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$44,000 in 18 days With Skool—No Paid Traffic or Sales Calls
***UPDATE: the FULL video is live now →
Still in the middle of the launch. But wanted to see if there was any interest in seeing how I generated $44K in just 18 days with Skool.
It was less work than you may think.
The best part is my calendar is clean without any sales calls. I don't know how to run ads so I didn't use them
I could talk about:
  • How I'm generating traffic on TikTok and YouTube into Skool
  • How I'm using Skool to sell products (without sales calls)
And also the tech behind it:
  • My automated content machine (Airtable, Zapier & Google Drive)
  • The backend tech with Skool (Zapier & ThriveCart)
If you're interested in an A-Z video (or even a webinar) comment "video" below and I'll put it together. PLUS I'll DM you when it's out.
If there are enough people I'll do a full webinar.
I'll be doing this in my community.
Loving Skool!
Stephen G. Pope
$44,000 in 18 days With Skool—No Paid Traffic or Sales Calls
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