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How 50% of my Community Growth is Coming From Skool Discovery... 👀
Skool Discovery is awesome because it can give you "free leads" if you set up your community correctly.
For example: I just created this new bitcoin community and 50% of all our new members are joining from Skool Discovery.
Here are 6 steps I took to make it happen (and how you can replicate what I've done):
Step 1) I went on Skool Discovery and searched for popular keywords like "fruitarian", "veganism", "crypto", "testosterone", "skool", "bitcoin" etc. until I found the 1 keyword that had very little competition and 1 that I knew a lot about.
Step 2) I created a new Skool community using my friends affiliate link so she'd get paid monthly and I immediately changed the URL to so that nobody else could take it.
Note: If the URL you want is taken, be creative! If /bitcoin was taken I probably would have gone with /btc.
Step 3) I filled the classroom AND community with educational content all about bitcoin.
I created various classes that you can see in the attached photo below ⬇️
Step 4) I invited a handful of friends to join so it didn't look so empty.
Step 5) I created this simple freebie funnel and promoted a "Playlist of my Favourite Bitcoin Videos" on social media.
When people opted in to get the free playlist, my funnel said: "Congrats! You can either wait 5 minutes for it arrive in your inbox, or you can get it instantly inside my free Educational Bitcoin Community here."
Most people didn't wanna wait 5 minutes... 😜
Step 6) People just find me on Skool Discovery now because they search for the keyword "Bitcoin" and I've optimized my group for discovery so I show up.
One of my mandatory membership questions when people join is "How did you find this group?" and I can see that 50% of new members are saying "Skool Discovery."
If you want 1 on 1 help setting up a "Discovery Optimized" community of your own just like I've done, send me a DM with the word SKOOL and I'll hop on zoom with you at no cost and set it up with you.
And heck, as a Black Friday deal, if you DM the word SKOOL before December 1st I'll pay for 50% of your first month on Skool!
So long as you use my affiliate link :)
Happy Discovering,
Ted Carr
How 50% of my Community Growth is Coming From Skool Discovery... 👀
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