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📍Where is everyone from?📍
Hello Facilitators👋 I'm really curious about where everyone is from. I'd love to make this a mega post where we can see how diverse the Facilitator Club community is. Who knows, you might find a lot more people in your area than you thought! Once I have lots of answers on this post, I want to make a nice graph!
Rebecca Courtney
Jakub Michalski
Ömür Yanıkoğlu
Lisa Walker
Lindsey Nicole
New comment 17m ago
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Hey @John Loblack! Dave from Boca Raton, FL in the house 😎✨
Books to build your marketing, advertising, and communication skills!
In case you missed the community call today, Jon dropped some GREAT books that can inspire us as we navigate our facilitation journey! Check them out here 👇 - Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson - Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman - Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath If you've read any of them, feel free to share your knowledge and insights with us!! Happy Reading 📚🥳
Ömür Yanıkoğlu
Coco Curry
Jean-Michel Moreau
Marlane Washington
Lisa Walker
New comment 2d ago
3 likes • 24d
Thanks @Coco Curry!! I haven't finished reading 'Traffic Secrets' or 'Made to Stick' yet, and now I'm totally hooked on 'Ca$hvertising'. This community gives the term 'book dealer' a whole new meaning 😂✨
How to attract and work international clients and workshops
Dear friends, I would like to hear about your thoughts, learnings and tips around this topic. I'm in Germany, since a few years I feel deeply that Germany is not my market. I operate well here, but it doesn't energize me. And the mindset... in a lot of ways fear-based and sadly fixed. At the moment I do have international clients, but they found more in an accidental moment :-) I would like to attract international clients regularly and on purpose. Especially for my offer to design and facilitate off-sites and retreats in Portugal. I'm curious about your thoughts and ideas.
David Rovira
Ren Yee Quek
Claudia Spinelli
New comment 4d ago
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🇵🇹 Portugal is hot @Svenja Floberg Thiel! Would love to visit soon. Regarding people, I try to remember the grass is always greener on the other side... Every locale has its benefits and its downsides. Compassion and love for everyone is a must, and we can always find ways to help. Having said that, me too!! Yeah I would love to be a jet-setting workshopper 🛩️ 😁👍✨
✨ Instant Trust Tricks ✨
Would you buy it? [Upbeat, slightly over-the-top jingle plays in the background] Narrator: [Cheerful, overly enthusiastic tone] "Are you tired of the long, tedious process of building trust the old-fashioned way? 📜 Well, worry no more!" [Sound effect: Record scratch, as the tone shifts to an overly exaggerated, infomercial style] Narrator: "Introducing... ✨Instant Trust Tricks!✨ The lightning-fast solution to all your trust-building needs!" [Background sound: A crowd gasping in mock amazement] Narrator: "With our revolutionary and questionably effective methods, you'll be able to establish trust in no time at all. ⏰ How quick, you ask? So quick, it's almost like it never happened!" [Sound effect: A comical, rapid whoosh] Narrator: "Forget about genuine connection or understanding! With Instant Trust Tricks, who needs depth when you can have instant, superficial rapport!" [Background sound: Laughter and clapping, slightly off-beat] Narrator: "Our tricks include the “Soul-Baring Speed Round" ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Participants are encouraged to share their deepest fears or secrets with the group within the first few minutes of the meeting. It's like diving into the deep end without checking if there's water in the pool.” [Sound effect: Deafening silence while one person is chuckling awkwardly] Narrator: "Or try the “Intimacy Overload Icebreaker" ⚠️⚠️⚠️ This activity involves staring deeply into a partner's eyes and sharing what you believe their life story might be, based on your intuition. It's uncomfortably close and personal – a surefire way to jump past boundaries in record time.” [Sound effect: The crowd swoons with “Oohs” and “Ahhs”] Narrator: "And who can forget the classic “Synchronized Trust Squats" 💪💪💪 A rapid, high-intensity 'workout' where participants are paired up to perform synchronized trust falls and back-to-back storytelling while doing squats. Watch the trust 'build' right before your very eyes!” [Sound effect: Magical swoosh]
David Rovira
Julie McManus
Jan Keck
Claudia Spinelli
New comment 4d ago
2 likes • 11d
😂 you got me!! Hilarious. You should totally make the recording of this script and post it on LinkedIn. 🎥🤓✨
🔥 Looking for Self-Marketers 👀✨
Hi everyone! We want to learn from people who do their own marketing. Are you a solo professional? A freelancer? Maybe you're a consultant? Perhaps you are a solo entrepreneur, or a startup team member? If you do your own marketing, we want to hear what you have to say. We’re doing a quick survey, as part of a new customer experience project. This short questionnaire takes less than 10 minutes of your time. Here’s the link to the survey. I hope you’re interested in helping us learn more about you. Feel free to leave a comment here or send me a DM, if you have any questions. Thanks!! 👍🏻✨
Cat Licavoli
David Rovira
Ömür Yanıkoğlu
Reimo Rehkli
Claudia Spinelli
New comment 4d ago
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Thank you @Reimo Rehkli!! 🌟✨
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Muchas gracias @Claudia Spinelli!! 🌟✨
Practice Workshops
Hey all, I wondered if anyone has any experience with getting leads / finding ways to do free workshops for practice with Charities and any other types of organisations to practice running them in a safe space so to speak. My head runs into a wall when thinking about it as I don't know what type of workshops would be 'sellable' to an NGO for volunteering as an example.
