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How to facilitate connections BEFORE a cohort-based course?
I am currently working with a client to create some ways up to 60 participants can connect with each other BEFORE they join a 10-day virtual leadership training. Here are some ideas I am thinking about, but more importantly: I am super curious if you have experienced or applied a cool idea that you're willing to share i the comments 🙏 🙂 1. Miro Profile Wall Set up a digital whiteboard where all participants can add their profile and browse who else is attending. I am envisioning adding a photo (or an avatar), their social links and answering a few questions about themselves. If you have examples of something like this or similar, please post them below. 2. Onboarding Bingo Create 12 challenges that need to be completed before the first session on a Bingo card. Challenges like: create your profile in the community, comment on someone else's post, send a message to someone, add the sessions to your calendar etc. I have done this several times, but extended the challenges throughout the whole cohort, so we announced winners at the very end. 3. Collective Art Piece I am not exactly sure what technology I would use for this, but I an thinking of a mosaic of individual drawings that create something larger. If this reminds you of something, please let me know. What other ideas do you have?
Ömür Yanıkoğlu
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✨ Instant Trust Tricks ✨
Would you buy it? [Upbeat, slightly over-the-top jingle plays in the background] Narrator: [Cheerful, overly enthusiastic tone] "Are you tired of the long, tedious process of building trust the old-fashioned way? 📜 Well, worry no more!" [Sound effect: Record scratch, as the tone shifts to an overly exaggerated, infomercial style] Narrator: "Introducing... ✨Instant Trust Tricks!✨ The lightning-fast solution to all your trust-building needs!" [Background sound: A crowd gasping in mock amazement] Narrator: "With our revolutionary and questionably effective methods, you'll be able to establish trust in no time at all. ⏰ How quick, you ask? So quick, it's almost like it never happened!" [Sound effect: A comical, rapid whoosh] Narrator: "Forget about genuine connection or understanding! With Instant Trust Tricks, who needs depth when you can have instant, superficial rapport!" [Background sound: Laughter and clapping, slightly off-beat] Narrator: "Our tricks include the “Soul-Baring Speed Round" ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Participants are encouraged to share their deepest fears or secrets with the group within the first few minutes of the meeting. It's like diving into the deep end without checking if there's water in the pool.” [Sound effect: Deafening silence while one person is chuckling awkwardly] Narrator: "Or try the “Intimacy Overload Icebreaker" ⚠️⚠️⚠️ This activity involves staring deeply into a partner's eyes and sharing what you believe their life story might be, based on your intuition. It's uncomfortably close and personal – a surefire way to jump past boundaries in record time.” [Sound effect: The crowd swoons with “Oohs” and “Ahhs”] Narrator: "And who can forget the classic “Synchronized Trust Squats" 💪💪💪 A rapid, high-intensity 'workout' where participants are paired up to perform synchronized trust falls and back-to-back storytelling while doing squats. Watch the trust 'build' right before your very eyes!” [Sound effect: Magical swoosh]
David Rovira
Julie McManus
Jan Keck
Claudia Spinelli
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    @David Rovira Maybe for the launch of my book I can create something 😄
Icebreaker/Energizer Ideas Needed for my workshop
I'm facilitating a workshop for startups. It's going to be an LDJ about how to enhance their collaboration. I need ideas for an icebreaking activity and an energizer, as the workshop will take place in the afternoon right after lunch. I want to ensure the participants are engaged and energized throughout the session. Any suggestions for an activity that can help kickstart their energy levels and create a vibrant atmosphere? Your input would be greatly appreciated!
Coco Curry
David Newman
Danny Farmer
Danita Bowling
Stephen Morris
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Butter, anyone? 🧈
I might be late to the Butter party, but I've recently discovered it and I absolutely LOVE it so far. The nature of interaction feels a lot easier to develop psychological safety in virtual sessions and seems more fun. Does anyone else use Butter or has used Butter? What did you like or dislike about it?
