Free skool to actually help vs. sell
My free skool is NOT A FUNNEL for my current business and the weekly calls are a highlight of my week.
It's the perfect space to do CUSTOMER RESEARCH... understand what people struggle with and what help they're looking for to see if you can create an offer or business around it (or if you have an offer, to make it better).
In my free skool I'm looking for people who want to figure out their mission, offer, and positioning to see how I can help them with the expertise I got from being a brand strategist for 15+ years.
Too often people talk about their skools as funnels and objects vs a group of humans who are there to learn and who you can get incredible insight from for your business.
Good Customer Research gives you all the answers to your offer, positioning, and messaging struggles.
Knowing how they talk about their pains and dreams gives you the bulk of your messaging.
I was thinking about shifting my business for a while and after learning from 's approach in this insightful post and his Kollege group, I started it a few weeks and it's so much fun.
If you want to have a positive impact on the world and are struggling to figure out your mission and how to talk about it. Join us here -
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