David Rovira
Stephen Morris
Claudia Spinelli
Laura Faint
Mel S
New comment 9d ago
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Wow @Claudia Spinelli that would be amazing, to talk to him. You got my attention! I will check it out 😁🤜✨
3 likes • 17d
Hi @Danita Bowling, thanks for your question. I’ve done a bunch of practice sessions with other members of this community, but there’s no substitute for real-life experience with a client. Also, I would say ‘mastering facilitation’ is a lifelong commitment, and an attitude you embrace of wanting to help a group achieve the results they’re aiming for. You can start practicing wherever you are, whenever you see the chance to do it. A common advice I’ve heard is to offer free workshops to get your confidence levels up. Hope that helps you to feel less mystified, and be more proactive in becoming the guide of your dreams 😉✨
Visual facilitation and cartoons for communication - let's connect!
Hi, I expect to be spending more time here going forward and would love to connect with people who might like to collaborate or cross refer with a professional graphic recorder and cartoonist. Please connect on Linkedin
David Rovira
Claudia Spinelli
Lisa Rothstein
New comment 16d ago
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Wish I could give this a double-like 😆✨
The eagle has landed! 🦅✨
After a couple of months of intense study, practice, and Inner Circle Mentorship, I’ve landed my first official Sprint!! I’ll be collaborating during a 9-Week Customer Experience Sprint with key members of an AI startup, providing consulting advice, and helping improve the flow, look & feel, and overall experience for a new digital product. The main goal will be to assist the team in establishing product/market fit and proving traction. Among the many fancy exercises I’m planning for this engagement, we’ll collect User Challenges, perform Task Analysis, and build a User Story Map. I will also help them complete a Lean UX Canvas to establish our testing hypotheses, and document a Product Roadmap to identify and prioritize additional features. The pièce de résistance and main deliverable will be an interactive, high-fidelity prototype we’ll use to get feedback from test customers in several rounds of Usability Testing. I am extremely happy and grateful to the AJ&Smart team, for ensuring I did the deed. Special mention of course to @Jonathan Courtney but also to @Rebecca Courtney, @Tim Höfer, and so many others that pointed the way forward. I also want to give thanks to the many colleagues who helped me to grow, and who took time to practice with me some of these exclusive top 1% skills. Too many to mention, so suffice to say if I forgot you I owe you a tall drink ;) whenever you’re in Florida! Here it goes… Thanx to @Graham Thompson @Julie Taplin @Yash Mehta @Jill Banks @Abdul Salam @Benedict Odjobo @Javier von Westphalen @Ömür Yanıkoğlu @Riya Korah @Tarrush Kapoor @Chrissy Braun @Elli Nikolaou @Celine Tran @Teresa Middleton @Irina Volfson @Michelle Audsley Myers @Kristi Shumway @Keith Wasserman @Sabine Braubach @LaYinka Sanni @Lina Robayo @Luca Terminiello @Alexandra Pinegger @Trevor Wood @Kristen Cattell @Hind Bayane @Laure Duchamp @Bret Koontz @Coco Curry @David Marks @Anat Akiva @Talia Johnson @Chris Davis @Shelley McKeating … You’re All Stars!! 🌟✨
Ömür Yanıkoğlu
David Rovira
Madeleine Craig
Javier von Westphalen
Reto Sidler
New comment 19d ago
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Thank you @Reto Sidler! 🌟✨
1 like • 19d
Thank you for your words of wisdom @Ömür Yanıkoğlu!! 🐲✨
I accidentally created a "how to" guide for Design Sprints
A few years ago I decided to learn more about Design sprints by reading the Sprint book by Jake Knapp and watching some of the videos created by AJ&Smart. While doing this I made some notes. Last week I was looking back at my notes and realised they actually make quite a nice guide for anyone who wants to learn more about Design sprints or even run one themselves. The notes consist of my written notes as well as links to all the videos (in order) that I watched. I decided to publish my notes here for anyone who is interested. Let me know in the comments if you found this useful or if you think there is enough there for you to run your own Design sprint with them. You can of course contact me directly too if you have any questions 😀
