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๐Ÿ’ฐ How I made 8k in 1 hour
So I had a major win 24hrs ago. And the success hasn't stopped since. AND the single largest contributor was @Ted Carr and his right hand dude behind the scenes @Benny D It was weeks of planning and months of work. Maybe even years of stress. FYI BTW, I have been attempting to launch and relaunch online communities with almost no success for almost 4 years. It's embarrassing how many platforms I've tried, how many offers I've had, and how many times I invited EVERYONE i knew to join... Only to find that something was missing and moving it all and restarting. Again. and again. This time tho, @Jeffrey Buoncristiano introduced me to Ted. Ted started the ball rolling by pointing out that my web design was the best hed seen. I used to web design as one of my first companies out of college, that but in its form it was boring and unscalable and had never considered it again. Its turned out that he was right! There were massive things i was missing right under my nose. 2.5 months later, 1 month after Ted won, i also hit the skool leaderboard. And Ted became my first client. i wont forget what he said. he said "often the most successful businesses can be boring." Thanks T man for doing what you do. I owe my success to you.
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Want a free month of Skool?
Want to save $99 and get your first month of Skool for free? If you want private, 1 on 1 help (completely for free) on Zoom to set up your free Skool community properly and professionally, just shoot me a DM with the word "SKOOL" and you can schedule a free Skool Set Up Call with me/my team. I'll cover the cost of your first month on Skool ($99) so long as you pinky promise not to cancel after the first month! Just shoot me a DM with the word SKOOL and we can go from there. This offer will not last forever. Follow these steps: 1. DM us "SKOOL" 2. Get set up for free with our team 3. Send your paypal email to the coach on your call 4. We send you $99 Best, Ted
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Cold DM'r Wall of Shame
If anyone in this community DM's you about their services, please take a screenshot and share it here so we can ban them straight away. We have a zero tolerance for cold, unsolicited DM's here. If you are a cold DM'r, try this: Rather than cold DMing people with your services, just post helpful content which then gets readers/watcher/listeners to DM you first without you even needing to ask them. You'll make WAY more money, WAY faster if you do it this way.
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Me + Alex Hormozi = ๐Ÿ‘€
I just spent an entire day with Alex Hormozi brainstorming how to crush it with an online coaching business and the notes I wrote down are INSANELY valuable. We covered offers, content, hiring, ads, sales, memberships and so much more. If you want my key takeaways, comment below with the word HORMOZI and I'll send em over. My business is about to change massively because of some of the things I wrote down... Enjoy Ted "Comment Below" Carr
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Not clear on your offer? Want live Offer Support? Read this.
We're thinking of running an experiment and adding a weekly "Offer Clarity" call to the schedule. I've done 4 Offer Clarity calls in the past and people seemed to love them/desperately need them. You can find the past calls here. If you want to attend live Offer Clarity calls like this in the future, let us know by commenting "YES!" below ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ
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