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Skool Image Size
Hi there, I'm getting ready to start my first Skool community and I want to make the most of my 14-day trial. So I'm doing a lot of the work before hand so I can just drop and load my initial content on day one. Can someone share the image size requirements for the Skool course and homepage thumbnails and community homepage main image?
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Roast my VSL/about page
Hey Contentpreneurs! Just finished my VSL for my copywriting community. I'm curious to hear anyones thoughts on the video and about page! I write scripts for clients all the time, so scripting this was fun! Which of the bullet points stand out to you the most?
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caught in 4k
People overcomplicate “authority building” on skool. If you're tired of the same growth hacks, these 3 habits will get you closer to your personal brand goals: 1. Focus on REAL, not just RICH Here's the thing: We all smell BS. (Even through our screens.) Instead of trying to be some polished "Goo-'Roo", just be... you. “But, I'm not funny or interesting!” hey, It's OK... You've got stories. Opinions. You've got a unique way of seeing the world. You just need to learn how to own into it. 2. Build a cult, not a "community" Stop racking up members like Pokemon. Focus on making people feel something... Anything. Like my mother used to say... The people who love you... will REALLY love you. The rest? Who cares! 3. Make an impact and Build relationships. Say you throwing a party. Good music, lot of hot chicks and no drugs lol... But nobody talks to each other. It's Boring, right? So, dance! Get people talking in the comments. Have a question of the day... when someone comes in and says hi... ask them that question Be the center of attention, not the weirdo in the corner. 4. Create something we can actually use Read a post and think, "My God, I just wasted 60 seconds of my life"? Don't be that. Share helpful content, we can immediately apply. An easy-to-follow Skool framework to do this daily: Choose your weapon: – Story (people love a good drama) – Infographic – Case study (prove you know your stuff) Introduce a REAL problem: – What keeps your people up? – How can you make their life easier? Break down the solution: – No fluff – Imagine you're explaining it to your son Engage like a human: • Spend 60 minutes actually talking to people (build your community) • Crazy idea: Be genuinely interested in others Repeat: • Consistency is key (but hey, you didn't hear that from me) Look, building authority isn't just about posting content. It's about showing up, providing real value, and actually giving a damn about the people you're connecting with.
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How should I build a $15k/mo+ Course w/out overcomplicating it?
What steps would you take from 0 to 6 months to achieve $15,000 to $30,000 a month, given my goals & desires? Context: - I have a 75% completed course on LinkedIn Branding for Recruiting Biz Owners - Currently beta testing the course by offering free calls to friends in the industry in exchange for referrals, reviews, and feedback.  Goals: - Only sell organically through LinkedIn - Price around $1,497 - Goal - $15k - $30k/mo - Lifestyle business Avoid: - Overcomplicating things. - Paid ads - Sales or coaching calls. - Community (at least for now). - Newsletters Thanks everyone!
Which thumbnail would you click on?
I hesitate between these 2 templates. One looks more pretty in my opinion. But the interview screenshot may look more authentic too. And many of my top videos are actually a screenshot of the interview, with text over. Anyway, which thumbnail would you be more likely to click on? Thanks for the help guys 🙏❤️💫
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Which thumbnail would you click on?
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