Benedict Odjobo
Kiran Chauhan
Fredrik Norling
Brendon Cappelletti
D Darren MacDonald
New comment 25d ago
1 like • Sep 3
Hi Kiran! I really like what you did here... I've been looking for these very resources, and you already put all of it together, adding along the way a bit of engaging cheekiness! Good job @Kiran Chauhan 🌟✨
Breakout Monster LDJ 👹⚡
Hey everybody recording posted! @Graham Thompson needed to practice for his upcoming 60-person LDJ, so we organized a practice session for him. We wanted facilitators and as many participants as possible for this 90-minute practice on Saturday October 28, 2023 at 4:00pm London time (8:00am in LA). We needed a really big wave 🌊 of Jedi Facilitators from this community, and they stepped up to the challenge! Nice to see you 🫵 there!! 🌟✨
Ömür Yanıkoğlu
David Rovira
LaYinka Sanni
Kristi Shumway
Tariq Abdul-Rasheed
New comment 25d ago
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@Tariq Abdul-Rasheed thanks for joining us!! 🌟✨
0 likes • 29d
Thank you @Kristi Shumway, you were the unsung hero of this practice session! Maybe it's not apparent from the video, but everyone should know you were one of the magic ingredients in our secret sauce. At the last minute, you kindly agreed to manage the chat, and helped us keep communications open during the 'Breakdown of the Breakout Rooms' debacle 😂 !! Your timely assistance was very appreciated Kristi!! 🌟✨
Hola from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 🏖️😎
Hello, my name is Bolivar Bencosme, I am a native of Puerto Rico - the island known as the "Island of Enchantment" in the Caribbean, but you can call me Bolo (short and sweet). If you don't know where Puerto Rico is, but are fans of Ricky Martin, Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee, Bruno Mars, Menudo, Joaquin Phoenix, and many more, they were born in our beloved Island. Well, I love to inspire, generate ideas, and bring out people's creativity. For almost 20 years I was part of the company AT&T and its entertainment division DIRECTV, until they took me out due to personnel reduction in the pandemic - it was hard but I reinvented myself. 🙃 This event in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, awakened me to do what I could not do in that company, and begin to positively impact others. From that moment on, I started applying my knowledge about design thinking, marketing, branding, and facilitating strategic planning, brand development, team buildings, and completed the Design Sprint certification with A&J Smart. Despite the professional trajectory I have had, I do not consider myself an expert, I think that term has been very misused, therefore, I consider myself a continuous learner who is not satisfied with just being an expert. I hope this space will be a growth space for everyone.
David Newman
Benedict Odjobo
David Rovira
Coco Curry
Bolivar Bencosme
New comment 25d ago
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Saludos boricua! 🇵🇷✨
LDJ Attendees - Thank you!
I just wanted to give a HUGE shout-out to all those who showed up for the Saturday LDJ session. Participants, Co-Facilitators and Organisers...thank you! I honestly can't thank you all enough. This community is the best! The constructive feedback at the end was truly inspirational 🙏 A special thanks to @David Rovira and @Keith Wasserman for their work and time, you both had my back 👌 I am sure David will be posting some recordings from it but in the meantime here are my main takeaways: - Remind everyone - Work Together silence - This is a major one - For Remote - Use an example room, especially with HMW - Impact/Effort - Complete separately i.e. horizontal then vertical not both at the same time - If possible, be a little more detailed when explaining the scenario - Keep the HMW post-it above the impact/effort section as a reminder - Solution Post-its - Need to look at them before moving them across! - Explain the solution after completion - Look into tech issue - Why can we not hear in breakout rooms LOTS of learning...but also lots of praise and positive feedback...thank you all!
