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The Path to $10,000/month with a Skool Community
WARNING: This post may completely change how you approach online sales.
If you’re a coach, guru, influencer, or teacher and you want to be making an extra $5,000 - $10,000 in fully automated, recurring monthly income...
Keep reading because...
In this post you're going to see how you can make monthly recurring income (MRR) with your own micro-niche online community using Skool.
(Have A.D.H.D. & can't read? Just scroll down to the very bottom and you'll get my 8 Step Framework to follow to set up and grow your own 5-10k/month community, without needing a big following, and without needing a ton of content.)
Let's begin:
What's a micro-niche online community?
Think of it like a subscription membership you can offer, either in addition to, or instead of, traditional 1:1 coaching & 1 time courses.
( says to think of it like a 'country club'.)
Typical deliverables may include:
• Community Q&A forum
• Weekly or monthly group Zoom call
• Videos
• Other helpful resources like ebooks, mp3's, etc.
But here’s what’s cool:
Micro-niche online communities can still sell extremely well even if you DON'T have a big following…
I heard about this guy named Nick who sold 180 spots to his audience of 200 people... because he knew exactly what they wanted and made them a deal they couldn't refuse.
And strangely enough, these micro-niche communities also work really well even if you don’t create a ton of content for them...
Turns out, the #1 reason people say they unsubscribe is because there's “too much content” to go through.
So now that you know WHAT a micro-niche online community is…
Let me show you WHY they're by far the best thing to sell going forward...
In fact, here's why they're better than high ticket, better than stand alone courses, and better than 1:1 coaching...
Though first, just so you know what I'm talking about… here's some context:
I wasn’t always an online community expert.
Making tens of thousands every month from communities and helping others build & grow their communities was NEVER my intention.
And I certainly didn’t think I’d be writing posts like this or being invited to fly across the world to help people build theirs like I am now.
In fact, far far from it.
I was actually completely clueless when it came to starting a community online.
All I knew was: I just want to make all my money online, stress free.
But since I had no idea how…
I kept working as a personal trainer in my parents garage trading all my time for money.
Then my parents got divorced and sold the house.
Overnight, I had to decide if I was going to go live with my mom or dad.
And because I couldn’t decide…
I took my credit card out and flew to Bali to clear my head.
Now, to pay off my credit card, I needed to start making money.
So I did what everyone was doing online at at the time… I created & sold a $15 e-book.
Then I sold a $47 course.
Then I sold $500 1 on 1 coaching.
Then I sold high ticket ($7,500) group coaching.
And every year I made more and more money with my online ventures…
But every year I was more and more stressed...
Take last year for example:
I made over $500,000 with high ticket coaching, but I didn’t have the freedom I wanted...
Mentally I was always dealing with the stress of:
• Facebook Ads
• Sales calls
• No shows
• People not being able to afford my rates
• Always looking for that next sale…
Then overnight, my FB ads account got shut down.
But it was because of this that I stumbled upon a way to actually create what I wanted after all: A stress free, fully automated monthly recurring income stream…
Here’s how…
Many months before my ad account got shut down, I decided to run a fun experiment with my friend Lissa.
We ran 2 workshops and sold 100 spaces into a $20/month community.
At the time, I didn't need anymore income, it was just an experiment to see what would happen.
In our $20/month community we provided a weekly podcast, a Q&A forum, and some simple how-to videos.
We really had no idea what we were doing, so we were surprised when got over 100 members to join, bringing in 2k/month in sales for us.
Then, many months later, after my FB ads account got shut down, I looked at my income sheet, and I saw I was still making over $500/month from it… completely passively.
And that’s when I thought: If I only promoted that thing twice…
And we got 100 members…
Imagine if I had been promoting it this whole time?!
How many members would I have by now?
How much monthly income would I have now?
So I decided to run another experiment.
I opened up another online community called Vegan Creators to help vegans create & grow their online coaching programs.
And within just a few months, I was making $10,000/m passively from having over 200 members in there.
Here are 10 benefits I found from having this community:
1) Stress free: Reliable, stable income eliminates any stress around wondering when my next payday is.
2) Focus: I can focus on helping people now instead of making sales all the time.
3) Free time: Fully automated growth saves me hours a day now manually growing my membership.
4) Predictability: Monthly recurring income from the subscriptions allows me to act from a place of abundance knowing I have cash coming in next month.
5) No calls: No sales calls required. No getting ghosted on calls
6) No cold outreach: No cold DM’ing required. No cold outreach at all required.
7) Affordability: Memberships are much easier to sell than high ticket (people can afford a small monthly fee!) which allows me to help way more people.
8) Progress: More monthly recurring revenue month over month so I actually see progress with my income. I never have to start the new month at $0.00!
