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1 Thing I Wish I'd Done Sooner in my Free Skool Community
My team & I have been averaging about $100,000/month on Skool but we could have been generating a lot more $ and helping a lot more people if we started doing this ONE thing earlier. What is this ONE thing? I call it: "Big Domino Problem Solving." Big Domino Problem Solving is when you solve 1 big problem for your prospect FOR FREE which then gives them the clarity, confidence and desire to solve more problems with you inside your paid program. In other words, it's when you help your people for free before asking them to pay you anything. My man @Frank Kern calls this "results in advance". Because look: 99% of the people in your audience probably all have the same 3-5 problems on route to reaching their ideal end destination/goal. But the question YOU need to answer is: What's the ONE problem that if they solved TODAY would give them the confidence and desire to want to solve the rest of their problems ASAP with you? What's the ONE big domino block that if you pushed over, would push over the rest? For example: Our free Skool community is full of people who suffer from: A) Not having an offer because they don't know WHAT to sell. B) Not having a niche because they don't know WHO to sell to. C) Not having a sales process in place because they don't know HOW to sell. D) Not having an audience because they don't know WHY anyone would like their content. And what we found is that the people who sign up for our HT service with the least resistance AND are the easiest to get results for are almost always the one's who are already clear on their offer. Once clear on their offer, their confidence and desire to succeed further with us comes with ease. So our ONE Big Domino Problem is: Offer Clarity. So we thought: "Okay, what if we just make more content to help people get clear on their offer then?" Sounds great! So I started making a ton of videos showing people how to get clear on their offer. And the videos got a ton of views and likes.
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I paid $1,000 USD (€872) to learn how to grow a Skool community organically
Last month I hosted a free Skool community growth challenge inside my own free Skool community to celebrate hitting 2,000 members. The rules? "Grow your Skool community by the most members and win $1,000." Who won? @David Seybering with 800+ new members. How? Organic Video Content --> Free Mini Course. Want the full in depth break down showing how he did it? Check it out here before it becomes super trendy. Spoiler alert: Anyone can do this! Future prediction: Everyone will do this... P.S. Want my 1:1 help setting up your own free Skool community? DM with the word: "SKOOL" and my team & I can hop on Zoom with you and build your Skool community together at no cost. The "catch"? You just have to use my affiliate link
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How I'm Doing $100,000/Month with my Free Skool Community
Making ABSOLUTE BANK on Skool has never been easier. I'm not sure how long this window of opportunity will remain open, but if you want to retire early with a few million in the bank ASAP, here's what you need: • A social media audience (like Instagram for example) of your own, or someone else's you can tap into by teaming up with them. • A free thing (like a PDF or unlisted YT video) • A 2 page funnel (I use Systeme) • A free Skool community (see the P.S. below for more info on this) • A DM script initiated by Skool's "Auto-DM" plugin. • A calendar (I use Calendly but Tidycal is a lot cheaper) • A super cool/non-salesy phone script • A hight ticket offer (north of $1,000) If you have all of the above, see the video below for how to put everything together 😊 Cheers, Ted P.S. If you want 1 on 1 help setting up your own free Skool community like I've set mine up, just send me a DM with the word SKOOL and I'll hop on a Zoom with you and do it all with you at no cost PLUS I'll cover the cost of your first month on Skool so long as you pinky promise to not cancel after the first month 🤝
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x4 Life-Changing Quotes From 1-Day With Hormozi
@Ted Carr is an early investor in Skool and a February Games winner. In this episode, we talk about his key insights from the 1-day with Hormozi, including: - x4 quotes that will change his business forever - Maker vs Manager Schedules - Taking the leap from solopreneur to CEO - Having a "WHO NOT HOW" mentality - Adding $50k MRR to his business in 1 month - And how The Skool Games has changed the trajectory of his entrepreneurial journey Check it out! Ted's Skool:
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bro this was fun let's do it again sometime :) can we who not how a liquid death sponsor?
Kirby & Ted Carr hanging out at Skool HQ
@Andrew Kirby and @Ted Carr have been hanging out at Skool HQ. Lots of exciting stuff is coming your way! And... Did you know Ted is a "fruitarian"? He only eats fruit. He has boxes of it at our office...
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@Kelly Parker we've made vids together, but YT think he's a 'quack' !
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