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📖 Product Bookclub - Summary is happening in 10 days
This Month's Product Bookclub is Transformed!
What's up friends! Hope ya'll enjoyed reading UX Strategy! Hoping to catch some of you during the summary on Thursday! (at 7pm CEST) This month, we're going to jump on the latest book from Marty Cagan - Transformed. This book only dropped a couple of weeks ago, and is already getting solid reviews. The book explores how to shift product orgs over to the 'Product Operating Model', raising the awareness of the increasing need for Product Coaching in modern product orgs. I loved reading Empowered at the end of last year, so I'm confident this'll be a worthwhile read too. _________________________ What’s Product Bookclub? _________________________ It's an online bookclub for the members of Product Synthesis - each month I’ll announce a new Product book that I’ll be reading throughout the month, and anyone in the community is welcome to read (or listen) along with me! If you’re like me, and love reading, but don’t have enough people to discuss what you’re learning, then this’ll be perfect for you! We’ll do a mid-way check-in call to discuss our findings on the 18th of March at 14:30 CEST, and then I’ll do a live summary where we’ll go deep on the entire book on the 2nd of April at 7pm CEST to discuss and reflect on what we’ve learned together. You’ll find the calls scheduled in the Calendar, I’m looking forward to seeing some of you there soon! And, If you’ve got any questions - just drop ‘em below! Cheers, David
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🖐️ Start Here: Welcome to Product Synthesis 👈
Hi Friends! Welcome to the best place on the internet for people who like to get nerdy about Product. It’s a place to nerd out about Product with other people who also want to nerd out about Product. We’re not like every other product community out there that slices up their groups by job title or skill set, this is a place for Leaders, Designers, PMs, Developers, Managers, Coaches, and Strategists to hang out together. It’s a place where we can all share what gets us excited, where we can learn from one another so that we can create better products, solve bigger challenges, and stand out from the crowd! I’m incredibly excited to have you here! WHAT'S PRODUCT SYNTHESIS ALL ABOUT? ____________________________________________ 1️⃣ THE COMMUNITY: The Product Synthesis (PS) community is hosted right here on the Skool platform. This is where you can hang out with other members, share interesting things you’ve learned or discover recently, and it’s where I’ll be dropping all the most interesting bits and pieces of Product GOLD every week. 2️⃣ LIVE HANGOUTS: Every other week we’ll have a ‘Product Chit-Chat’. These calls are a way to get together as a community, answer questions, discuss the latest in product, and share what we’re working on. These calls will usually be on Thursday, but you can keep up to date on the upcoming calls by checking out the Calendar. 3️⃣ PRODUCT BOOKCLUB: If you love reading, but never have the place to discuss what you’re learning, or you’re just looking for some accountability to keep your motivation up, then this is the perfect thing for you! Every month we’ll have a check-in call, where we can discuss what we’ve learned so far, and then at the beginning of each month I’ll do a full summary of the previous month’s book live! WHAT'S THE BEST WAY TO GET STARTED? ___________________________________________ 1️⃣ READ THE RULES: Before getting started, take a minute or two to look through the rules, these are here to make sure this group stays a place where people want to come and hang out. You can read them here.
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How are ya'll using AI in your work?
Hi friends, so I'm curious to hear about how you're all using AI in your product work? Have you found any interesting use cases, or tools that are helping you be more efficient in your work?
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Great Gigs open at Figma
From Ideas to Action: How ChatGPT and Insights from Atomic Habits Sparked My Strategic Breakthrough
I looked to ChatGPT to get me over a hump a few weeks ago, and out of my productivity lull. The results were pretty awesome. Before I dive into the results and step-by-step plan it created and how it got me untuck, here is the crux of my “situation”. I am a perfectionist, occasional procrastinator when fear of failure creeps in, have ADHD and trouble staying focused when there are prolonged eb and flows in my normal work routine. When this occurs, I tend to get overloaded by all the ideas and possibilities flowing in, on want I want to do. If left unharnessed, I can struggle to get started and moving in a optimally productive and consistent way. A few weeks back I found myself with more spare time than usual and what started as a good exploratory phase morphed into an information gathering overload. Which on occasion can morph into the even more dreaded, over analysis paralysis. I was swimming in great Youtube videos from some of my favorite thought leaders, top resources and articles I’d gathered on the topic of the things I wanted to do REALLY well. But I needed to get a tactical plan in place first to start creating outputs and results. Rather than getting started on what I was seeing as the best first steps, I found myself just wanting to go to one more coaching call, and review a few more notes. During this “stuck period”, likely brought on by perfectionism and a fear of failure and not getting something as perfect as I felt it could be- I found myself rereading the book “Atomic Habits”. With the hope that some sage wisdom would jump off the pages and give me a eureka moment and a crystal clear path forward. Or at the very least I was looking for a few lines in the book that would help me get real honest with myself and light a fire under me to get started and doing ALREADY!! And out of research mode. So I did what any tech innovation loving, creative problem solver and procrastinator would do in 2024. I asked ChatGPT4 to write a summary and key takeaways of the book "Atomic habit" and include examples of how I can apply this insight in step-by-step process to aid in my personal and professional development journey.
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