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Get quick guidance, with templates, action steps, and community to start homeschooling, totally free to support parents' journey into homeschooling.

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Get help from a leader in Christian education. Community of parents learning to be effective home educators and create their best homeschool program.


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Add Image not working
I do this: Click the paperclip Click attach file Click photo library Select the photo I want to attach Click Add Nothing happens…the photo doesn’t appear anywhere. Had a member in my community complain about the same thing a few months ago and now it’s happening to me!
New comment Apr 9
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@Nick Guadagnoli Just to clarify, I was about to report on this issue. When I add images in Chrome they do not show up in the posted module. When I add them in Safari they are viewable. But even after publishing in Safari, images in Chrome browser do not show up for view, just the blank space where images should be.
DM Spamming
We are all on Skool to learn and grow communities, right? And I like the ability to reach out to others through Direct messaging, but how do I prevent random people from trying to upsell me because they see I own a business. I am seeing this trend: I am online working on my Skool community and so someone trying to get their own thing going (usually with sales and marketing) DM and say "hi," which is really a quick gateway introduction to trying to sell their unrequested service. Is there a way to fence DM's from others? Or change my status to "Offline" when I am not available for contact?
New comment Dec '23
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@Sid Sahasrabuddhe Thank you! Another helpful feature I was not clued in on.
How do you grow your Skool community?
I have a relatively new community here on Skool and am wondering how people have found to most effectively grow their communities? Do people link directly to their Skool community or do use your websites to first funnel potential clients? I believe in my service, but am still learning the best way to market this and grow my community effectively. Your thoughts and experience are appreciated! My niche is Homeschooling--I'm a Christian educator, a former teacher and school principal training parents to be primary educators and using and using the Skool space to provide community, resources, and support.
New comment Nov '23
How do you grow your Skool community?
2 likes • Nov '23
@Brent C thanks! I'll check it out
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Thanks Mathew for the recommendations! I'd love to see the list you're working with.
How We Built and Maintain Our 55,000+ Dental Community
More and more people are starting to build communities, and with Skool’s Membership Challenge coming up, I wanted to share some things that we've done to build and maintain the "Disneyland for Dentists" as @Sam Ovens has called it in some of his podcast appearances (linked in the comments below). We run a large Facebook group (we started it before Skool was a thing) in the dental space and currently have 55,000+ US-based dentists in the community. Engagement in the group is constantly around 90% (meaning that ~50k of the 55k members have engaged in the past 60 days). The community was grown 100% organically. Not a single dollar was spent on promotion. Here are the things that we did (and continue to do) to grow the group organically: 1. The most important thing is the quality of the content being shared in the group. This is by far the most important thing. I'd estimate that 70%+ of our group members were invited by someone already in the group. The quality of the content is the main reason someone invites someone else to join that group. There are no shortcuts here other than being consistent with great content. We posted daily for several years and now mix in new content and recycle our old posts as we've been at it for 5+ years. A ton of incredible content gets buried in the past posts so it's beneficial for new members to start recycling it after about 6 months of posting. 2. We contacted "all-stars" in the group and asked if they'd post regularly. If they agreed, we assigned them a day of the week. We have had dozens of incredible group members posting once per week on their scheduled day for years. These people come and go, but we always have an excellent rotation of group members consistently posting in the group. This helps to have great content from other people rather than from admins. This also encourages other group members to post and engage as it's more of a community sharing ideas rather than top-down from the leaders.
New comment 4d ago
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I think once someone decides to develop a community it is so easy to focus on profits rather than quality of content. By focusing on giving the best in one piece of the whole I can see how that significantly increases your credibility for everything else. Thanks for sharing!
How 50% of my Community Growth is Coming From Skool Discovery... 👀
Skool Discovery is awesome because it can give you "free leads" if you set up your community correctly. For example: I just created this new bitcoin community and 50% of all our new members are joining from Skool Discovery. Here are 6 steps I took to make it happen (and how you can replicate what I've done): Step 1) I went on Skool Discovery and searched for popular keywords like "fruitarian", "veganism", "crypto", "testosterone", "skool", "bitcoin" etc. until I found the 1 keyword that had very little competition and 1 that I knew a lot about. Step 2) I created a new Skool community using my friends affiliate link so she'd get paid monthly and I immediately changed the URL to so that nobody else could take it. Note: If the URL you want is taken, be creative! If /bitcoin was taken I probably would have gone with /btc. Step 3) I filled the classroom AND community with educational content all about bitcoin. I created various classes that you can see in the attached photo below ⬇️ Step 4) I invited a handful of friends to join so it didn't look so empty. Step 5) I created this simple freebie funnel and promoted a "Playlist of my Favourite Bitcoin Videos" on social media. When people opted in to get the free playlist, my funnel said: "Congrats! You can either wait 5 minutes for it arrive in your inbox, or you can get it instantly inside my free Educational Bitcoin Community here." Most people didn't wanna wait 5 minutes... 😜 Step 6) People just find me on Skool Discovery now because they search for the keyword "Bitcoin" and I've optimized my group for discovery so I show up. One of my mandatory membership questions when people join is "How did you find this group?" and I can see that 50% of new members are saying "Skool Discovery." If you want 1 on 1 help setting up a "Discovery Optimized" community of your own just like I've done, send me a DM with the word SKOOL and I'll hop on zoom with you at no cost and set it up with you.
New comment 16d ago
How 50% of my Community Growth is Coming From Skool Discovery... 👀
3 likes • Nov '23
Great idea @Ted Carr , Do you think this would work for more niche genres? My domain is Homeschooling. Or would you change your keyword to something like instead of Any thoughts?
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