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Permission settings for Classrooms
Hey there guys, 1st post here, I have a question regarding the permission of the classrooms. When choosing the "Only some members have access" option in the "who can access this course" section, where am I suppose to input the members that are able to access this classroom? I might be missing something here but would be real helpful if someone could clear this up for me. Much appreciated, cheers !
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Mareya Ali
Gerald Wels
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Chrome extension for max productivity on skool
I found this chrome extensions that allows you to hide parts of skool like the chat section, community tabs, notifications etc it has changed the game for me as it allows me to watch courses undistracted and focused
We Did It - 1000 New Skool Members in Just 5 Days✊
I want to start by saying - Skool is going to replace FB groups (and all other platforms) forever. I launched our Skool group and offered the first 999 Members a FREE membership. I told everyone upfront that it will be $97/mo starting from the 1000th member. We hit our 999th member exactly 20 minutes before our deadline today🍾 And the cool thing, shortly after while I was working on Skool, our FIRST $97/mo SALE came in🔥 @Sam Ovens nice touch with the "cha-ching" sound when a member signs up 😂 Love it. This is just the beginning for us and i'm so excited for our next phase - The Affiliate Program 😏 Can't wait for Skool's Affiliate system next year!
Ryan Eisenhower
Armin Shafee
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Paid Membership (How Many To Let In Free?)
When you launched your paid membership, how many people did you let in free first? Would love to hear some of your strategies! Did you reveal this publicly or privately? How long did it take you to hit these numbers before every additional member came in as paid?
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Member Idea:
I had a member asking if when they searched it would just be for the whole community or just under one specific topic. I thought that would be a great idea to potentially implement. For example, in my community we have a support category so if people are looking for something specific there, it would be great to be able to search just within that category as opposed to all posts in all categories.
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