need to work in harmony.
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