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Skool roadmap update
Hello @Sam Ovens, is there any updated roadmap (done - in progress - planned) for the next Skool features? cheers
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How to exploit Skool's new $100,000 challenge
If you're a beginner looking to start making money online, but don't want to risk spending your own $ in case it's unsuccessful... ... then here's how to ethically exploit Skool's new $100,000 challenge so that you can generate monthly recurring revenue with zero risk of losing/spending any of your own money. I'll give you some context, then give you the playbook. CONTEXT: - Skool's running a $100,000 challenge - They're giving away $100k of prizes to people who start a Skool community and use Skool payments to generate monthly recurring revenue - The challenge lasts 28 days - The big prizes are for the people who generate the most monthly recurring revenue or who get the most customers (nearly impossible to win if you're a beginner) - Skool has said "EVERYBODY who gets 10 paid members gets Skool merch + 3-months FREE Skool subscription" (winner winner chicken dinner) Here's the PLAYBOOK to generate Monthly Recurring Revenue with zero risk: 1. Use the first 14 days of the challenge to figure out what you're going to sell, and how you'll get customers 2. With less than 14 days of the challenge remaining, start your 14 day free trial 3. Set up Skool payments to charge $1/month for your community 4. Hustle to get 10 community members 5. If you don't, cancel your Skool free trial and don't pay a penny 6. If you succeed, you get another 3 months free Skool (and some free merch) 7. Use those 3 months free Skool to generate $99/month - $9,999/month 8. If you don't, cancel your Skool and you'll still have never paid a penny 9. If you succeed, now you're making more than the cost of Skool, so still never risk a penny 10. Continue to scale up to $10,000/month And if you run that playbook you'll be able to generate monthly recurring revenue without ever risking a single penny of your own money. If you've been watching to start an online business but never got round to it, now's the time to act. There's no better feeling than earning your first dollar online.
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💰$44K in 18 days /w Skool (no sales calls or paid ads)
Just did a recent re-launch of a product using Skool (and 1 email to my list) that generated over $44K in just 18 days. I made even more after the 18 days but that was the original metric I had. It was nice not having to do a bunch of sales calls—most of the orders were purchased without any communication with the client at all. - No sales calls - No questions In the video I cover: - How I set up Skool (free/public) - The funnel I use (and the tech behind it) - How I generate traffic (platforms, types of content & the automated system) - The 2 posts I made (email list and Skool) Happy to answer questions or go deeper on topics if you have questions, just drop them in the comments below. Want the Zaps I use? Drop "Zaps" in the comments below. Hope you enjoy →
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Thanks. You are using lots of different tools. Probably lots of running costs for that, right?
$44,000 in 18 days With Skool—No Paid Traffic or Sales Calls
***UPDATE: the FULL video is live now → Still in the middle of the launch. But wanted to see if there was any interest in seeing how I generated $44K in just 18 days with Skool. It was less work than you may think. The best part is my calendar is clean without any sales calls. I don't know how to run ads so I didn't use them I could talk about: - How I'm generating traffic on TikTok and YouTube into Skool - How I'm using Skool to sell products (without sales calls) And also the tech behind it: - My automated content machine (Airtable, Zapier & Google Drive) - The backend tech with Skool (Zapier & ThriveCart) If you're interested in an A-Z video (or even a webinar) comment "video" below and I'll put it together. PLUS I'll DM you when it's out. If there are enough people I'll do a full webinar. I'll be doing this in my community. Loving Skool!
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Video 🙏
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@Kevin Grosskopf no
The Path to $10,000/month with a Skool Community
WARNING: This post may completely change how you approach online sales. If you’re a coach, guru, influencer, or teacher and you want to be making an extra $5,000 - $10,000 in fully automated, recurring monthly income... Keep reading because... In this post you're going to see how you can make monthly recurring income (MRR) with your own micro-niche online community using Skool. (Have A.D.H.D. & can't read? Just scroll down to the very bottom and you'll get my 8 Step Framework to follow to set up and grow your own 5-10k/month community, without needing a big following, and without needing a ton of content.) Let's begin: What's a micro-niche online community? Think of it like a subscription membership you can offer, either in addition to, or instead of, traditional 1:1 coaching & 1 time courses. (@Sam Ovens says to think of it like a 'country club'.) Typical deliverables may include: • Community Q&A forum • Weekly or monthly group Zoom call • Videos • Other helpful resources like ebooks, mp3's, etc. But here’s what’s cool: Micro-niche online communities can still sell extremely well even if you DON'T have a big following… I heard about this guy named Nick who sold 180 spots to his audience of 200 people... because he knew exactly what they wanted and made them a deal they couldn't refuse. And strangely enough, these micro-niche communities also work really well even if you don’t create a ton of content for them... Turns out, the #1 reason people say they unsubscribe is because there's “too much content” to go through. So now that you know WHAT a micro-niche online community is… Let me show you WHY they're by far the best thing to sell going forward... In fact, here's why they're better than high ticket, better than stand alone courses, and better than 1:1 coaching... Though first, just so you know what I'm talking about… here's some context: I wasn’t always an online community expert. Making tens of thousands every month from communities and helping others build & grow their communities was NEVER my intention.
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Automatic membership grow strategies please :-)
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