💰$44K in 18 days /w Skool (no sales calls or paid ads)
Just did a recent re-launch of a product using Skool (and 1 email to my list) that generated over $44K in just 18 days.
I made even more after the 18 days but that was the original metric I had.
It was nice not having to do a bunch of sales calls—most of the orders were purchased without any communication with the client at all.
  • No sales calls
  • No questions
In the video I cover:
  • How I set up Skool (free/public)
  • The funnel I use (and the tech behind it)
  • How I generate traffic (platforms, types of content & the automated system)
  • The 2 posts I made (email list and Skool)
Happy to answer questions or go deeper on topics if you have questions, just drop them in the comments below.
Want the Zaps I use? Drop "Zaps" in the comments below.
Hope you enjoy → https://youtu.be/B3lCI77mYLw
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