Jan Keck
Lene Frank-Albrechtsen
Pedro Segreto
D Darren MacDonald
LaYinka Sanni
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    @Bryan Guzmán Wow, thank you for the compliment 😄 😊
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    @LaYinka Sanni The Butter community is awesome and I would definitely recommend checking out some of their events
Meetups and Conferences
Hi, I have been looking for meetups and conferences that would be relevant to this group. I only saw there was a facilitator conference in the Netherlands but it was too late by the time I heard about it to go. Does anyone know of great meetups, conferences, events that are in the future? Ideally in Europe - I'm in Berlin. Thanks!
Jan Keck
New comment Sep 29
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    I'll be in Berlin for the Berlin Change Days: The Berlin Change Day 2023 will be hosted around the theme "Endings and New Beginnings". A one-day programme on the power of letting go and letting come in change facilitation. The Berlin Change Days is an annual forum for change makers, change facilitators and transformation agents. Since 2009 we have been bringing together an international crowd which is eager to network, expand perspectives, learn and celebrate. An open forum, enriched by keynotes of internationally acknowledged speakers in the field of change management plus an offer of around 20 workshops on principles, tools and methods which inspire people to enhance their craft of working with organizations and communities and to reflect on their own role.
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    And I am also hosting a meetup for "Deep Connectors" the day after because I am only there for a few days 🙂
Time Timer is the worst
A bit of venting: I've been let down last week by my Time Timer (again). I turned out that it doesn't work well with rechargeable batteries. And has no way of knowing when the battery is empty. When it does work, it sometimes beeps twice (or once or sometimes several times – who knows). That's in addition to randomly beeping while having the timer in your bag because the knob to adjust the time sticks out. Basically, I'm tired of it. I've discovered the Secura 60 Minutes Visual Timer as a potential replacement. It's a similar size. I'm intrigued because it doesn't need a battery. The winding mechanism is mechanical (you have to turn it clockwise to 55 mins and then counter-clockwise to the desired time). Anyone have experience with it? (Or have ay suggestion for a more functional timer than the Time Timer).
David Rovira
Claus Höfele
John Drinkwater
Bryan Guzmán
Jan Keck
New comment Sep 23
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    I also switched to a digital timer on my iPad. I find it more accurate and reliable.
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    Or, if I already am sharing slides, the timer is on a slide, ready to go
Hello from Germany
I am a Scrum Master and I want to facilitate a workshop with my team next week, I need some ice breaker games that can make them more engaged Any idea will be appreciated Thanks
David Newman
Edgar Muit
Phil Ralph
Eugene Aisien
Benedict Odjobo
New comment Sep 9
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    Coming up with ways to "melt" the ice, is my jam!! I am happy to send you a couple of ideas, but like the others have mentioned: we need more details: - What's the workshop about? - What's the purpose of the icebreaker activity? - How big is the group? - How familiar are they with each other? - Is this in-person, remote or hybrid? - What's the energy of the group (from serious to silly)? - How much time do you have? PS: For anyone finding this post later, send me a message with your details and I'll send you some ideas 🙂
Is there an engagement problem on Facilitator Club?
I've noticed over the last few months the level of engagement on here has dropped off, and some of the earlier leaders on the Leaderboard now rarely participate. It doesn't take much to appear on the Leaderboard. An average of 1 post per day over a month will have you on the 30-day Leaderboard... in the top 20 of over 3,500 members. Though, appearance on the Leaderboard is just one criterium to measure engagement. I took screenshots of the Leaderboard 7 days apart to see what the differences actually are. Take a look at the changes. Quite a lot on the 7-day, some shifts on the 30-day, and very little movement on the All-time board. So, what do you think could be added to the site to increase the level of ongoing engagement? The point system is meaningless by the time you get to my level and no incentive (I have about a year to go at my current rate of contribution to move up a level). What else do you think needs to be added here to maintain a higher level of engagement, particularly for those who have been on here more than a few months? I'm tagging those on the All-time Leaderboard to get their thoughts on this. @Kerri Price @Shannon Wagers @Will Stammers @Joao Ribeiro @Benedict Odjobo @Hassanein Ismail @Sam Pettersson @Jeff Panning @David Finnegan @Jakub Michalski @Rebecca Courtney @Ren Yee Quek @Andrea Browne @Salah Bouchma @Claus Höfele @Austin Govella @Alina Balan @LaYinka Sanni @Abdelrahman Hussien
Salah Bouchma
LaYinka Sanni
Anna Shildrick
Jacobo Senior
David Newman
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    From running my own communities I know that the summer months are generally lower engagement with a lot of people on vacation or preferring to spend the time outside instead of in front of a computer. But you are right, there aren't that many incentives in terms of the gamification aspect with the points for the higher levels (yet)
Can you grow your Biz without Social Media?
