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$2,322 MRR in 10 Days After Switching My Skool Group From Free > Paid
Last year I launched a FREE Skool group called The Conscious Creator Club After hosting it for 10 months, I realized that people who pay, pay attention Ever since joining @Sam Ovens Uplevel Consulting course in 2021 I've only sold high ticket products Then in July, I thought about launching a low ticket product to "test the waters" I made $9,342 in 60 days I'd been eyeing a few membership on Skool and when @Sid Sahasrabuddhe and @Nick Guadagnoli let me know billing was live, I decided to give it a try. I turned the proven $27 product into a recurring membership on Skool Within the first 10 days, we had 86 paying members 👉🏼 Three things that helped: 1️⃣ Using ManyChat to funnel all my Instagram followers to join the membership 2️⃣ Offering a free membership for life to one person who signed up within the first 10 days 3️⃣ Making the ticket price a "no-brainer" ($27 is just 90 cents per day) Not sure if I'll keep this price point forever, but for right now, I'm happy with it Thanks to all who have provided helpful feedback on the benefits of a low ticket paid membership If you have any questions on turning your free group paid, happy to help! 😃 Drop them below 👇🏼 Thanks to Sam and the team as Skool! Excited for what's to come!
Mariah Coz
Giulia Guerrieri
Marc God
Robert Thibodeau
Hilary Joy Coulson
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We Did It - 1000 New Skool Members in Just 5 Days✊
I want to start by saying - Skool is going to replace FB groups (and all other platforms) forever. I launched our Skool group and offered the first 999 Members a FREE membership. I told everyone upfront that it will be $97/mo starting from the 1000th member. We hit our 999th member exactly 20 minutes before our deadline today🍾 And the cool thing, shortly after while I was working on Skool, our FIRST $97/mo SALE came in🔥 @Sam Ovens nice touch with the "cha-ching" sound when a member signs up 😂 Love it. This is just the beginning for us and i'm so excited for our next phase - The Affiliate Program 😏 Can't wait for Skool's Affiliate system next year!
Ryan Eisenhower
Armin Shafee
Nick Graz
Jeffery Olsen
Armin Shafee
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How 50% of my Community Growth is Coming From Skool Discovery... 👀
Skool Discovery is awesome because it can give you "free leads" if you set up your community correctly. For example: I just created this new bitcoin community and 50% of all our new members are joining from Skool Discovery. Here are 6 steps I took to make it happen (and how you can replicate what I've done): Step 1) I went on Skool Discovery and searched for popular keywords like "fruitarian", "veganism", "crypto", "testosterone", "skool", "bitcoin" etc. until I found the 1 keyword that had very little competition and 1 that I knew a lot about. Step 2) I created a new Skool community using my friends affiliate link so she'd get paid monthly and I immediately changed the URL to so that nobody else could take it. Note: If the URL you want is taken, be creative! If /bitcoin was taken I probably would have gone with /btc. Step 3) I filled the classroom AND community with educational content all about bitcoin. I created various classes that you can see in the attached photo below ⬇️ Step 4) I invited a handful of friends to join so it didn't look so empty. Step 5) I created this simple freebie funnel and promoted a "Playlist of my Favourite Bitcoin Videos" on social media. When people opted in to get the free playlist, my funnel said: "Congrats! You can either wait 5 minutes for it arrive in your inbox, or you can get it instantly inside my free Educational Bitcoin Community here." Most people didn't wanna wait 5 minutes... 😜 Step 6) People just find me on Skool Discovery now because they search for the keyword "Bitcoin" and I've optimized my group for discovery so I show up. One of my mandatory membership questions when people join is "How did you find this group?" and I can see that 50% of new members are saying "Skool Discovery." If you want 1 on 1 help setting up a "Discovery Optimized" community of your own just like I've done, send me a DM with the word SKOOL and I'll hop on zoom with you at no cost and set it up with you.
Santi Younger
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Kuba Misiek
Ted Carr
Jason Alex
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A Simple $50,000/Month Skool Flow For Acquiring LT MRR + HT Clients
I used to only sell high ticket (HT) using the classic Ad --> Webinar --> Call method. I was making $50,000 - $100,000/month, but I was stressed AF because of the huge fluctuations and never ending issues with ads. Then my ad account got shut down (yay!) so I tried an experiment and turned it into a low ticket, monthly recurring revenue (LT MRR) offer and blasted it to my email list which I had grown from the ads. With my new LT MRR offer, I was making A LOT less per month ($10,000/month) but I was actually happier because it was consistent. Gone were the days of feeling like every sale I made could be my last... with hundreds of people paying me monthly, I felt financially secure for the first time in my life. And then I discovered Skool... With Skool I learned how to get the best of both the LT MRR + the HT worlds... Now I'm making LT MRR + HT sales daily, and I'm bringing in $50,000+/month with no ads using a very simple flow that ANYONE can replicate if they wish. I've outlined everything you need to know in the video below. Hope this helps, Ted ❤️ P.S. If you want 1 on 1 help (at no charge) setting up your Skool community just like I've done, send me a DM here with the word "SKOOL" & I'll set yours up with you for free so it's fully optimized & set up just like mine. I've already helped 70+ people on Skool set up their communities, and I'd love to help set up yours, too! The catch? You just gotta use my affiliate link
Samuel Sandoval
Ted Carr
Kuba Misiek
Caleb Hosmer
Jason Alex
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🔥How we became #7 in 30 days with 760+ students
Today it is exactly a month since we launched our coaching community here in Czech Republic and on this exact day we climbed up to a #7 place in the Skool Communities 📈 Our content is fully in Czech which makes us super niched down. On the other hand we have literally no competition. Our main traffic source is our YouTube channel with 9k subs and Ig with 9k followers. We provide weekly calls and courses with the highest quality in the country. We are giving back almost everything in the form of welcome packages for everyone, gifts for students of the week and something even bigger for students of the month. It's been just 30 days but we ain't stopping on #7th place! Keep crushing it Skool Community! It's a lovely journey!
Asmâa Methqal
Andy Pavelka
Gerald Wels
Alicia Angel
Jeff Bliss
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