how to name a company?
i find it really hard to do that.
i wished i could do it later but changing brand name is hard so i have to do it early...
i have method to change the life of people with ADHD and make them concentrated and productive and eliminate adhd symptoms.
i want to have adhd in the name because alot of companies that dont do it are super confusing what they do when you look at them. i want to be very direct what i am doing.
the thing is alot of names are boring. should i choose a boring name that describe my company?
i thought about
adhd tranformation
neat adhd
adhd fix
adhd 180
new adhd life
the thing is that they are good. describe a change but they are super boring....
my company is all about changing how to define adhd
is against the wide agreement of what is adhd
is agaist using adhd medication
it is agaist adhd coaches
it is offering a relativly fast process that you do it once and forget about if for your life. something that anyone in the indestry will think it is immposible and crazy.
so i came up with the name "adhd nuke".
it is describing what i am doing pretty much. changing the whole industry and academic world.
have very diffrent opinons from other experts
and the process is doing it one time and you are done which is pretty much like a nuke...
i find that people tend to not forget the name and it make people more attentive and peak the curiosity.
but it might have more downsides than upside....
somewhat offensive which is not what i want to do but with my knowledge i might offend some...
some said it looks unprofessional which i really want to look professional and serious.
i guess every name have up and down sides but it might have more downsides than upsides.
what you think i should do? really hard choice.
Noam Elad
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