Are you feeling exhausted after spending all day promoting your work on social media without getting a lot of traction? The last year has been all about simplicity for me, and that also meant drastically limiting where I spend my time on social media. Facebook did not give me any joy or results, so it was time to cut it out. Now, LinkedIn is the only platform of my choice, but my friend Bradley T. Morris scaled back even more and is ready to spill the beans of how he did it - while still growing his education business. Instead of having a 1-on-1 call, I decided to invite him for a live stream on my YouTube channel. Join us to discover an alternative relationships-based marketing philosophy that can help you take your business to the next level - WITHOUT social media. And stick around to the end for Q&A during this 1-hour live stream:
Jan Keck
David Newman
New comment Sep 8
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    PS: The replay is now up! It was such a great conversation:
Any good Icebreakers out there that use Ai?
Hello fellow facilitators! I’m workshopping with a large group, around 45 participants regarding Ai strategy and I’d like to use generative Ai in our icebreaker to get everyone energized. Has anyone done anything similar and would be willing to share? I’ve been brainstorming and I can’t come up with anything viable that doesn’t cost money or work with a group this size. :( If we can come up with a few Ai enabled ice breakers, something tells me it’ll be something we all can use! So let’s hear those ideas! Any and all ideas welcome!
Jakub Michalski
Jason Ruud
Benedict Odjobo
Jan Keck
Doris Schuppe
New comment Sep 4
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    Maybe you could give this a try?
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    Also, I love using chatGPT to generate metaphors. Maybe you could ask each participant to come up with a metaphor about themselves or the meeting topic and the share it in the group? Here is an activity you could try by adding AI:
Let's talk about Icebreakers
Sometimes when people hear the word 'icebreaker' they cringe or might feel super anxious about taking part in one. Yes, icebreakers can make you feel a bit awkward initially, but they are proven to help enhance relationships and encourage creativity. 'Icebreakers can help increase team bonds, boost performance and creativity'—Harvard Business School study Integrating icebreakers into your workshops or meetings is a great way to get everyone relaxed and ready to participate. But how do you choose the right ones so that you avoid those dreaded awkward silences? Here are my Top 2 Icebreakers that are easy to implement (in-person or online): 1. My First Job Ask everyone in the group to write down their name, their first job, and what they learned from that job. Then go round the group and have everybody read theirs out. 2. Pointless Questions Prepare a few fun questions ahead of the workshop, then go round the room and have everybody take turns answering the questions. It’s as simple as that—you don’t even need to write anything down! Here are some question suggestions to get you started: - If you could invite a celebrity over for dinner, who would it be and why? - What is your most prized possession and why? - You can have an unlimited supply of one thing for the rest of your life. What do you choose? Here are some more icebreakers for you to explore! What's another great icebreaker that I can add to my list?
Piotr Nowicki
James Nash
Renko P.
Jan Keck
Gabriel Amaral
New comment Sep 4
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    @Nancy Lhoest-Squicciarini Chad is a gem!
