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Free Trials
Please add free trials. Some kind of timer would be nice to see as well to add urgency. Maybe in their payment options even, a timer with an upgrade button perhaps. Or even a dynamic countdown that says: "1 day until you lose access" I'd really like to see this, just putting my vote in. Makes for a very nice parlay into the group especially as a bonus add on when you sell a course. @David Sekera and I had a fantastic conversation the other day about the power of free trials and I really wish Skool would offer this.
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Shane Tuffin
Joshua St. Clair
Fredu Sirviö
Christopher Pierre
New comment 15h ago
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@Sid Sahasrabuddhe my vote would be a 7-day free trial.
Building a Community without Being the Expert
👋🏻 Hey all, I'm new to the skool community and would love to start my own community. The challenge that I'm facing is that I have a lot of different passions that I wouldn't really call myself an expert in those passions. Some of my passions are building wealth, personal development, online privacy, homesteading, board games, and drumming just to name a few. It seems that there are a lot of experts already on here that have been in the info game for a while and have established credibility in their niche. But if you were starting brand new and not being the subject matter expert in a passion how would you start a community and turn that into income? And perhaps the answer is just do it... and build up some self-confidence to do so... but maybe there's others who feel the same way here.
Erika Kulpina
Brent C
Danny Mallinder
Jason Biehl
Mathew Georghiou
New comment 1d ago
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@Jason Biehl they are not compensated. They are elevated within the community.
0 likes • 2d
@Jason Biehl our group is still on Facebook. So no levels or rewards.
How We Built and Maintain Our 55,000+ Dental Community
More and more people are starting to build communities, and with Skool’s Membership Challenge coming up, I wanted to share some things that we've done to build and maintain the "Disneyland for Dentists" as @Sam Ovens has called it in some of his podcast appearances (linked in the comments below). We run a large Facebook group (we started it before Skool was a thing) in the dental space and currently have 55,000+ US-based dentists in the community. Engagement in the group is constantly around 90% (meaning that ~50k of the 55k members have engaged in the past 60 days). The community was grown 100% organically. Not a single dollar was spent on promotion. Here are the things that we did (and continue to do) to grow the group organically: 1. The most important thing is the quality of the content being shared in the group. This is by far the most important thing. I'd estimate that 70%+ of our group members were invited by someone already in the group. The quality of the content is the main reason someone invites someone else to join that group. There are no shortcuts here other than being consistent with great content. We posted daily for several years and now mix in new content and recycle our old posts as we've been at it for 5+ years. A ton of incredible content gets buried in the past posts so it's beneficial for new members to start recycling it after about 6 months of posting. 2. We contacted "all-stars" in the group and asked if they'd post regularly. If they agreed, we assigned them a day of the week. We have had dozens of incredible group members posting once per week on their scheduled day for years. These people come and go, but we always have an excellent rotation of group members consistently posting in the group. This helps to have great content from other people rather than from admins. This also encourages other group members to post and engage as it's more of a community sharing ideas rather than top-down from the leaders.
Brent C
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Zahida A Khan
Blake Willard
May Adams
New comment 3d ago
0 likes • Oct 1
@Sachit Gupta I'm not saying "no"... but I'm not saying "yes" (yet).
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@Zahida A Khan You're welcome. Glad you found it helpful.
Podia vs Skool
Hi all! I am deciding between Podia and Skool. I am currently building a membership community + video class on Podia, but I stumbled into Skool yesterday and I really like the interface/design. Aside from that, what other things do you like about Skool? The price is quite steep just for aesthetic design alone, so I'm trying to get clarity on this before making my decision.
Asmâa Methqal
Mels Foodie
Charlie Morgan
Brent C
Danny Mallinder
New comment 9d ago
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Skool all day and twice on Sunday.
How do you grow your Skool community?
I have a relatively new community here on Skool and am wondering how people have found to most effectively grow their communities? Do people link directly to their Skool community or do use your websites to first funnel potential clients? I believe in my service, but am still learning the best way to market this and grow my community effectively. Your thoughts and experience are appreciated! My niche is Homeschooling--I'm a Christian educator, a former teacher and school principal training parents to be primary educators and using and using the Skool space to provide community, resources, and support.
Lotfi Drif
Blake Willard
Phamela Ponce
Brent C
Mathew Georghiou
New comment 9d ago
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Here are a couple of posts I've done on this topic: How We Built and Maintain Our 55,000+ Dental Community How To Make Your Community THE BEST I hope you find them helpful. Let me know if you have any questions.
