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Austin, TX Workshopper / Facilitator Meetup Next Week!
Howdy, y’all! 🤠👋 Join us on Tuesday, June 4th, at Lazarus Brewing Co. at 1902 East 6th in Austin, TX for—as the website says—“COFFEE. BEER. TACOS. JOY.” I’ll be there from 5 pm - 7 pm (maybe longer 😊) wearing a black cap that says, “Make Meetings Suck Less”—or it will be on the table near me. So come on out, bring a +1, and let’s hang with some fellow facilitation nerds. ❤️😎🤓 BTW, I don’t live in Austin. I am just going to be in town presenting a talk about how “meetings suck” at a conference tomorrow and will stay until June 8th to network, do a session at WeWork, and do some other fun stuff. I also didn’t want to miss this golden opportunity to gather with “My People” in a big city. 🥰🤩 Comment below if you are coming or you can reach me through LinkedIn. I accept all connection requests. 👍 BONUS! If you come, you can also pick up one of my silly stickers. 🤪 [Crossposted in the Workshopper Master Inner Circle Mentorship community]
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Austin, TX Workshopper / Facilitator Meetup Next Week!
How much self-doubt is affecting your career progress?
Hi all, I'll be doing quick 1h remote workshops focused on fear, self-doubt and career progress with a small group of 14 people in about two weeks! I'm super excited as this topic is not explored often but has a big impact on everyone's lives. Have you ever focused on this topic in your workshops? What kind of activities would you suggest? Thank you :D
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I did a LDJ 1 hour workshop that was similar in that I asked them to figure out what their biggest success blockers is. No surprise some sort of fear was a common theme amoung participants. ☺️
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@Monica Abdurehaman great! I did the same format once in-person and once virtually.
Facilitating change in education
Hi everyone! Are there any other education/pedagogy specialists here? I'm working with a team of educators and an amazing school in the US to redefine their pedagogy and approach to teaching that reflects the needs of today's students. I am looking to take my work to other schools and perhaps expand our team of experts. I look forward to hearing from you.
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Hey, @Anna Shildrick I am also very much interested in this topic. How did the meeting go? What became of the participants and what were the outcomes? And plans for subsequent meetings?
Meeting Improvement Books
I will be giving a presentation at the end of May with a co-presenter who is not a workshop facilitator. She is a Scrum Master though. Our session is about how to improve meetings and the culture around meetings. What are some books that you recommend that we should read. I am in the Workshopper Master program. She is not. This is more about improving standard corporate / business meetings that are around 1 hour or less and occasional longer 1.5 hour meetings, but not about half-day / whole-day+ workshops.
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Meeting Improvement Books
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@Kristy Taise thank you!
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@Salah Bouchma thank you!
What is your go-to tool to quiet a room?
I'm curious what y'all use to bring silence back to a room (e.g. after a breakout discussion)? With the first program I was trained to facilitate (Search Inside Yourself) we used a singing bowl like the pic attached. Works like a charm, but definitely has a mindfulness vibe and isn't perfect for every setting. Are there are tools, techniques, etc. that you've found work well?
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What is your go-to tool to quiet a room?
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@Tomoo Okubo one my whisper, "If you can hear me, raise your hand." 😁
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