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Cashflow: Singer-Songwriters

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Align with your Purpose & Potential. Improve Singing & Songwriting. Create multiple ways to generate Cashflow. Launch your first "golden bridge."

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Cashflow Accelerator for Singer-Songwriters. Purpose & Potential. Singing and Songwriting. Cashflow Fundamentals for building a sustainable business.


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People who show up to these calls get rich fast.
When you immerse yourself in a new country, you learn the language 10x faster. Fly to France, learn french. Fly to Spain, learn spanish. Fly to Australia or New Zealand, learn a weird form of English. Same goes for business. Except you don't need to fly. You can show up to these Zoom calls and immerse yourself in this world of online success. But if you DO wanna travel... I'm hosting an in person mastermind next week in Vancouver, Canada for Contentpreneurs. I'll spend all day with you solving your biz problems so you can grow to $10,000/month (or beyond) ASAP. Cost is only $997 or it's free if you DM me the word VANCOUVER and sign up for Contentpreneurs.
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People who show up to these calls get rich fast.
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Great call, Ted. :) Thank you.
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@Ted Carr
Hello Fam.
Hello great men and woman in the house my name is Paul I just got accepted into the group hope am welcomed??
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Welcome Paul. What is your offer and what do you hope to get out of the group?
Want results like Pacha? ($10,000+/month ASAP) ⭐️
Pacha was not where she wanted to be financially. She was unclear on her offer and didn't know which niche to focus on. But instead of signing up to work with me, she thought: "I'm not good enough to work with Ted yet." So she stayed unclear on her offer... Stayed confused about her niche... Stayed stuck. But then she got SICK & TIRED of wasting time trying to figure out everything on her own. She bucked up and booked a call with my COO Benny to find out more about our program. (Here's the link she used.) She was surprised by how affordable it was to work together privately. A few days later she decided to sign up for "The Family," one of my private mentorship programs where she gets direct access to me + my COO, Benny. The first thing I did with her was get her clear on her offer. Second thing I did was show her how to sell it. Benny assisted her with everything in between. Within 30 days, she made $24,000 USD by following our exact advice 🥳 🏆 Want results like Pacha? Even if you only want to make $5,000 - $10,000/month, here's what you'll need: - An irresistible high ticket offer. - A niche to sell it to. - Clear messaging that gets people to want to buy it. - The ability to deliver on your offer. - Someone in your corner giving you feedback & course correction every step of the way. - Someone in your corner to break your limiting beliefs along the way. Now if you want some help with all of the above (the same help Pacha received), here's what to do: Step 1: Book a free call with me/my expert team of coaches to see if working together with me makes sense for you right now. Here's the link to chat with us about what you've got going on: Step 2: Show up to the call. On the call, you're not allowed to buy anything from us. This call is purely to see if we can help you get to $10,000/month and for us to point you in the right direction of your next step.
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Want results like Pacha? ($10,000+/month ASAP) ⭐️
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Wonderful! :) Great story.
Do academic grades assess qualities like creativity...?
and emotional intelligence?
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Do academic grades assess qualities like creativity...?
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THANK YOU @Eva R . You're a great resource. :)
I made 13k thanks to Ted and by the community upgrade (contentpreneurs) less than 7 days!
I introduce myself after several months here in the community (better late than never) Spoiler of my first "winning" offer of €1,497 as a fitness coach in the italian market, after a bit of context (read to the end if you're interested) My name is Nicholas, I am an online business coach, in 2015 I started training as a former obese person looking to improve, over time I transformed my passion into work, subsequently becoming an offline pt and online coach. After several years I get my first 10k from instagram, selling weight loss program here in the Italian market. thanks to constant training I moved into the coaching market and became a business coach. thanks to the community upgrade, it was enough for me to make 1 call with ted to close 13k contracts for 3 months of training with me with 3 online coaches! (received substantial advances) Now it's time to get out of debt and take advantage of the skills learned, putting them into practice and growing First successful route sold: "Fat to Fit in 1 Click" approximate translation from Italian... 3 month course that sold between €1,297/€1,497 Reference target: "Busy men (with no time) 35 to 45 who want to lose 5 to 15kg with 90 minutes of training a week without going to the gym" where they had: 🎁 Gift BOX Students 1. Bathroom scale (€50) 2. Food Scale (€30) 3. Dumbbell Set of 10Kg per side (€100) 4. Step counter watch (€60) 5. Elastic bands with handles for training (€40) 6. Video Stand + Support (€45) Total: €325 ✅ Graduated Nutritionist, Doctor and Gastroenterologist Specialist (VALUE: €1500) ✅ Personal Coach with over 7 years of experience (VALUE: €997) ✅ Personalized Meal Plan (VALUE: €497) ✅ Personalized Training Plan (VALUE: €447) ✅ Personalized Training Application (VALUE: €200) ✅ Chat support every 48 hours (VALUE €497) TOTAL: €4,463 for only €1,497... 16 bucks per day... I know marketing is fun :) If you also want to know my current offer in my new coach niche, which I have developed thanks to years of experience and Ted's precious help
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I made 13k  thanks to Ted and by the community upgrade (contentpreneurs) less than 7 days!
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@Nicholas Tosello Did you hire any VAs? :) What does the work load look like and how do you block off time in your calendar and organize it all without going creazy?
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@Nicholas Tosello that's great, I'm still working on management of tasks...I never give up though. :)
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