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What is your mission?
Why are you building a skool group? it cant just be for money. it has to be to change something about this world, a passion thats deep. Whats your mission? Mine is in the comments
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How Long Have You Been in the Game? Share Your #1 Business Lesson!
Hey Skoolers! 👋 I am curious to know, how long have you been in business (in and out of Skool)? And what's the ONE big lesson you've learned so far? Share your experience below! Let's hear those insights!
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“Unless you're a PSYCHO, this sales cult isn't for you…”
@Ian Macklin runs Elite Sales Alliance, the #6 community on Skool. In this episode, we talk about: - Being raised by his military mum in a single-parent household - How a superstar cars salesman turned him and his twin brother's life around - Becoming the top salesperson at Nissan - Meeting Andy Elliott - Building a 9-figure business from scratch - Investing 40-50k into their Skool community - The power of being SUPER clear on who your community is for - (And who it's not for!) - How their community prevented someone from committing suicide - And his plans to win the Skool Games Check it out! Ian's Skool:
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💈 A Poll on Skool Polls
As pointed out by @Nick Pauly (aka Nick poll-ie), we are severely overdue for a poll poll. @Joe DeFilippo This ones also for you man! Wherever your poll group is parked! So here it is. If youve noticed, 'likes' arent dished out here like other platforms. So how did I hack it? By making a poll on every single post ive ever made. Engagement skyrocketed, but only if the poll was related... or painfully unrelated. I know consistently get more poll votes than likes. Which tells us this: a 'like' is not as valuable as the chance to share an opinion. A 'like' is a one-way gift, But a poll can be an exchange of value- platform for opinion. And if there is a platform more about value, it is Skool. What do YOUU think about this sort of poll situation?
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Does Everything Feel Rigid? 🥴
Why are you making everything so hard for yourself? You came here because skool is 'fun and easy' but you sit there hovering over the launch button scared to release your community to the world. "I just want it to be perfect" - when you find perfect please let me know I'd love to hire them. Drop the procrastination and just hit GO 🚀 This idea that you need the perfect About Page and Courses upon Courses in the Classroom is not getting anyone anywhere. The focus is wrong. Focus on how you can be YOU and make your community FUN! Lose this rigid focus of structure and let the vibe take over, you'll be surprised at how well this works. @noob
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