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💸 How I made $1,000 on Skool yesterday
(Without sending DM's and having my Skool group hidden!) Hey Skool fam (or should we be called Skoolies??!), I did this short video to explain how I made $1,000 on Skool yesterday (without sending DM's and having my Skool group hidden!) and also explain: - 👉🏼 What my unusual strategy is 🤓 - 👉🏼 Why I am intentionally being the tortoise, not the hare 🐢 - 👉🏼 My vision for what I am building on Skool 🧐 By Backstory 👇🏼 - 15 year building online communities (Meetup .com, Facebook, Mighty Networks, now Skool!) - Launch Sales Strategist helping my clients have 6 & multi 6-figure client course launches using online communities for 5+ years - Before - award winning consultant building and scaling sales teams for corporate clients (FTSE100, Fortune500) The Skool Plan 👇🏼 - My group is private invite only (hidden until yesterday) launched 3 week ago - Watched Sam's interview, 10 people, invited 24 to open (all who paid upfront for a set period) - Intentional about WHO, right attitude and vibe. - Bought into my vision - Here in the community to watch, listen and learn (6 weeks now). - Asking questions, having conversations, no pitches. - All BEFORE I open any free Skool group. - Understand the culture and vision and how I can best add value. - Side effect already = made more new friends than years on FB/IG and I become a Level 6 "Grandmaster" and being called the Queen of Skool!👸🏼 My Group 👇🏼 - Focused on getting clients, growing sales, wellness and fun - Messaging (how to get ideal clients to DM you, no cold needed), sales strategy, launching, mindset/energetics - Somatic Breathwork (live and recorded) Current offer 👇🏼 - Freedom Business House, secret invite only (only added a video yesterday) - Pay upfront for set period, moving to monthly payments. - Skool payments when we open to the public 2024 Skool plan 👇🏼 - Intentional, sustainable growth over volume - Massively over deliver on those who said YES - surprise and delight - Open a free Skool group
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How we use accountability in our Skool Group 🎯
One thing that my Skool community members LOVE is coming together for projects that benefit us all. Here are a few of the challenges and projects we have been working on and have planned (shared with permission from our members). Let me know if you have any questions or something you want to share that has been working well inside your Skool group.
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I paid $1,000 USD (€872) to learn how to grow a Skool community organically
Last month I hosted a free Skool community growth challenge inside my own free Skool community to celebrate hitting 2,000 members. The rules? "Grow your Skool community by the most members and win $1,000." Who won? @David Seybering with 800+ new members. How? Organic Video Content --> Free Mini Course. Want the full in depth break down showing how he did it? Check it out here before it becomes super trendy. Spoiler alert: Anyone can do this! Future prediction: Everyone will do this... P.S. Want my 1:1 help setting up your own free Skool community? DM with the word: "SKOOL" and my team & I can hop on Zoom with you and build your Skool community together at no cost. The "catch"? You just have to use my affiliate link
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Skool is crushing my facebook group. (3 Examples)
Over the last 3 years I have built my business off the back of a facebook group... despite hating being on facebook. 9 Months ago we began experimenting with Skool as an alternative to our facebook group community acquisition approach and the results are super interesting to me... I thought I would share 3 specific examples and some insights here in case anyone else is considering shifting their business model to use SKOOL instead of FB Groups for client attraction. #1 - The Welcome Post. Our welcome post in skool is wild... the level of intimacy and authenticity that is shared on our post in Skool is amazing. I think it must be because people feel safer on this platform? or something I am not sure but we have over 360 Comments (not that many from myself or team) with a group of only 750 in about 2 months... Conversely in our fb group of 3000 our welcome post which has been up for nearly a year has only 230 comments (most of which are from myself and team) and for the most part are totally lame comments lol. This is awesome because it sets the tone for the community, people get to know each other in that thread and it creates a level of intimacy and connection that is just awesome! #2 - Automated Appointment Setting. We were able to turn our Skool community into a community funnel where 7% of new members are booking automatically into our calendar within 3 days because of the way we have set up our welcome sequence and placed our booking links. Our facebook group would convert 9% to a booked call but that was with an appointment setter sending messages to each new person 1 by 1. we are generating 7% just with a few automations and ... this month we are experimenting with the automated first message feature in skool - and so far response rates are solid but not enough data to share anything useful yet. #3 - Engagement We ran a 14 Day sales challenge and our group engagement went through the roof... we also generated $30,000 from that campaign. But more interesting that that was the feedback and experience the participants gave... overal the challenge was SOO Much better than running it in a facebook group that I will never do a facebook group challenge again.
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How I use Skool
I have 3 Skool groups. 1- Free Group: this is where people can join for free and learn how to trade futures. How I filled this group by promoting it through my social media platforms and now people are adding their friends and so on. This is a self service group. I use this group to promote my LTO algo they need to trade with. 2- LTO group. I sell an algo people need to trade. So when they purchase it they get added to this group. We offer live trading together and a private chat group via telegram (Skool needs a chatroom feature with live notifications) This group I start to help people replace their income and become full time traders. I hand pick people to join the next group. 3- The Mastermind: this group is all about harmony and accountability. We have a system that tracks daily trading and performance and we hold each other capable and accountable daily. This group is a very tight group. 100 people max. 30k a year to be a part of this group. The main thing is to create a place where people feel supported and valued. 💯
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