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DoneSquad is a personal growth accelerator where small wins compound into big successes through squad-based accountability. Join Up, Step Up, Rise Up.


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Sep '23 
Not sure what to offer? Read this 6 times.
Not having an irresistible offer is probably causing 90% of your 'money making' problems. Context: I run 2 (very similar) coaching programs. One is called Contentpreneurs & the other one is called Business in a Weekend. Contentpreneurs provides group coaching whereas Business in a Weekend provides 1 on 1 coaching. Both help content creators launch & scale profitable online businesses from their phones & laptops. The end result for each program is to have the client making at least $10,000/month with their own online course or coaching program. But the biggest struggle I see my clients facing is in not knowing what to offer because they don't know what the END RESULT for their client is going to be. The END RESULT should not be (although often is) confused with the PROCESS required to achieve a desired result. Turns out, nobody wants to buy a process, they want to buy an end result. Proof: Do you care more about the special diet plan (process) or the sexy body (end result) that you're going to get from a coaching program? The way I usually solve this “end result” problem with my clients is by getting on a 1:1 Zoom call with them and helping them brainstorm an awesome offer/end result that I know will sell really well + feels authentic for them. But since I can’t do 1:1 Zoom calls with everyone… My goal with this post is to be able to solve this ‘Offer/End Result Issue’ once and for all, for everyone - even you! To do that, we need to get you clear on THE END RESULT that your customer wants, and is willing to pay you for. So let’s start by laying the groundwork with 2 undeniable facts. 1 fact about business & 1 fact about human nature: First fact: The primary goal of any business is getting money from the customers pockets, into the business’ pockets. Sure, there are other goals, but without this primary goal, the business dies.
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Solid advice here. I started a paid community called however, I haven't created a 'free' community yet, and the coaching upsells are weak/non-existent. This is helpful.
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@David Allen not yet. I think I'll create a free community as well as pivot Donesquad more into a coaching, frameworks and accountability for launching online business. I've been an entrepreneur for 20 years. Having built an agency, DTC brand, SAAS company.
how to name a company? i find it really hard to do that. i wished i could do it later but changing brand name is hard so i have to do it early... i have method to change the life of people with ADHD and make them concentrated and productive and eliminate adhd symptoms. i want to have adhd in the name because alot of companies that dont do it are super confusing what they do when you look at them. i want to be very direct what i am doing. the thing is alot of names are boring. should i choose a boring name that describe my company? i thought about adhd tranformation neat adhd adhd fix adhd 180 new adhd life the thing is that they are good. describe a change but they are super boring.... my company is all about changing how to define adhd is against the wide agreement of what is adhd is agaist using adhd medication it is agaist adhd coaches it is offering a relativly fast process that you do it once and forget about if for your life. something that anyone in the indestry will think it is immposible and crazy. so i came up with the name "adhd nuke". it is describing what i am doing pretty much. changing the whole industry and academic world. have very diffrent opinons from other experts and the process is doing it one time and you are done which is pretty much like a nuke... i find that people tend to not forget the name and it make people more attentive and peak the curiosity. but it might have more downsides than upside.... somewhat offensive which is not what i want to do but with my knowledge i might offend some... some said it looks unprofessional which i really want to look professional and serious. i guess every name have up and down sides but it might have more downsides than upsides. what you think i should do? really hard choice.
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@Rino Groenenberg With respect, ChatGPT has the absolute worst branding/naming advice I've ever seen in my life. Look this up on Google, you'll find frameworks. Naming is very tough.
how to start a community?
so a couple of years ago i discovered a method to eliminate all of my ADHD symptoms without pills. since then i tried this method on many people and it does work but only one so far stayed and benefited from it. i built the course for it and i want to make some mastermind of course+community. the problem that i face is this: how to you plan this business? option one is to sell it to people. which is kinda hard to find people and can be expensive. and most people probably would not pay because my offer sounds way to good to be true, sounds like a scam. also they would like to see me helping more people that just one person and myself but maybe it worth to put my time into it? so i rewatched sam ovens video and he had some important insights. he is talking about the power of a community and the fact that you can just help people for free and build it from just providing value and the marketing is just doing what your love and get more and more testimonials. i can ask people for donations and with time i can move to paid servies and get recommendations and testimonials. the only problem is that is it free... so most people do not really stay and treat the contant like trash compers to people that put some money. you need to keep practicing pretty long and pretty intensely for getting results in this method. it is really worth it but while practicing you might not see the end goal. the second problem is that i need to open a facebook group for it which is way more problematic than using skool because skool is not free... so which option should i take? can i hybrid it somehow?
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Hey Noam, sounds like you're over thinking and over-engineering. You've answers your own questions. Start skool or fb. Build a small upsell offer. Post content. Get on the phone. Repeat.
Others paid, yours free.
I just paid $3,000 to attend a millionaire mastermind in Beverly Hills for 3 days... the place was FULL of contentpreneurs who were crushing it... most doing over $100,000+ months. I learned a lot and took pages of notes. I also made a video going over my top 3 key takeaways and some new strategies that I'll be implementing in 2024 to hit $500,000/months. Next level stuff. If you want my notes + the key takeaway video, comment "NOTES" below 👇 ⬇️
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Hello good people.
ADHD Founder here... Over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, but I'm now developing my personal brand and creating content. I started, a support-based accountability membership. I'm also the co-founder of and Previously, I grew a marketing and production agency for a decade. I'm eager to deepen my understanding of content strategy, with an interest in monetizing memberships and selling information or coaching through successful sales funnels.
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