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    @Jerry Becker Cool find! I'm excited to listen to the episode this week
2 Truths and a... Dream?!
Stop playing "2 Truths and 1 Lie" and try this trust and connection-building variation instead: Instructions below... This week I gathered a small group of facilitators, trainers, educators and all around epic humans under the CN tower in Toronto and asked them: "Are you up for an experiment?" I loathe one of the most used #icebreakers where each person shares three facts about themselves and others have to spot the one that is a lie. It's often turning into a competition that rewards the best liar - the opposite of building trust and connection. So when a participant suggested changing up the activity after my recent #icemelters workshop, I decided to try something with this group. There were still some kinks to work out, but everyone really connected on another level and was cheering each other on afterwards. I shared the full instructions with my email community this week (including my fun unofficial start activity ), but here is the summary: 1. Divide people into groups of three with people they don't know each other that well (yet) 2. Give everyone time to write down 2 things they've accomplished recently and one goal they hope to accomplish in the next year. 3. One by one they'll share their accomplishments and goal while the others guess which one is the goal (notice how we're not calling it a lie anymore) 4. After revealing the correct answer, others can ask questions about any or all of the 3 things shared. We made sure there is at least 5 minutes per person. 5. After all have shared their goals, invite the groups to find ways to support each other Would you try this? What other variations of this activity could I try next time? And most importantly, what would you call this?
Rebecca Courtney
Jacobo Senior
Jan Keck
Benedict Odjobo
David Newman
New comment Aug 21
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    PS: It was awesome to see @David Newman show up and join my meetup 😄
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    @David Newman Woops, in my mind I mingled up seeing you in Vancouver and the meetup in Toronto 😄
Facilitation Conferences & Networking Events?
I'm trying to organize potential conferences, retreats, and/or networking events I could go to this year to meet inspiring folks and get a rocket-start, mario-kart style, to my new career as a freelance. Below are the ones that I've found so far. Any other events on your radar? Factilitators Connect - 1 week in mid September, in Amsterdam. 40 attendees Together Alone Retreat - 1 week retreat in Portugal remote location. 50 attendees IAF Conference Berlin - 3 days in mid october Which event are you going to or are excited about?
Rebecca Courtney
Jakub Michalski
Jonathan Courtney
Michael Garcia
Jan Keck
New comment Aug 18
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    @Rebecca Courtney I am also a part of the community and have ld workshops for the festivals before. I can highly recommend it, too
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    @Michael Garcia The membership gets you access to the festival. Or if you flip it: You get a membership with the festival ticket 😄
How do you quiet a loud group?
If you're just yelling: "Can I have your attention please?!" you're probably gonna end up losing your voice and damaging the trust with your participants. In my weekly #icemelters email I shared today 4 different methods for making sure participants stop talking and focus on you, that: 1. Don't require you to raise your voice 2. Quiet a room in less than 10 seconds 3. Boost engagement I am curious what have been your go-to methods to quiet down a big group during your workshops?
Dario Joffily
Salah Bouchma
Göran Hielscher
Melanie Johnson
Johnny Saye
New comment Aug 8
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    @Göran Hielscher Sometimes the simplest way is the best
  • 1 like • Jul 25
    @Salah Bouchma How do you use this? Do you just yell "Peace" to get people to quiet down?
ChatGPT is your new co-facilitator PART 2
I have previously shared how to use chatGPT to prepare for a workshop (link in comments). Now, I want to share how one might use it **during a workshop**. Just open the pictures and scroll through them :)) Some conclusions: ✅ ChatGPT as a co-facilitator you can resort to throughout the workshop. ✅ Prepare the robot beforehand and give it context, so it can help you during breaks ✅ Keep the chatGTP window open and have a two-way conversation, sharing back your own learnings along the way ✅ I cannot wait to see the amazing abilities AI will continue to bring facilitators How about you? What experiments have you been doing with AI and facilitation?
Joao Ribeiro
Rebecca Courtney
Damien Gauthier
Jan Keck
Brian Paget
New comment Aug 1
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    I am thinking of having a co-facilitator there to grab the info while I am facilitating, but wish there was an easy way to display it. So still trying to figure out if it's useful that way
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    @Damien Gauthier What do you mean?
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