Javier von Westphalen
David Rovira
Benedict Odjobo
Graham Thompson
New comment 27d ago
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@Javier von Westphalen thank you for your contribution and for helping us land that bird!! 👍🏻✨
Opinions about these books?
Have any of you used these books? I´m working with them to create a guide for a class on facilitation for sckool teachers. What do you think about them?
Claudia Spinelli
David Rovira
Bryan Guzmán
Claus Höfele
Jacobo Senior
New comment Oct 27
2 likes • Sep 20
@Claudia Spinelli these just arrived in my mailbox...
2 likes • Sep 21
@Bryan Guzmán too late! I'm one already. My gf is complaining we need more bookcases lol 😆
Last practice: Wanna practice? 🤔✨
Hey community! We have very few spots available for the last practice coming up, next Saturday's 10/28/23 practice session at 4:00pm London time. To confirm your attendance, tell us below what activity we should do for this final practice session. Thanks! 👍✨ ... Like @Jonathan Courtney said on a recent coaching call, these practices are not a replacement for actual real-life clients in a workshop. Our practices are way more forgiving, but they help us run-through the many steps in some exercises, make mistakes, and learn quickly. Some of the things we learn have to do with dealing with technical issues, using Miro, and giving each other advice on improvement. Who wants to practice! 😆🏁 💫
7 members have voted
Benedict Odjobo
David Rovira
Yash Mehta
Rajitha Disanayaka
Hind Bayane
New comment Oct 25
1 like • Oct 23
Hi @Rajitha Disanayaka! We have one upcoming practice, next Saturday 10/28/23 at 4:00pm London time. I've added your name to the list. You're in!! 👍✨
6 likes • Oct 23
Guys and gals, here's the latest installment of our own reality show about facilitation practice. This one is from our session on Saturday 10/21/23. Enjoy! Featured stars in this episode: @Chris Davis @Keith Wasserman @Kristen Cattell @Hind Bayane @Yash Mehta @Talia Johnson @Ömür Yanıkoğlu @Rachel Magasweran @Luca Terminiello @Irina Volfson @Graham Thompson @Abdul Salam @Javier von Westphalen p.s. By the way don't forget to indicate your preference for next Saturday's practice session, on the poll at the top of this message thread. Thank you! 🌟✨
More inspiring LinkedIn wisdom from Raja Skogland
Here are seven insightful tips from the great Raja Skogland, for those of us who want to improve our content strategies and level up on LinkedIn: 1. Just post: Probably the hardest thing to do, but there is no other way. Get started. 2. KYC - Know Your Customer: Do you know who is your ideal target audience, the problems they are facing, and the solutions they are looking for? Start with that and make your content part of THE solution. 3. Forget ChatGPT: Don't fall into that trap. We all recognize posts created by ChatGPT. What will make you stand out is YOU, your story, uniqueness, and putting yourself out there. 4. Stay consistent: Start by posting at least 1x per month, then increase to 2x per month. Work your way up to posting 1x a week, and keep increasing until you reach 3x a week or more. Mark your calendar - it helps. Example: aim to post 3x a week, from Tuesday to Thursday, between 9 and 11 a.m. Book that time in your calendar → read, find inspiration, create content, and engage on LinkedIn. 5. Start with 1 channel. I dropped Instagram, It was never rewarding. I'm not the type to create fancy graphic designs or dance to music (at least not on camera in front of the world). Instead, I decided to leverage what comes to me easily → writing. Find what works for you and focus on that. Master that art and that channel, before expanding to new ones. 6. Follow thought leaders/up-and-coming influencers: Get inspired and engage with their content. This is the best way to build relationships with them, support each other, and gain exposure to their audience -> which can benefit from your complementary services. 7. The magic happens in the DM: Once you have engaged with potential customers and thought leaders, reach out via DMs and follow up on the conversation you had on their or on your profile. Don't pitch, add value. That's all folks. Make sure to follow Raja on LinkedIn. 🌟✨
Benedict Odjobo
New comment Oct 25
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