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🚩Red flags 🚩
Currently on a plane. The guy next to me is biting his toe nails. It got me thinking... What are some DIGITAL red flags you've learned to stay away from? Things people do ONLINE that make you wanna stay away/not let them into your community? πŸ‘‡ I'll go first πŸ‘‡
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@Matthew Thompson The real reason I have a ring: Your profile picture is like your logo. Many people know your picture before they know your face. But I was 22 when I took my profile pic. And I knew when I was 50 I'd want to change my profile picture. So I needed some constant in my profile picture even if the photo changes. So the blue ring came in to play!
Banned member harassing people in my community
I had to ban a member of my community because they were actively trying to sabotage discussions and disrupt my community. Now I'm getting reports that this person is directly messaging all the members to try to continue to sabotage everything, making up stories and actively promoting other communities. During the time they were in the community, they level up so they could DM people and as far as I can tell messaged EVERYONE they could. So now they can message and harass the members without my knowledge and without any way to block them? (the members can block that person, but only after they get spammed) So the strategy was this: 1. make multiple user accounts 2. level up so you can DM and then DM everyone you can 3. use the multiple accounts to lie and create strife 4. when banned, proceed to DM members to lie and create strife Either there is a way to prevent this OR this is an incredibly effective way to go after other Skool communities. Please tell me there's something I'm missing? There is a way to prevent this? PS I banned the person, blocked them in my chats, the community is private and paid. There is a level requirement before members can DM. Is there anything else that can be done?
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Hey Wes, sorry to hear about this. That definitely does not sound fun. Please email with links to his profile, they will help you out with this. Skool does has safeguards to minimize this. First, people can't send many DMs per week without getting flagged in our system. Second, if people report any of his profiles he'll get flagged in our system. Third, it's difficult to create multiple profiles with email confirmation and other safeguards we have. That being said, it sounds like this person is driven to cause some harm. Once again, sorry to hear about this. will help you as much they are able to!
Skool Facebook Ads Retartgeting
Hey can i use the Facebook Ads Retartgeting option in Germany too ?
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@Elion Catak Yes.
Skool HQ just got a delivery
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@Kai Nemzer
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@Griffin A. Hamilton Hahaha when it went on to the second wall loool
A global map with a pin where every user in a community is
Groups become overpowered if they encourage connection. Especially in-person connection. Imagine a map that has a pin where every user is (if they want to share location). Would make it so much easier to connect with people in the group. Am I the only one that would love this?
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@Kang Wei Yew Haha that's wild!
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@Matthew Thompson
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