I used the discover tab to buy a high ticket program
When the discover tab launched I noticed a lot of people on the fence about it. Weighing out the pros and cons like more potential for sales vs non fit characters joining. A couple of days ago I was looking for some new knowledge and used the discover tab as my search engine. I came across a couple of different interesting free groups and requested to join 4. Then I logged off as I was unable to go through the content until I was accepted. The next day, 2 courses had accepted me so I dug through them and even booked a free call with one of the creators of the group. The group I didn't book a call with turned out to be not so interesting so now there's really just one group i'm digging through (not expecting to buy anything at this point). Well I had the call and the fellow was very nice, he didn't even try to sell me anything. That made me even more curious. continuing to dig I came across a great video explaining all of the things to do to achieve success in the niche I was learning about (a well positioned VSL). I bought it on the spot. I am a huge candidate for discovery tab learning as it's made accessing condensed information so much easier. Peace!
Faro Zacarías
Ted Carr
Darin Berntson
Shawn Helgerson
Benny D
New comment 10d ago
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Skool will be THE place to come and find the knowledge and communities you're looking for. Long $SKOOL.
What business are you in?
Curious what everyone does in here...would love to form some connections :)
Joshua St. Clair
Asmâa Methqal
Nurse Sam
Brent C
Lotfi Drif
New comment 13d ago
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Community building (55k+ community of dentist) and real estate (multi-8-figure portfolio).
How to raise engagement with members?
My Leadeth stats today are: In the past 30 days, your group grew to 109 members (+18) and 52 members (48%) were active. Looking for some suggestions on how to proactively engage the community with more discussions? I’ve seen other groups post ‘social media sharing pods’ we’re members can share post for a wider reach.
Erika Kulpina
Brent C
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Alex Smith
Mariah Coz
New comment 22d ago
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I urge you to be careful with doing things simply for engagement—especially things like "engagement groups" where the engagement isn't real. Start by thinking, "What's good for my students, is good for me." (h/t @Sam Ovens). Then, share your VERY best stuff in your community. If you're worried about cannibalizing any paid offers you have by giving away too much information for free, I encourage you to consider narrowing the focus of your group to only talk about ONE topic. Check out this post for more information on this: How To Make Your Community THE BEST. If you haven't already, check out my other post: How We Built and Maintain Our 55,000+ Dental Community. Try different things and see what works. Try to get your community members talking to each other rather than replying to you. That is a massive inflection point for a community to become a community rather than an audience. So think about how you could do that. Suggest accountability partners, roll playing, social hour calls (late-afternoon on a Friday where you encourage everyone to have a drink), etc. I hope this helps.
Skool or discord ?
Anyone encountering members saying discord is better than Skool ? And most aren’t engaging with 70+ members in it :(
Steven Pearson
Brent C
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
New comment 24d ago
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Discord is a group chat. Skool is a community. I don't know anyone who wakes up thinking, "Man, am I sure glad I'm part of this group chat." If what you're doing is best served by a group chat-like platform, then maybe Discord is better for you and your tribe. If you're looking to foster deeper connections, build a community, garner trust, and ultimately make some sales... I'd try to foster a community here on Skool.
Can I disable links for my community to reduce spam
can I disable links for my community so it's not just people self promoting. I thinking to have a shameless plug post once a week where anyone can share anything they want. Is this possible to do like on reddit?
Erika Kulpina
Daragh Walsh
Brent C
New comment 24d ago
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I don't think links are the problem. Sounds like the issue might be that your community is missing a set of rules and enforcement of those rules. You have a to have a VERY clear set of rules and ENFORCE them daily. When someone joins the group, make them agree to the rules. We do this by making one of the membership questions, "Do you agree to follow the rules of the group. If yes, write "I agree." No one can say that they "didn't know the rules" when you do this. Posts/comments that break the rules need to be removed, and the poster should be notified of which rule they broke (via DM - remember: praise in public, criticize in private). If they break the rule again, they get booted. Simple as that. This keeps the group very high level and doesn't get off topic at all. This further improves the overall quality of the content that's being shared.
Anybody who runs a successful community, I,ve a question for you
I,ve created a community on Discord (because currently don't have the money for skool) In the beginning everybody seem to be excited but now barely anyone active My question is Is it my fault?what could i do Or It's just that chose the wrong people?
