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Zap triggering on request, not on member approval
Sup team, My newest member requests are trigger upon member request vs upon acceptance. Couple of issues here: 1. We may not want to admit all members 2. We may have automations triggering upon acceptance that we only want triggerjng then and not before (like AI SDR calls etc for those who request it) How do we fix this? V
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Community managers at the beach
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Can't add attachments?
Hello, I can't seem to add any images or attachments to posts or within lesson text box. Can you help? Thank you :)
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Add Image not working
I do this: Click the paperclip Click attach file Click photo library Select the photo I want to attach Click Add Nothing happens…the photo doesn’t appear anywhere. Had a member in my community complain about the same thing a few months ago and now it’s happening to me!
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Skool's time in Kazakhstan is INCORRECT
I have a lot of members joining from Kazakhstan in my community and they complain about the times in the calendar showing up incorrectly for them. I can also see this when I check the location of the members of my community where you can also see the local time in their locations. Then I go google up the local time in their location and it is off by 1 hours. Could the Skool admins fix this pls asap?
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