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Accademia Di Online Fitness Coach 🔥 ENTRA se vuoi valorizzare i tuoi anni di formazione, competenze ed esperienza sul campo monetizzando dall'online


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I made 13k thanks to Ted and by the community upgrade (contentpreneurs) less than 7 days!
I introduce myself after several months here in the community (better late than never) Spoiler of my first "winning" offer of €1,497 as a fitness coach in the italian market, after a bit of context (read to the end if you're interested) My name is Nicholas, I am an online business coach, in 2015 I started training as a former obese person looking to improve, over time I transformed my passion into work, subsequently becoming an offline pt and online coach. After several years I get my first 10k from instagram, selling weight loss program here in the Italian market. thanks to constant training I moved into the coaching market and became a business coach. thanks to the community upgrade, it was enough for me to make 1 call with ted to close 13k contracts for 3 months of training with me with 3 online coaches! (received substantial advances) Now it's time to get out of debt and take advantage of the skills learned, putting them into practice and growing First successful route sold: "Fat to Fit in 1 Click" approximate translation from Italian... 3 month course that sold between €1,297/€1,497 Reference target: "Busy men (with no time) 35 to 45 who want to lose 5 to 15kg with 90 minutes of training a week without going to the gym" where they had: 🎁 Gift BOX Students 1. Bathroom scale (€50) 2. Food Scale (€30) 3. Dumbbell Set of 10Kg per side (€100) 4. Step counter watch (€60) 5. Elastic bands with handles for training (€40) 6. Video Stand + Support (€45) Total: €325 ✅ Graduated Nutritionist, Doctor and Gastroenterologist Specialist (VALUE: €1500) ✅ Personal Coach with over 7 years of experience (VALUE: €997) ✅ Personalized Meal Plan (VALUE: €497) ✅ Personalized Training Plan (VALUE: €447) ✅ Personalized Training Application (VALUE: €200) ✅ Chat support every 48 hours (VALUE €497) TOTAL: €4,463 for only €1,497... 16 bucks per day... I know marketing is fun :) If you also want to know my current offer in my new coach niche, which I have developed thanks to years of experience and Ted's precious help
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I made 13k  thanks to Ted and by the community upgrade (contentpreneurs) less than 7 days!
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@Daniel Zutavern
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@Daniel Zutavern It's not the correct post, but here you go man😂
[ FREE STUFF 🎁 ] 100M Leads Presentation Slide by Alex Hormozi
I think this presentation will make me a lot of money... Here's Why: Alex Hormozi is a fantastic comedian and presenter, all we now that He created an huge "WOW" effect in front of millions of people during this presentation If I'm not mistaken they actually crashed the platform due to the enormous amount of people who wanted to join at first So here's my next community strategy: I am creating a video course of inestimable value, I have basically included all the material that I offer to my clients who have paid me thousands of euros After that I will do a mix of organic + ADS to promote my personal "hormozi style" webinar And at the end of the presentation everyone thinks I want to sell my offer and... BOOM FREE STUFF They will join the community for free, I will fill it given the value, I aim to have at least my first 1000 members People exploit that content, get the first results and... He will definitely want to buy more, he won't stop at 2-3k per month and above all it will not want to implement the tide of value alone So they will ask me for help and it will be there that I will sell my path 1:1 where I help them use that value, faster but above all with the right order I know it works because by doing this I have already obtained 13k contracts from my first clients, and now I simply want to do it better and consistently, with as much quality as possible If you want me to upload the 1020 hormozi slides that I prepared personally and it took me several days, directly here on the community with another post Comment with "Hormozi"
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[ FREE STUFF 🎁 ] 100M Leads Presentation Slide by Alex Hormozi
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[ FREE STUFF 🎁 ] Download the 100M Leads Presentation Slide by Alex Hormozi
It took me several days to recover them from the event and create the PDF I hope they can help! Let me know how you will use them, I think it would be useful to get some ideas Here you go!
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@Arthur Urich No unfortunately they are only available in that format, but thank you!
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@John Wilson oh thank you ahaha
The Exact Strategy that allowed me to make 13k in less than 7 days
I'll briefly explain how I acquired my first 3 client and how I will do it shortly: The first 3 I closed, one at €5000, one at €4000 and another at €4000 (in about 6-7 days) I contacted them in DM from Instagram, in several phases, from a simple chat like ours, to understanding how the business is going, many had already known me as a fitness coach for some time, so I didn't have the air of a "marketer" let's say here in Italy ahha, translated: someone who wants to sell you some rubbish at all costs, so being a coach myself I came across as honest and transparent. I invited them into my skool community for free, and with every piece of content I uploaded I asked privately if they had seen and/or implemented it. Weeks later I contacted them again explaining that I had a BONUS for them, a FREE video course where I explained the funnel with which I had reached 10k month as a fitness coach in exchange for their time on a call to dig through market research. I collected the data and at the end of the call I explained to them that I would take the time to create an incredible offer that would solve their problems. At the end of the research I selected these 3, I had 20 coaches in the research file with whom I had spoken. I invited them to a second call where I painted together with them the exact plan to solve the 3 main problems: 1- Offer 2- Audience Growth (Good Leads) 3- Sales process With the exact blueprint we said goodbye, they had exactly everything to go forward on their own after a few days, follow up call: "hey man, how did it go? did you implement the plan?" "yes but I have problems here, here and here" And basically speaking to us, they were the ones who offered to buy knowing that I had an irresistible offer that solved precisely those 3 things and boom, price pitch, contract signing and sale! and in all this I achieved 100% closing rate with very few objections
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@Ankit B. thank you 🚀
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@Daryl Daughtry no problem, we are here to grow, I hope it comes in handy!
Class-Work --- some cool stuff done today.
Well, I went ahead and took some action and filled in some of my ClassRoom section. I realized that I should put all of my courses and resources and content inside of my FREE community. In order to feel like I'm making progress I created placeholders for some of my courses... ...which helped me organize the courses and resources. It's also helping me be motivated to know each one off and fill each one up with the appropriate content and move on. Check it out in (picture 1) As you can see, some say "coming soon" which isn't the best idea but it will work well for my action taking and completing. Then see (picture 2) where I also created place holders that point them back to the free group from my paid group so I don't have to duplicate resource/course creation. I think that should work okay. I'll have a different color for the paid group content, like @Ted does. Anyway, that's the progress today.
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Class-Work --- some cool stuff done today.
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@Josh Holladay i have more inspiration for my new community course 🚀
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@Josh Holladay for sure!
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