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I have had it with GHL
Emails are probably the most important factor for me as I sell through emails with zero sales calls, however I have noticed lately GHL is spitting out inaccurate information and its all over the shop. Maybe is because of Google changes back in January or maybe is just not the best platform for emails. Can someone recommend another platform where the email deliverability are on point but also provide sophisticated data of information? Thanks in advance 🙏
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Your experience with Skool vs Circle vs MightyNetworks?
Has experienced here or -- as an end user? Comparing Skool to those, what do you like more here vs the others? Thanks!🙏🏼
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Your experience with Skool vs Circle vs MightyNetworks?
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Hi if i active this what is happening to my "Membership questions"? Is it still working ? Are they joining the group automaticly after they answered the questions ?
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Auto Message URL View
Hi is there a way to Put URL into a Text ? If not, is there any other way to send URL as URL and not as Text ?
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Auto Message URL View integration?
I know we can integrate quite well with Zapier but has anyone found a way to integrate with yet?
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