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A free community for people wanting to learn about bitcoin.


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CLOSED: $2,000 Giveaway.
Edit: The winner this round was @David Seybering 🎉 He got the most people into his free community. I will be Zoom interviewing him next week to see how he did it! Nobody entered/won the paid members category... Original post: This November, we're giving away $2,000 to celebrate getting 2,000 members here on Skool 🥳 We're hosting a Community Growth Challenge! There are 2 ways to win: 1) Get as many free members into your free Skool community as you can. Whoever grows by the most free members wins $1,000. 2) Make as much MRR as possible in your Skool community. Whoever grows their MRR the most wins $1,000. Example: if Benny is making $4,000/month right now and he grows it to $6,000/month, and Julie is making $1,000/month and she grows it to $4,000/month, Julie wins because she grew hers by $3,000 and Benny only grew his by $2,000. Here's how to enter: 1) Post a screenshot below of how many members you have on or before November 1st... Then post another screenshot on December 1st. 2) Post a screenshot below of how much MRR you're making with your Skool community on or before November 1st... Then post another screenshot on December 1st. Whoever sees the most growth by December 1st wins. If you want personal, private 1:1 help setting up your community on Skool so you're properly set up with the right strategy in place to win, send me a DM with the word SKOOL and we'll hop on and set you up. Rules: 1) You can't win both $1,000 prizes. Pick just one category (free or paid) and go for it! 2) You can't charge more than $999 for your MRR price point. 3) Your community topic must meet the Skool terms and conditions (ie. No illegal stuff!) Any questions? Comment below! 👇 Want me to host a workshop showing you how I'd win if I was going to enter? Comment WORKSHOP below and I'll host it for you.
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@Yamuna Bihari our champion this round was: @David Seybering
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@Scott Maclean nice man!
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When are you going to set aside time to actually practice?
Everybody suck at golf until they practice. Everybody sucks at tennis until they practice. Everybody sucks at sales things until they practice. In fact, I won't name names, but many people on my team used to legitimately suck at sales until I practiced with them. And then they got REALLY good. The practice made allll the difference. And this is why my team STILL has weekly team meetings where we practice live on Zoom together. To keep getting the unfair advantage over everyone else who doesn't practice. So… The question is: When are YOU going to set aside time to practice? When are you going to have a practice DM convo with a friend? When are you going to have a practice discovery call? When are you going to have a practice sales call? If you’d like the exact scripts for your DM convo, discovery call, and sales call, check out the resource section inside of Contentpreneurs. When you practice, you’re going to dramatically increase your chance of making sales when you encounter an actual prospect... Best way to practice? Role play.
Darin Berntson
Jack Alderton
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What should you name your main program/product?
A good program name is very important for sales but it's often hard to come up with a good one! Before ChatGPT came along, this used to be terribly difficult to brainstorm 100 names before choosing 1 good one... now it's a lot easier! So I strongly suggest using ChatGPT to help you come up with name ideas. You can use this prompt: I need some awesome name ideas for my new online coaching program. I help <your niche here> with achieving <end outcome/dream desire you help people achieve> and overcoming <main problem your niche has>. Please keep my program name between 2-3 words. Here are 5 examples of coaching program names I like: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Please make it short and sweet and similar to the examples above. Give me a list of 10 names to choose from. /End prompt. After you get the results, if you don't like the style, just tell it to give you more examples & describe a style you want or a word you want to include.
Scott Maclean
Ted Carr
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@Scott Maclean what sort of names are we thinking?
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@Scott Maclean awesome! for cyclists only?
Sep 29 
Not sure what to offer? Read this 6 times.
Not having an irresistible offer is probably causing 90% of your 'money making' problems. Context: I run 2 (very similar) coaching programs. One is called Contentpreneurs & the other one is called Business in a Weekend. Contentpreneurs provides group coaching whereas Business in a Weekend provides 1 on 1 coaching. Both help content creators launch & scale profitable online businesses from their phones & laptops. The end result for each program is to have the client making at least $10,000/month with their own online course or coaching program. But the biggest struggle I see my clients facing is in not knowing what to offer because they don't know what the END RESULT for their client is going to be. The END RESULT should not be (although often is) confused with the PROCESS required to achieve a desired result. Turns out, nobody wants to buy a process, they want to buy an end result. Proof: Do you care more about the special diet plan (process) or the sexy body (end result) that you're going to get from a coaching program? The way I usually solve this “end result” problem with my clients is by getting on a 1:1 Zoom call with them and helping them brainstorm an awesome offer/end result that I know will sell really well + feels authentic for them. But since I can’t do 1:1 Zoom calls with everyone… My goal with this post is to be able to solve this ‘Offer/End Result Issue’ once and for all, for everyone - even you! To do that, we need to get you clear on THE END RESULT that your customer wants, and is willing to pay you for. So let’s start by laying the groundwork with 2 undeniable facts. 1 fact about business & 1 fact about human nature: First fact: The primary goal of any business is getting money from the customers pockets, into the business’ pockets. Sure, there are other goals, but without this primary goal, the business dies.
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@Dane Basham thank you
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Thanks @Ted Carr and community Hit my first target with my paid community $1k monthly revenue in my $20 low ticket group. Group is 8 weeks old. Learning every day. Onto the next goal! 👍👍👍
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Dude! HUGE! What does your sales flow look like? Example: YT --> LP --> Sale or YT --> Free thing --> Email nurture --> Sale ??
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