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I paid Jenny $1,000 for an hour of her time. Want the recording for free?
I've been making YouTube videos for years but... I rarely "go viral". But Jenny? Jenny has 20 YouTube videos with over 20 million views each (and more than 50 videos with over 1 million views each!) because she has a proven & repeatable formula that she uses. When I saw this... I naturally wanted to pick her brain and ask her for some advice. But how? Instagram DM's! I sent her a DM and was like "Yo! Can I pay you for 1 on 1 coaching?" She said "Yes give me all your money." & sent me her Calendly where she charges $1,000 for a 1 hour call. We spoke on Zoom for an hour and now I'm going to go viral. If you're wanting to get more eyeballs on your YouTube videos, you'll probably find this conversation SUPER helpful... Drop the word JENNY below and I'll send it over to you via the DM's + I'll send you a BONUS video from Jenny where she goes into even more detail on her viral formula for success on YouTube 😊
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I paid Jenny $1,000 for an hour of her time. Want the recording for free?
Vancouver Mastermind Recordings
(Edit: Like I said I would, I took down the recording after 48 hours). If you want this mastermind recording for free, become a member of Contentpreneurs. If you want to attend the next mastermind event on July 28th in Las Vegas, apply here. This next mastermind in Vegas is perfect for you if: • You want to build your dream business • You want to make more money • You love learning in person • You want to sell a high ticket program online with an optional low ticket downsell • You want to use Skool • You want to make more (& better) content for YouTube • You want to network with really cool people (see photo below for an example of just how cool we are) • You want a selfie with me & anyone else you think is cute • You want to eat fruit with me • You want to me roast you in front of an audience • You want a hug • You want to be part of the next group photo • You want to meet @Patrice Moore & @Benny D & @Daniel Bissonnette & @Yelina Perez • You want to host your own in-person mastermind and wanna see how I do it • You want to get out of the house and into the REAL WORLD • You don't wanna miss out... If you want to attend, apply here. Cost? $1,997 or FREE if you're a member of Contentpreneurs.
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Vancouver Mastermind Recordings
$10,000 per month is simple math.
10 sales @ $997 = almost $10,000. And just for you, I made easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide for creating & selling a $997 offer. Want it? 👇 "YES"
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$10,000 per month is simple math.
Offer Clarity Call 07.01 + 07.04
Call replays from the past week :)
Offer Clarity Call 07.01 + 07.04
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