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How to exploit Skool's new $100,000 challenge
If you're a beginner looking to start making money online, but don't want to risk spending your own $ in case it's unsuccessful...
... then here's how to ethically exploit Skool's new $100,000 challenge so that you can generate monthly recurring revenue with zero risk of losing/spending any of your own money.
I'll give you some context, then give you the playbook.
  • Skool's running a $100,000 challenge
  • They're giving away $100k of prizes to people who start a Skool community and use Skool payments to generate monthly recurring revenue
  • The challenge lasts 28 days
  • The big prizes are for the people who generate the most monthly recurring revenue or who get the most customers (nearly impossible to win if you're a beginner)
  • Skool has said "EVERYBODY who gets 10 paid members gets Skool merch + 3-months FREE Skool subscription" (winner winner chicken dinner)
Here's the PLAYBOOK to generate Monthly Recurring Revenue with zero risk:
  1. Use the first 14 days of the challenge to figure out what you're going to sell, and how you'll get customers
  2. With less than 14 days of the challenge remaining, start your 14 day free trial
  3. Set up Skool payments to charge $1/month for your community
  4. Hustle to get 10 community members
  5. If you don't, cancel your Skool free trial and don't pay a penny
  6. If you succeed, you get another 3 months free Skool (and some free merch)
  7. Use those 3 months free Skool to generate $99/month - $9,999/month
  8. If you don't, cancel your Skool and you'll still have never paid a penny
  9. If you succeed, now you're making more than the cost of Skool, so still never risk a penny
  10. Continue to scale up to $10,000/month
And if you run that playbook you'll be able to generate monthly recurring revenue without ever risking a single penny of your own money.
If you've been watching to start an online business but never got round to it, now's the time to act. There's no better feeling than earning your first dollar online.
Get excited. Pull the trigger.
And if you want help figuring out what to sell, and how to get your first 10 customers in 14 days, then comment "help" and I'll send you a free Loom within 24 hours (I have 6,000+ members in my own community).
If there's enough demand I might even host a free/$1 cohort to help you get your first 10 customers in 14 days during this challenge.
PS: Sam gave me approval to post this
Andrew Kirby
How to exploit Skool's new $100,000 challenge
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