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Laura Blake
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Bio: Ex Media Buyer --> Agency Owner
Felipa Bert
Montreal β€’ INFP
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Bio: I help women become execs and thrive as senior leaders - Certified Coach | Account Executive
Jeremy Lunsford
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Bio: Just a moth in a world of butterflies
Antonio Centeno
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Bio: Owner of RealMenRealStyle, MissionFragrances & Vitaman. Former USMC Officer, Father of 7, & Husband. MBA from UT Austin & BA From Cornell College.
Jamie Ogilvy
Las Vegas
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Bio: Dedicated Dog father, Scottish, 79 Handicap, 174th at WSOP. Love marketing and boxing.
Chris E. Olmos
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Bio: E-commerce Lover
Ola Oyabiyi
Montreal β€’ ENFJ
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Bio: CSM @
Abdul Rehman
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Bio: Organic
Raunek Pratap
Los Angeles
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Bio: AI Entrepreneur
Samuel Firde
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Caleb Wininger
Detroit, MI β€’ INTP
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Bio: I help home service business owners grow as CEOs & Leaders | CONQUER & Behavioral Essentials Certified Business Coach | Serial Entrepreneur
Ana Neagu
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Bio: Copywriter really excited about emails and conversions. When I'm not working, I'm probably planning my next Airbnb escape.
Eric Laughlin
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Bio: Entrepreneur
Enrique Pena
Madrid β€’ ESFP
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Bio: Hi, I am 49 and want to be much more focused: would like train everyday, QUICK SMOKING, a Phd and be able to cope with my 3 jobs and children.
Armin Mueller
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Bio: One day I'll climb that mountain. πŸ±β€πŸ‘€
Kaleb A.
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Bio: Lead Recruiter @ & COO @ Hayyko Marketing
Jeffery Olsen
β€’ Online now
Bio: Hey. I'm Jeff. I'm the founder of the GOAT JOAT SPEAKEASY.
Arne Janssens
Leuven, Belgium
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Bio: PhD researcher biostatistics, runner, partner, brother, son, friend. Honesty, integrity, helpfulness. Like physical and mental challenges.
Chris Douglass
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Bio: I live in Florida and am pursuing a career transition from RN to webdev
Eliale Coqueiro
β€’ Active 55d ago
Bio: Just a writer on the streets of the internet
Rahazul Rahu
Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Bio: White Hat SEO Consultant | Local SEO GBP Ranking
Greg Philippe
Montreal β€’ ENFJ
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Bio: Founder @
Lucas D
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Bio: Anthropologist
Venus LoraΓ±a
Montreal β€’ ISTJ
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Bio: BDM @
Mohammed Ishaaq Datay
β€’ Active 5d ago
Bio: I am a Physician and a Lecturer in Health Promotion at the University of Cape Town. My aim is to look at how we can uplift communities using Ubuntu
David Horn
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Bio: Enjoying Life
Art Hung
Ohio β€’ ESTJ
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Bio: Financial advisor & financial services leader. Into personal development, music, travel, fitness and reading.
Shannon Valerio
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Bio: I will do this later...also photo is a placeholder :)
Elan Freydenson
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Bio: From IT Director to Somatic Therapeutic Coach. I help spiritual, self-reflective people make radical progress on their path of healing and awakening.
Steve Kaufman
β€’ Active 3d ago
Bio: I currently work in the logistics business as a package handler; however, my long-term goal is to be in knowledge work as a software engineer.
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Vladimir Druts
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