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Introducing: "The Mastermind"
I don't normally do this and I may never do it again but if you want to get to $10,000/month with your online contentpreneurship business then keep reading. I'm organizing a very intimate mastermind starting Feb 11 so you can launch or grow your online coaching business. Just send me a DM with the code "999" and I'll reply with all the details. It's not for everyone and if I don't think you'd be a good fit don't worry I won't let you waste your time/money. This mastermind is only for you if: 1) You have a POSITIVE mental attitude (No negative nancies) 2) You want to be a coach/teacher/leader online 3) You're not afraid to show your face on camera and make content 4) You want to use Skool 5) You want to sell a HT offer with a LT option as well We'll meet 2x/week and I'll make it super affordable for beginners, but it will be maxed out at 20-30 people. DM me "999" if you want to take part and get to $10,000/month. Photos: me and the team optimizing, making those 1% improvements.
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Cold DM'r Wall of Shame
If anyone in this community DM's you about their services, please take a screenshot and share it here so we can ban them straight away. We have a zero tolerance for cold, unsolicited DM's here. If you are a cold DM'r, try this: Rather than cold DMing people with your services, just post helpful content which then gets readers/watcher/listeners to DM you first without you even needing to ask them. You'll make WAY more money, WAY faster if you do it this way.
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Target 1 Achieved
Thanks @Ted Carr and community Hit my first target with my paid community $1k monthly revenue in my $20 low ticket group. Group is 8 weeks old. Learning every day. Onto the next goal! 👍👍👍
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Benny (our COO) is moving at a super sonic speed ☄️
Here's a clip from our team retreat last month showing how skilled @Benny D is at coming up with rhymes on the spot with ZERO preparation! Drop the word RETREAT if you wanna come on a "work-ation" with us in the future :)
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Four sales calls! (Thanks Ted)
I created a webinar and used Ted's format. A story, lots of free value, interactive (press 1 if you believe... etc) and a CTA at the end for a free consultation. I had 16 people sign up, 8 showed up, and 4 asked for a sales call, 3 actually booked the call. I'll let you know if I close a sale. My tip. Get Zoom, book more webinars.
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