9) Value: It's so easy to over deliver on the value inside a LT MRR community... It's so easy to make customers feel like they're getting a great deal.
10) Upsells: A LT MRR community acts as a great entry point for people to learn about my higher ticket, DFY services, too. I make in total around 40k/month now thanks to some of my community members buying my higher ticket offers.
Plus, the compound effect with memberships is REAL.
Albert Einstein once described compound effect as the "8th wonder of the world," saying: "He who understands it, earns it. He who doesn't, pays for it."
And the most beautiful thing about a membership group is that, when done right, allow your earnings to compound month over month.
Check it out:
If you acquire and retain 200 members your first year, you'll probably be able to acquire and retain AT LEAST another 200 members the next year, and so on, and so forth.
Year 1: 200 members x $50/month = $10,000/month
Year 2: 400 members x $50/month = $20,000/month
Year 3: 600 members x $50/month = $30,000/month
Year 4: 800 members x $50/month = $40,000/month
Year 5: 1,000 members x $50/month = $50,000/month
Over time it just grows and grows.
Got retirement money? You do now.
So now… do you want your own micro-niche online community?
Here's exactly how I did it:
It all started with…
*The Vision*
• I wanted sales to take care of themselves
• I wanted to make a minimum of $10,000/month
• I wanted minimal involvement with coaching
• I wanted minimal involvement with content creation
Once I was clear on my vision, I got clear on:
*The Topic*
I asked myself these 3 questions:
1) What do I know more about than 95% of people in Walmart?
2) What’s already selling extremely well?
3) What can I talk about non stop for 5 hours?
Once I got clear on the topic, I needed:
*The Deliverables*
I decided to give community members:
A bi-weekly group Zoom call
A Community Q&A forum
Video recordings of workshops I had done on Zoom
And some other helpful resources like ebooks, mp3's, etc.
Once clear on my deliverables I needed:
*A Proof of Concept*
So I built a super simple check out page on Stripe, created super simple group on FB, and sent out a super simple invite telling people about my community...
And once a few people signed up…
I began my quest for:
*My First 100 Members*
The first thing I did was upgrade my FB group to a better platform
For that, I did a ton of research and tested out:
  • Circle
  • Kajabi
  • Podia
  • Thinkific
  • Teachable
  • Mighty Networks
But eventually I landed on Skool.
The simplicity.
Unlike the other platforms, Skool has everything I need (community, classroom, calendar) and nothing I don’t.
Once I upgraded my membership to Skool, I did something that was SUPER effective at getting more sales.
I wish I implemented this earlier…
I offered a 7 day free trial option.
Then I re-sent the experiment email to everyone who hadn't signed up yet and changed the wording a bit so instead of saying "looking for my first 25 members", I said: "I’m looking for my first 100 members" and then offered them all a 7 day free trial.
It worked like CRAZY. I got dozens of sign ups that day.
Then I did something else that worked like crazy…
I made a post and sent out an email asking people if they wanted to work with me for free in exchange for a testimonial.
I got sooo many 7 day free trial sign ups for that, too.
From there, I began interviewing my top contributors and picking their brains and asking them why they signed up so I could leverage more of that.
From those interviews, I learned a lot more about what people really want, and what they’re really struggling with…
With that data, I began to host weekly workshops based off their struggles & aspirations.
And I made a deal with people and said:
This workshop is $15 but if you join on my free trial, you can watch it for free.
And that’s how I created content effortlessly, and profitably.
I made a list of problems...
I made a list of aspirations...
And I made a pipeline of workshops to help people eliminate those problems and achieve those aspirations.
Then I got someone to run my DM’s and have conversations with people inside my FB group.
If they said they couldn’t afford my high ticket program, we offered them a 7 day free trial in the community instead.
Once I hit 100 members, I made a post about it in the Skool community celebrating.
From there, I knew it was just a matter of staying consistent to hit 200 members.
But I wanted to kick things up a notch automate things so I could be less hands on...
For that, I needed to implement:
*Automated Community Growth*
I could post about how that works here but...
I think I've said enough for today...
If you want me to write another post sharing my Automated Community Growth strategy, give this post a thumbs up and comment below with a GIF.
What now?
If you’d like me & my team to personally set up your Skool community with/for you…
And help you attain and retain members so you can hit 5-10k/month in recurring revenue ASAP…
For a limited time (and only if you qualify) we're offering to set up your entire Skool community with you live on Zoom, 1 on 1.
Our fee? We charge nothing to set you up, and only ask that you use my affiliate link.
Just send me a DM with the word SKOOL and let's chat :)
Ted Carr
The Path to $10,000/month with a Skool Community
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