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The AJ&Smart Summer Sale is LIVE 🟢
Hey everyone, Big news!!! 👇 The official AJ&Smart Summer Sale is now LIVE! We always try and do something extra special for our Summer Sale, and we’re VERY proud of this one: 🥁🥁🥁 We’re offering a massive 70% off the Design Sprint Masterclass, AND throwing in 5 incredible bonuses. I won’t blab on about all the details here, because we made a video about the offer (attached to this post) which explains exactly what’s included, and you can head over here to this page where you can see the offer in-detail, but quickly: Until tomorrow (Friday May 17th) at midnight CEST, you can get the Design Sprint Masterclass for just €597 (the normal price is €1,997) AND you’ll get 5 amazing bonuses worth €11,160 thrown in for a grand total of €0! (or in other words, free!) One of these bonuses is a killer, BRAND NEW 9+ hour training from Jake Knapp, where he teaches the updated, 2024 version of the Design Sprint, including all of the updates, improvements and modifications he’s made over the years. If you’re currently running Sprints, or plan to in the future, then you definitely want to be getting your hands on this! Head over here to learn more about the offer, and the bonuses! >>> And if you ALREADY have our Design Sprint Masterclass then don’t worry! We also have something amazing for you. Just DM @Ryan de Metz and he’ll sort you out with a verrrry nice deal! 😉 Myself and the AJ&Smart team are VERY excited about this! Rebecca P.S. It's ALSO Pierce Brosnan’s birthday today - way too much excitement packed into one day!?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIERCE!
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I thought it was a merch summer sale...
Workshop Activity creation
A curiosity more so than anything. Has anyone ever dabbled into the idea of creating new workshop activities. I know there is the 4C's frame work and I assumed that might be a place to start as it gives a sense of framing. Would there be any source materials out there to help consider this type of thing or has anyone tried to do this?
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Anyone like some free Executive Coaching?
I’m currently training to be an executive coach as I believe it will give me a complementary set of skills for the work I do as a facilitator. As part of my training I need to log a certain number of practice hours and so I’m looking for people who might be willing to try being coached…for free! A few details for anyone who might be interested: I am still in training, and won’t qualify officially for a few more months, but I am being taught by a very reputable coaching institution The offer is for 2 or 3 hour long coaching sessions, conducted virtually, where we can discuss and explore any career goals you have and what steps you might need to take to achieve them It doesn’t have to be about your facilitation career, but given this forum I’m expecting that’s what you might want to discuss There is absolutely no charge If you’re interested, please like this post and I’ll message you to set up some time to discuss things in a bit more detail, Thank you!
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I'd be interested Rob can only be 1 session :) Be very curious as I never had one before.
A Controversial Opening
Hey all - Curious to get your perspective on something. I recently facilitated a session that, by all accounts, was successful (especially based on feedback survey from participants). I learned afterward that two people found the welcome/opening reading "troubling." The reading was "We Welcome All Who Gather Here." I used the reading as a strategy to set a tone of acceptance and welcome - but I learned there were some very conservative participants. 1) I could have done more homework to understand the participants, AND 2) How do you balance your own values and commitment to diversity and inclusivity with those who do not share that value?
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This is a tricky subject and depends what your workshop is for. If its diversity and inclusion you will also find participants not receptive to it. Particularly thats a waste of company resources but lets not get into that. Some food for thought. (Anticipating the responses..) 1. You are correct in maybe the pre-scoping of participants is a good way to avoid it or at least expect it in the run up to the workshop. 2. Consider the reading, whatever it was set the wrong tone in general? If its to be 'inclusive and allow a place for feedback and collaboration" there are many ways to approach it without seeming preachy. 3. Sounds like its a diversity and inclusion drive or at least I find it out you seem to be more concerned with your own values and opinions over the participants? How do you know they are against Diversity in general but didnt like the materials you provided or your delivery of how you did it?
Newbie on the road to being a Workshopper
I've realized I'm a few weeks in and haven't properly introduced myself, so here's a little about me. I hail from the small college town of Stillwater, Oklahoma. My academic journey in industrial design at The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) set me on a diverse design trajectory—from products and services to experiences, and now to facilitating creativity and innovation. At SCAD, I also initiated the Design Management Program, where I earned my MFA and spent several years teaching as a professor of Industrial Design and Design Management. Currently, I work as an Innovation Strategist and Human-Centered Design Consultant with the Strategic Design Innovation & Ventures Partners Team at a Health Care Org. In this role, we support various service lines by cultivating an environment that encourages creativity and innovation throughout the system.
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Welcome! Always great to see new people joining and wanting to explore the worl of facilitation! :)
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