Brent C
Steven Pearson
Erika Kulpina
Robert Zinke
New comment 25d ago
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@Erika Kulpina I’m glad you got value out of these posts.
2 likes • 25d
@Robert Zinke that is a great idea. CC: @Sid Sahasrabuddhe :-)
Scheduled posts
Request for scheduled posts. Maybe an admin-only feature? Would be great to do one deep work session per month and schedule consistent value HQ posts.
Aileen Alexander
Lucia Sandaal
Daria Albert
Khan Magne
Rebekah Hamner
New comment 28d ago
1 like • May 18
Audio Only Files in Courses
Teachable has a feature where you can upload an audio file to your course modules. We've had good feedback from students who like to use this feature when they're driving. I'd kindly request that the ability to add an audio only file (in addition to the video) be considered for the course modules. Thank you!
Hunter Otis
Nico Lampe
Julien Wagemann
Brent C
Said Said
New comment Nov 3
3 likes • Nov 2
@Julien Wagemann you could creat a video that is audio only (can have a still image or no image) and upload those to Skool. That’s what I would do if we didn’t also have a video. I’m hoping to be able to have video and audio only for each part of the course.
0 likes • Nov 2
@Said Said do you students like it? I knows it’s personal preference but I prefer text all day long over audio only messages.
Our Free -> Paid Skool setup = $450k per month
Hey Skool... buddies? I wanted to share how I'm using a free group funnel to move people to my paid community... using Skool of course! Now, I'm not the biggest fan of writing, I get bored fast.. so I'm mostly gonna bullet point this AND I made a Loom video here: Happy to answer whatever questions you like. Ok, so main things to know: - I run a company called AJ&Smart, we're a digital product studio and innovation training company (we help companies like Lego, Google, GE, Amex etc with their digital products) which also sells online courses (mainly to teach people how to Facilitate Workshops) - For the specific online course side of the business, we use Skool to funnel people from ads/youtube videos (example)/books and other activities into a Free Group called "Facilitator Club" - Facilitator Club is focussed on helping consultants in the product/innovation/tech space move from being people who have to execute tasks for their clients to just being involved in the strategic/up-front work like "ideation". We also have a lot of people from other industries in there too who just want to move toward strategy and away from execution. Here's the group: (Please only join if you think it might be relevant). - This free group is full of little things to keep people engaged, primarily using the Leaderboard system to help people "unlock" courses and resources. These actually help people to preview the quality of our paid stuff. - The free group acts as a "holding pattern" for people to move to our paid group which costs €6000 and now almost has 1000 members. - The free group isn't the only way people are getting into the paid group, but it's definitely been an amazing place to "warm people up" before moving them to the paid group.
Jesse Clark
Nick Guadagnoli
Shaun Michael
Danny Holtschke
Yohan Delalande
New comment Oct 30
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@Tim Sanders hahaha
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@Tim Sanders and face cream.
Anyone can stole my content with a video recording. Help!
Hi guys, I uploaded the lessons to Skool via Vimeo and was able to make them private by removing the share link and transcript. However, I noticed that if someone makes screen recordings of lessons, they can pirate my entire course. What can I do to protect my content? This is quite serious, and if I don't find a solution I think I'd better upload everything somewhere else. Thank you very much!
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Sean Smith
Brent C
John Dani
New comment Oct 11
3 likes • Oct 11
@Nic Della Pina, this can happen on any platform with any content you put out. In fact, it will happen. You can do a Google search for any of the big names in the online education space and find pirated versions of their courses that sell for cheap. You can either spend a bunch of time worrying about it, sending legal letters, etc., or ignore it and focus on building your community to be a place that people want to be a part of. As Sid said, the community cannot be pirated. I can't tell you how many people in Sam's Quantum Mastermind said, "I got started with a pirated version of your course, and now here I am in your mastermind..." I can't remember where I read/heard about this, but apparently, there was a musician that used to put their music on Napster/Pirate Bay/torrent sites because it would get them more exposure, and they'd end up selling more albums, concert tickets, and merch from the bigger fan base. Even if there was a way to block a screen recorder on Skool, someone could set up their phone in front of a monitor and record the content old-school bootleg style. Focus on making your course and community the best it can be. People will want to be part of the real one. I shared a couple of posts on how we built and manage our 55k person dental community and one way I think you can make your community the best. Hope they help!
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