how to start a community?
so a couple of years ago i discovered a method to eliminate all of my ADHD symptoms without pills.
since then i tried this method on many people and it does work but only one so far stayed and benefited from it.
i built the course for it and i want to make some mastermind of course+community.
the problem that i face is this:
how to you plan this business?
option one is to sell it to people.
which is kinda hard to find people and can be expensive. and most people probably would not pay because my offer sounds way to good to be true, sounds like a scam.
also they would like to see me helping more people that just one person and myself
but maybe it worth to put my time into it?
so i rewatched sam ovens video and he had some important insights.
he is talking about the power of a community and the fact that you can just help people for free and build it from just providing value and the marketing is just doing what your love and get more and more testimonials.
i can ask people for donations and with time i can move to paid servies and get recommendations and testimonials.
the only problem is that is it free...
so most people do not really stay and treat the contant like trash compers to people that put some money.
you need to keep practicing pretty long and pretty intensely for getting results in this method. it is really worth it but while practicing you might not see the end goal.
the second problem is that i need to open a facebook group for it which is way more problematic than using skool because skool is not free...
so which option should i take? can i hybrid it somehow?
Noam Elad
how to start a community?
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