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Want results like Pacha? ($10,000+/month ASAP) ⭐️
Pacha was not where she wanted to be financially.
She was unclear on her offer and didn't know which niche to focus on.
But instead of signing up to work with me, she thought: "I'm not good enough to work with Ted yet."
So she stayed unclear on her offer...
Stayed confused about her niche...
Stayed stuck.
But then she got SICK & TIRED of wasting time trying to figure out everything on her own.
She bucked up and booked a call with my COO Benny to find out more about our program. (Here's the link she used.)
She was surprised by how affordable it was to work together privately.
A few days later she decided to sign up for "The Family," one of my private mentorship programs where she gets direct access to me + my COO, Benny.
The first thing I did with her was get her clear on her offer.
Second thing I did was show her how to sell it.
Benny assisted her with everything in between.
Within 30 days, she made $24,000 USD by following our exact advice 🥳 🏆
Want results like Pacha?
Even if you only want to make $5,000 - $10,000/month, here's what you'll need:
  • An irresistible high ticket offer.
  • A niche to sell it to.
  • Clear messaging that gets people to want to buy it.
  • The ability to deliver on your offer.
  • Someone in your corner giving you feedback & course correction every step of the way.
  • Someone in your corner to break your limiting beliefs along the way.
Now if you want some help with all of the above (the same help Pacha received), here's what to do:
Step 1: Book a free call with me/my expert team of coaches to see if working together with me makes sense for you right now.
Here's the link to chat with us about what you've got going on:
Step 2: Show up to the call.
On the call, you're not allowed to buy anything from us.
This call is purely to see if we can help you get to $10,000/month and for us to point you in the right direction of your next step.
Step 3: Decide after speaking with us what you want to do.
There's no harm in chatting with us - it can only help.
Our motive: Turn you into one of our next success stories :)
Way to go ! This is just the start! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Great work 🙌🏼 Who we going to help hit $10,000+/month next?
Ted Carr
Want results like Pacha? ($10,000+/month ASAP) ⭐️
Contentpreneurship.com (Free)
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