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Question: Subscription Tiers in Skool Groups?!?!
Hey everyone, Is it just me, or would so many problems, including the dreaded "PAID vs. FREE", could be solved if we had the option for different subscription "Tiers" within one Skool group? Imagine being able to offer various levels of access and benefits based on different price points. It could cater to a wider range of needs and budgets, providing more value and flexibility for both the group leaders and the members. What do you all think?
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the interface would have to be super clear and not confusing though. A real challenge so that you don't become a MightyNetworks.
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@Fitzgerald Council a lot of those are confusing though, just saying.
Selling Products In Skool With Thrivecart Landing Pages
Made a quick video on how to sell courses on Skool using external landing pages without having to manually add and approve new members. Using Thrivecart and Zapier you can build a smooth customer experience. I Cover: ✅ Why having an external landing page is important ✅ What common mistakes to avoid ✅ The tools I use to make it all possible Let me know if you have any questions.
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@Dave Donoghue you have a link?
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@Dave Donoghue 🙏
$44,000 in 18 days With Skool—No Paid Traffic or Sales Calls
***UPDATE: the FULL video is live now → Still in the middle of the launch. But wanted to see if there was any interest in seeing how I generated $44K in just 18 days with Skool. It was less work than you may think. The best part is my calendar is clean without any sales calls. I don't know how to run ads so I didn't use them I could talk about: - How I'm generating traffic on TikTok and YouTube into Skool - How I'm using Skool to sell products (without sales calls) And also the tech behind it: - My automated content machine (Airtable, Zapier & Google Drive) - The backend tech with Skool (Zapier & ThriveCart) If you're interested in an A-Z video (or even a webinar) comment "video" below and I'll put it together. PLUS I'll DM you when it's out. If there are enough people I'll do a full webinar. I'll be doing this in my community. Loving Skool!
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@Martin Winkler Here's that video I promised →
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@Tanya Z
Skool HQ just got a delivery
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That's a lot of burps right there
Used Skool to Generate $40K ~ 30 days (no sales calls)
Hey guys, wanted to show how I'm using Skool. I'm using 1 community to work with free and paid users (despite everyone sayings you should use two). I explain why in the video and why I think it's working for now (and helping generate more sales). I'm selling a $97/month membership to help people get clients with video. A $1,497 automation product to automate your content workflow. And soon I'll have a $7,500 product where I show people how to hire/train a content specialist to run their content marketing program. More of my logic is in the video. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions.
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@Grayson Carter embed them where? not really sure why that would be an issue or what friction you're referencing. but no I haven't tried that.
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@CodeSellers Academy I did do some sales calls when people wanted them, but most of them were just made by producing content or questions via email or DM.
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